OCARC 2005 Field Day Information

Field Day Location: The Orange County Amateur Radio Club held its 2005 Field Day, the 24-hour simulated emergency communications operation, at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base (JFTB). 


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MAP IT (zooms in and out)

Annotated MAP

Club Call: W6ZE.

15M/80M - Kenan Reilly - N6CCE was the team captain for the 15/80 meter station. This station operated 15 by day and 80 by night as conditions allowed. Did 20M CW using 80M dipole, too.

20M - Ken Konechy - W6HHC was the team captain. This station remained on while the band was open.

40M - John - WB6AJE was the team captain.

VHF/UHF - Bob Buss - KD6BWH  was the team captain; he was also our Bonus Points coordinator. We got lots of bonus points as listed below.

  • 100% Emergency power - 300 points.
  • Media Publicity - 100 points.
  • Public information table - 100 points.
  • Site accessible by public - 100 points.
  • NTS Message sent to SCM - 100 points.
  • W1AW Field Day Message received - 100 points.
  • Submittal by website - 50 points.
  • Youth Element achieved (3 young ops) - 60 points.
  • Alternate power - 100 points. We made more than the minimum number of contacts on solar power.
  • Demonstration of non-traditional modes (APRS, ATV, and SSTV) - 300 points
  • Site visitor - 100 points for a visit to our site by a state Office of Emergency Services official

Hope you came out and joined the fun - de Willie - N8WP - OCARC FD Chairman

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