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OCARC Special Sale - February 2009
- - All Items have been  S O L D - -

The Orange County Amateur Radio Club has the following equipment for sale:

Click on a picture to enlarge.

A-500 Rear A-500 Front

Harman Kardon A500 Stereo Amplifier

$100. S O L D.

Stereo H-K 50 watt tube amplifier (25-watts per channel) uses two 7355 output tubes per channel. Unit is untested but appears in good shape. There is some discoloration on the cabinet above the output tubes. Schematic is available on the web.

Drake T-4XB Rear Drake T-4XB Front

Drake T-4XB HF Transmitter

$200 - Includes AC-4 Power Supply below. S O L D.

The T-4XB has not been checked but was operating when taken out of service. This transmitter is clean with some corrosion on the top of the copper chassis. There are no dents in the cabinet, but some small areas where the copper plate of the cabinet shows through the paint. The front panel is clean with some colored tape marking control positions. There are some spare finals of unknown condition that will be included with the transmitter. The original manual with schematics is included.

Drake AC-4

Drake AC-4 Exciter Power Supply

Included with T-4XB above. S O L D.

This power supply looks clean. It includes the cable and power cord. The power supply was 'conditioned' slowly on a Variac over a couple of days and all voltages are correct. Unit was not checked for ripple, though all capacitors appear in good condition. The original instruction sheet with schematic is included.

Drake R-4A Rear Drake R-4A Front

Drake R4-A HF Receiver

$50. SOLD

This receiver is clean with some corrosion on the top of the copper chassis. There are no dents in the cabinet, but some small areas where the copper plate of the cabinet shows through the paint. The front panel has red, blue and green tape markings showing control settings for the 20 - 10 meter bands. No attempt has been made to remove these labels. The unit was 'conditioned' for a few days on a Variac and seems to be working. Calibrator signals and on-air hams were heard with just a short test-lead antenna.

The R-4A covers 80 - 15 meters and 28.5 to 29.0 MHz of the 10 meter band. Up to ten additional crystals may be added to allow full coverage of the 10 meter band or any other frequencies between 1.5 and 30 MHz (excluding 5.0 - 6.0 MHz)

Drake made a thirteen tube and an eleven tube version of the R-4A. This is the later eleven-tube version. Original manual with schematics is included.

Update: The quad-section filter capacitor in this unit requires changing.

Drake L-4B Rear Drake L-4B Front

Drake L-4B 2KW HF Linear RF Amp

$500 - Includes L4-PS Power Supply below.

Clean Drake 2KW Linear Amplifier uses two 3-500Z Tubes and covers 80 - 10 meters. Tubes and tube chimneys are included and are boxed separately. Unit is untested but was working prior to being boxed up. No dents in case and front panel looks very clean. Includes the original manual that also covers the L4-PS Power Supply. For sale to licensed hams only!

L4-PS Oblique Drake L4-PS

Drake L4-PS AC Power Supply

Included with L4-B above. S O L D

This unit appears in good condition. What was first thought to be some minor corrosion on the case is the copper plate color showing through the black paint. The owner said that new capacitors were installed. They appear new. The power supply has not been checked (Variac too small!) but should be brought up to voltage slowly to recondition the capacitors. 120/240 VAC Input. Schematic and other information is included in the L-4B manual.


Drake MS-4 Communications Speaker

$20. S O L D.

Drake MS-4 Matching Speaker for T-4, R-4 & TR-4 Drake lines. Speaker cabinet can also house the AC-4 power supply (above). Speaker appears clean and in good shape. No cabinet dents. Some copper plate of cabinet showing through the black paint. Speaker has not been tested. Was working when taken out of service.


Don McGohan M102B PA Amplifier

$20 S O L D.

This 10 watt monaural tube amplifier was evidently used in some sort of multicasting task. It is in reasonable shape with no dents in the cabinet but with some scratches. There is some corrosion on the case and rust on the chassis and power transformer. There is an empty octal plug inside the rear of the cabinet for an input transformer. The input connector has been changed from what looks like an XLR to a single ended mic connector. No holes were drilled so it can easily be restored.

Unit was 'conditioned' on a Variac, and appears to work. A schematic may be found on the Internet.

KX6JC color KX6JC BW


General Information:

This sale has been completed. All items have been sold - 10/4/09

This equipment was donated to the Orange County Amateur Radio Club by Clement, WØMEC. If you worked KX6JC on Kwajalein, this likely was the radio equipment being used. The picture shows Clem, then KX6JC, at his station.

The equipment is located in the City of Orange, CA, and is available for pickup only (this may change). You are welcome to schedule a time to look over the equipment.

Contact at (714) 639-5074 if you have any questions or want to examine the equipment.

Equipment is subject to prior sale. Prices are somewhat negotiable.

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This page last updated on Oct 4, 2009
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