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AC6C Ham Equipment Sale - Page 2 - September 2013
A L L   S O L D
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The estate of AC6C has the following equipment for sale:

Click on a picture to enlarge.

Drake Coax Switch RearDrake Coax Switch Frontsold

Drake CS-7 Coax Switch
Control Box

$35 OBO S O L D

This is just the control box. The tower mounted remote antenna switch is not included. The control box includes controls for the remote switch as well as a five-position built-in coax switch. Unit operates on 120 or 240 VAC power.

Unit is physically in good condition. Cabinet needs cleaning, or possibly refinishing. Unit has not been tested. Manual is available in PDF format.

EF-2 ManualEF-2 Chassissold

Heathkit EF-2 Oscilloscope Trainer
A Heathkit Educational Course

$25 OBO S O L D

This is a Heathkit course entitled: “How to Understand and Use your …Oscilloscope”. It includes a 174 page manual, a breadboard trainer test chassis and numerous miscellaneous components. You can read more here:

A few of the components are missing. These are common half-watt resistors and common capacitors that should be easy to obtain. Perhaps a bit harder, two of the transistors have a broken lead. These are old GE 4JX1C707 germanium PNP transistors; they can be replaced with the ECG-160.


Heathkit IG-5242 RF Signal Generator

$20 OBO S O L D

New style of Heathkit LG-1 HF laboratory signal generator - 150 KHz to 30 MHz.

Item is clean but has erratic output.



General Information:

This equipment as been donated to the OCARC by WA6BSV, son of AC6C.

The equipment is located in the City of Orange, CA, at the QTH of Bob, AF6C, and is available for pickup. Workout any shipping details with Bob. Sorry, no shipping to a foreign address. You are welcome to schedule a time to look over the equipment.

Contact at (714) 639-5074 if you have any questions or want to examine the equipment.

Equipment is subject to prior sale.

Original date of page: Sept 15, 2013

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This page last updated on 3 December 2013
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