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W6RWY Ham Equipment Sale - February 2011 - Still Active Aug 2012

Dick - W6RWY has the following equipment for sale:

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item 13

Yaesu FT-100 HF/VHF/UHF Amateur Transceiver

Price Reduced $700 $600

Yaesu FT-100 covers 160M through 6M (100 W) as well as 2 M (50 W) and 70 cm (20 W). It operates on AM (at 1/4 power), CW, LSB, USB, FM and packet (1200 and 9600 baud). It has wide range receive from 100 kHz to 961 MHz (cellular blocked). Required power is 13.8 VDC at 22A max. Unit weighs 6.6 lbs. and measures 6.3"W x 2.2"W x 8"D.

Unit includes manual.

item 1sold

Yaesu VX-5 Handheld Radio

$80 S O L D

This Yaesu VX-5 3-band handheld covers 6, 2 and 3/4 meter ham bands. Unit comes with manual, pocket reference, charger case and Comet SMA503 antenna.

item 1sold

Astron RS-35M Power Supply

$100 S O L D

The Astron RS-35M is a regulated power supply rated at 13.8 VDC output and can be adjusted internally between 11 and 15 VDC. It can supply 25 amperes continuously and 35 amperes in ICAS (intermittent commercial / amateur service). Input is 105 - 125 VAC. Unit weighs 27 lbs. and measures 5"H x 11"W x 11"D

This is the metered version with separate voltmeter and ammeter mounted on the front panel.

item 2sold

Bencher BY-2 Keyer Paddle

$85 S O L D

This is the popular Bencher keyer Paddle with a chrome base.

item 3sold

MFJ-461 Pocket CW Reader

$40 S O L D

This portable unit may be placed next to a speaker and copies CW on to a high contrast LCD display. It has a 140 character memory, and automatically adjusts for the sending speed.

The unit weighs 5-1/2 ounces and easily fits in a pocket. The manual is included.

item 4sold

GAP 'Eagle' DX-VI Vertical Antenna

$200 Price reduced $100 S O L D

This antenna measures 21 feet, weighs 19 lbs. and covers the 6 HF bands 40M, 20M, 17M, 15M, 12M and a 500KHz segment of 10M. Handles 300W on 40M and the full legal limit on the remaining bands. It was put into service in Sept. 2003.

Includes 10 ft extension mast and manual.

item 5sold

Comet GP-6 VHF/UHF Antenna

$90 S O L D

The GP-6 VHF/UHF base antenna covers 2M and 440 MHz bands. The gain is 6.5 dBi at 146 MHz (2 x 5/8 wave) and 9.0 dBi at 446 MHz (5 x 5/8 wave). Antenna is 10' 2" high and weighs 3-1/2 lbs. It was put into service in Sept. 2003.

Includes 10 ft extension mast and manual.

item 6sold

Straight Telegraph Key

$5 OBO S O L D

This is a straight telegraph key of unknown manufacturer. It is mounted on a 1/4 inch steel plate with rubber feet base.


Bentley Earphones

$10 S O L D

No model number is known for these earphones. They appear to be stereo earphones with a 1/8" stereo phone plug.

item 8sold

MFJ-941E Versa Tuner II

$85 Price reduced $65 S O L D

MFJ HF Antenna Tuner with lighted cross-needle SWR meter. Handles 300 watts. Has 4:1 balun and switch for multiple antenna capability. Meter light requires 12V power.

Unit includes manual and is UNUSED.

item 9sold

Diamond NR-770HA Mobile Antenna (w/mount)

$40 S O L D

Dual-band mobile antenna for 2 M and 70 cm. 3.0/5.5 dBi gain. (1/2 wave on 2 M and 2 x 5/8 wave on 70 cm). UHF connector. Antenna folds over.

Also included is the manual and an adjustable mobile trunk-mount (NCG RS-720).

item 10sold

RIGblaster "nomic" Radio Interface

$25 S O L D

Manufactured by West Mountain. This interface works with most Mac and PC operating systems and hundreds of amateur transceivers. The computer interface is either RS-232 serial or USB (using supplied converter). The interface is used for transmitting digital modes.

item 11sold

Realistic Mobile Speaker

$5 OBO S O L D

The Realistic (Radio Shack) speaker is 4" with mounting bracket. It is a model 21-549 (5 watt, 8 ohm.)

item 12sold

MFJ-259B HF/VHF SWR Analyzer

$200 S O L D

Reads SWR and complex impedance on antennas in the range of 1.8 to 170 MHz. Large 2-line LCD display for information presentation.

Unit includes manual and is UNUSED.

item 14sold

Miscellaneous Coax w/Connectors

Make an offer for one piece or all. S O L D

7-1/2 in PL259 - PL259.
12 ft PL259 - PL259.
25 ft PL259 - PL259.
34-1/2 ft PL259 - PL259.
49 ft PL259 - PL259.

All appear to be RG-8 sized coax cable. SOME have female UHF - UHF adapters included.


General Information:


This equipment is for sale by Dick Young - W6RWY, former member of the OCARC.

The equipment is located in the City of Anaheim Hills, CA, and is available for pickup only (this may change). You are welcome to schedule a time to look over the equipment. All equipment is in good condition unless other wise stated. (Some items are noted as unused).

Contact at (714) 637-7168 if you have any questions or want to examine the equipment.

Equipment is subject to prior sale.

Original date of page: February 20, 2010

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