OCARC 2001 Field Day Information

Field Day Location: The Orange County Amateur Radio Club will be holding their Year 2001 Field Day at Portola Park in north-east Santa Ana. The park is located on Santa Clara Ave (running east-west) between Grand Ave (aka Glessell Ave) and Tustin Ave. Easiest routes are to either (1) take Tustin Ave exit south from FWY 22 or (2) take 17th Street exit west from FWY 55 and then go north on Tustin Ave at the first Red Light.

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Club Call: We will be operating under the club call W6ZE.

Date: The A.R.R.L. Field Day is always held on the last full weekend in June. This year's dates are Saturday June 23th and Sunday June 24th.

Time: Setup will begin Saturday morning at 7:30 AM. Operations will begin at 11:00 AM local time (1800 hours GMT) on Saturday and continue till 11:00 AM local time Sunday.

Team Captain: Contact these team leaders for more details.  They all need more operators, so give them a call.

                            VHF/UHF - Chris - KF6LEX

                            10M          - Tom - WA6PFA

                            15M          - Bob - AF6C

                            20M          - Larry - K6LDC

                            40M          - Bob - KD6BWH

                            Satellite   - Chris - KJ6ZH

Rules: Check out the Year 2001 A.R.R.L. Field Day rules here.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged.

The Club's Field Day History: View the Field Day scores of W6ZE by band and mode in years past. Locate previous sites where W6ZE operated during the yearly A.R.R.L. event.

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