Amateur Radio Emergency Communications
- Orange County, California.

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Local Emergency Communications Agencies:

Q: Tell me how to learn about the Orange County RACES organization?

A: The Orange County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (OC RACES) offers emergency communications classes and provides county-wide emergency communications services in times of disaster. The WEB site for OCRACES is The OC RACES Chief Radio Officer is:

Contact him for more information on RACES in Orange County, CA. Ken can also give you information on who to contact in your area if you live outside Orange County.


Q: Tell me about Emergency Communications at the American Red Cross?

A: The American Red Cross also provides emergency communications services and has training classes as well. You can contact:

at the Red Cross office in Santa Ana - (714) 481-5336


Q: Tell me about Emergency Communications Classes offered by ARRL?

A: The ARRL provides excellent on-line classes for emergency communications. See and go to the ARRL COURSES link on the front page.


Q: Tell me about Emergency Communications at City of Orange Auxillary Radio?

A: If you live or work in the City of Orange, you are invited to learn about the activities of and services provided by COAR (City of Orange Auxillary Radio - A RACES affiliate). Contact the Chief Radio Officer, , or call the Orange Police Volunteers Officer at (714) 744-7328.

Many other cities have similar programs. Check with your city's Fire, Police or Volunteer Department .


Q: Can you provide contact info on the California Office of Emergency Services? (OES)?

A: OCARC club-member is personally involved with the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services. He can talk with you in depth about the OES organization.

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OCARC S-Mail: P.O. Box 3454, Tustin, CA 92781

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