WA6VKZ Ham Estate Sale (Miscellaneous Equipment) - August 2011

The Estate of Frank Smith - WA6VKZ has the following miscellaneous items for sale

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FT70G HF Radio FT70G HF Radio

Yaesu FT-70G Militarized HF Transceiver


This is an AM/SSB/CW HF militarized radio manufactured by Yaesu. It is part of a "Man-Pack" radio set, sold for military service. The radio runs 10 watts (5 watts on AM) and covers the entire HF band 2 MHz - 29.9999 MHz (receive from 0.600 MHz). Power requirements are 12 - 15 VDC positive ground 3.3 Amps max. The serial number is: 6I 050306.

The radio appears to be complete but dirty. The case is not dented but has had velcro (or something similar) glued to the outside. The case has a fair amount of paint scratches.

FC70M Tuner FC70M Tuner, sans cover

Yaesu FC-70M Antenna Tuner


This is the antenna tuner that is part of the FT-70G "Man-Pack" portable radio set. It tunes 1.6 - 30 MHz. The serial number is 6H 010269.

The tuner is reasonably clean with only a few minor scratches. Internally it appears complete and there is no signs of arcing or other damage.

FNB70 Battery

Yaesu FNB Battery Pack for FT-70G


This is the Nicad battery pack that mounts to the rear of the FT-70G. The unit appears complete. Assume that the nicad batteries themselves need replacement, though they have not been tested. The serial number is: 6G 050038.

NC-70 Charger Rear View picture not available

Yaesu NC-70 Battery Charger
for FNB-70 Battery Pack.

$150 SOLD.

This is the charger for the FNB-70 battery pack. It runs off of 120 VAC and has three charging rates.

Unit appears complete, case is scratched but has no dents. Front panel needs cleaning and has is a scratch.

DSP2232 DSP Unit DSP2232 DSP Unit

Multimode Data Controller


This is an AEA Digital Signal Processing multi-mode controller. It powers up and successfully completes startup diagnostics. It is Version 7.00 and has S/N 1015.

Front panel and rear panel are clean (I cleaned them up after the picture was taken). The cabinet, however, has some sort of rubberized cement that held on velcro. It should be able to be removed easily or the whole top cabinet may be cleaned and repainted.

TM2530A 2-M FM Xcvr

Kenwood TM-2530A 2-Meter FM Transceiver


This 25W 2-meter FM radio includes an installed TU-7 CTCSS unit. It is Kenwood SN 8010053

picture not available


General Information:

This is amateur radio related equipment donated to the club from the estate of Frank Smith - WA6VKZ, longtime member and past-president of the OCARC.

The equipment is located in the City of Orange, CA. You are welcome to schedule a time to look over the equipment.

For pricing questions or to schedule a time to examine the equipment contact at (714) 639-5074.

Equipment is subject to prior sale.

Descriptions given are as best known. The Orange County Amateur Radio Club provides this for sale listing as a service to members and in certain cases to former members and their family; the Club takes no responsibility for inaccuracies in the listings. Please direct any questions to the above person.

Original date of page: August 18, 2011

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