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W6OGX Ham Estate Sale (Tower) - November 2011
A L L   S O L D

The Estate of Bill Henness - W6OGX has the following radio tower, rotator and antennas for sale:

Click on a picture to enlarge.

Lower tower Upper Tower Tower base Tower nameplate

Tristao Tower

$Negotiable S O L D

This is a light-duty triangular two-section tower made by Tristao. It cranks up to about 37 feet and is a bit over 20 feet when nested. The sections look straight but are rusty from exposure; it needs a good scraping and painting to bring it back to life. The Tristao name plate is in place but I couldn't read the model number at the time. It is mounted to a base plate that is bolted into concrete, and there appears to be plenty of room to lower the tower without interference. The tower is also attached to the house at the roofline Tower has a winch and pivoting base plate.

Tower top

Channel Master Antenna Rotator

$Negotiable S O L D

The rotator is a Channel Master TV rotator with control box, which should be good for a VHF beam or a compact HF antenna.

Tower top

Cushcraft Ringo Ranger antenna

$Negotiable S O L D

The vertical antenna at the top of the tower appears to be a Ringo Ranger - most likely the two meter model.

Tower top

Two-Meter Beam

$Negotiable S O L D

This Two-meter beam appears to be a 7 element Cushcraft model. Since it is still on the tower the condition is unknown. It looks whole in the photo.

picture not available


General Information:

Contact: at (714) 639-5074 for details and contact information.

Equipment is subject to prior sale.

Tower is located in the City of Orange near the Village Mall. It is currently erected and needs to be taken down.

Descriptions given are as best known. The Orange County Amateur Radio Club provides this for sale listing as a service to members and in certain cases to former members and their family; the Club takes no responsibility for inaccuracies in the listings. Please direct any questions to the above person.

Original date of page: November 1, 2011

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