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W5KGM Ham Equipment Sale - August 2012 - April 2013

Al - W5KGM has the following equipment for sale:

Click on a picture to enlarge.

Drake TR7sold

Drake HF (TR-7) Station

$600 OBO S O L D

This is a complete Drake station based on the TR-7 transceiver. It includes a well optionized TR-7 transceiver, matching PS-7 AC power supply, matching RV-7 remote VFO and a Drake Microphone. The individual items are listed below, but the station is being offered as a set.

Update: 4/24/2013: The station has been recently checked out on the air on our radio club net with good audio reports and good power output.

Drake TR7 RearDrake TR7 Frontsold

Drake TR7 Transceiver

Part of Drake Station Package above

Drake TR7 Amateur Transceiver (Model 1337) manufactured mid-1979 - SN 3665. The TR7 is rated at 250 watts PEP or CW input. It includes the standard 2.3 KHz filter as well as optional filters listed below. Includes operation manual. Unit appears in good shape and was reported to be working when taken out of service about ten years ago.

TR7 accessories installed:

Also included is the optional TR7 Service/Schematic Manual (Model 385-0004) that covers TR7, DR7 and NB7, the original owners manuals for the TR-7, RV-7 and PS-7, a miscellaneous folder of notes and brochures for the Drake TR-7 line.

PS7 remote VFOsold

Drake PS7 AC Power Supply

Part of Drake Station Package above

Drake AC Power Supply for TR7 (Model 1502) SN 3651. Operates from 90 to 132 VAC or 180 to 264 VAC 50/60 Hz power (120/240 VAC nominal). Output is 13.6 VDC with < 3 mV ripple@ 25 amperes. Unit is rated for 25 amps continuous @ 25°C without optional fan.

A Boxer fan (Model PW52107FL) is installed. This fan has the same mounting holes as the FA-7 and plugs in just like the FA-7 fan. No modification was made that I can see to the PS-7 to use this fan.

Drake Micsold

Drake 7077 Hi-Z Dynamic Desk Microphone

Part of Drake Station Package above

This appears to be a Drake 7077 microphone. It has the Drake name on it and is made by Astatic. Connector appears to need resoldering. Some finish rubbed off. No Drake part number is visible.

UPDATE: The microphone connector has been repaired and the push-to-talk contacts cleaned. The microphone was then tested on the air with good audio reports.

Atlas 210X Atlas 210Xsold

Atlas 210X Solid State HF Transceiver

$99 OBO S O L D

Atlas 210X Solid State HF Transceiver (160 M thru 15 M - Pre WARC) runs 100 W and includes the manual. This unit has been sitting on the shelf for the past 10 to 15 years. It was working at that time. May have had some modifications done on it - at least it came with a folder of mods out of various ham magazines.

Also includes Drake Balun

Millen GDOsold

Millen 90652 Solid State Grid Dip Oscillator

$150 S O L D

Millen 90652 Solid State GDO (SN 1820) in like new condition with manual, plastic case and seven range coils covering 1.7 to 300 MHz. Uses a standard NEDA #1604 9V Battery.


Daiwa LA-2035 Two-Meter FM/SSB/CW Amplifier

$55 OBO S O L D

This 30-watt 2-meter amplifier is compact and requires 1/2 to 3 watts input. It covers 144 - 148 MHz. Unit measures 3-7/8"W x 1-3/8"H x 5-3/4"D including switches and connectors. It weights in at just over 1 lb. Requires 13.8 VDC at 5 amps max. Great for adding a little punch to your handheld when mobile.

Unit come in in its box with manual and in very good condition. Power cable is terminated with two-pin Cinch Jones connector (P-302H-CCT) which can be easily changed.


KDK FM-240 Two-Meter FM Transceiver

$50 OBO S O L D

KDKFM-240 Tranceiver covers 144 to 148 MHz and runs 5 watts low power or 25 watts on high power. It includes 16 memory channels with and allows odd splits. CTCSS encode and decode are built-in. Short power cord with fuse holder is included; cable is terminated with two-pin Cinch Jones plug (P-302H-CCT), which can be easily changed.

Includes KDK SM-34A touch-tone microphone.

A quick check of the radio shows it transmits and receives, but sqelch control appears to be intermittent.


Regency CR-185 23 Channel Citizen Band (CB) Radio

$30 OBO S O L D

Regency CB radio. Looks very clean. Not checked. Includes Regency Hand Microphone

RV7 remote VFOsold

Drake RV7 Remote VFO

$120 OBO S O L D

Drake remote VFO for TR7 (Model 1338) SN 2010, in clean condition with operating manual. Checked out and working. Calibration looks very good.

HB Tuner HB Tunersold

Homebrew Antenna Tuner

$100 OBO S O L D

Looks like a homebrew version of the Ultimate Transmatch by Lew McCoy W1ICP from the July 1970 QST.


Misc. Coax Cables w/PL-259 Connectors

Make Offer S O L D

Two lengths of coaxial cable, each with PL-259 Connectors on each end. Also a UHF female-female adapter and a UHF right-angle adapter. Connectors, cable and adapters look very clean (like they have never been out in the weather).

One 15 foot (approx.) length of Belden 8259 (RG-58A/U).

One 25 foot (approx.) length of Belden 9258 (RG-8/X).

Ham Books

Misc Electronics Books

$ As Marked S O L D

Here are some books that should be of interest to a ham radio operator. Books are soft-cover binding except where noted. The books are for sale separately and will be shipped USPS book rate unless buyer wants it sent flat-rate priority mail. Buyer pays shipping.

  1. The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications (2003) - 80th edition,
    ARRL, 0-87259-192-1, Copyright 2003. $15
  2. Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amateur - Vol. VIII, ARRL
    LCC# 33-14685, Copyright 1968. $5
  3. Hints and Kinks for the Radio Amateur - 13th edition, ARRL
    ISBN 0-87259-385-1 Third Printing 1993. $5
  4. The Mobile Manual for Radio Amateurs - 4th edition, ARRL
    LCC# 55-11037, Copyright 1968. $5
  5. ALLIED Electronics Data Handbook - 2nd Edition, 12th printing June 1960
    Allied Radio Corp. Copyright 1956, 64 pages. $5
  6. ALLIED Electronics Data Handbook - 3rd Edition, 4th printing Jan 1963
    Allied Radio Corp. LCC# 62-21444, Copyright 1962, 80 pages. $3
  7. 73 Dipole and Long-Wire Antennas - 1st edition, 3rd printing
    1975 by Edward Noll, W3FQJ. LCC# 72-81301, Copyright 1969. $5
  8. Basic Mathematics for Electronics - 2nd edition by Nelson M. Cooke,
    McGraw-Hill 1960, (hardcover binding) $10
  9. The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software
    by Charles Petzold, Microsoft Press, ISBN 0-7356-0505-X Copyright 1999, (hardcover binding), 396 pages. $10

Feel free to make an offer.



General Information:

This equipment is for sale by OCARC club member Al Crispin - W5KGM.

The equipment is located in the City of Orange, CA, at the QTH of Bob, AF6C, and is available for pickup. Workout any shipping details with Bob. Sorry, no shipping to a foreign address. You are welcome to schedule a time to look over the equipment.

Contact at (714) 639-5074 if you have any questions or want to examine the equipment.

Equipment is subject to prior sale.

Original date of page: August 19, 2012

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