OCARC 2006 Field Day Information

Field Day Location: The Orange County Amateur Radio Club held its 2006 Field Day, the 24-hour simulated emergency communications operation, at the Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base (JFTB) on June 24th and 25th. 

The main gate to the base can be reached by
  • taking the Valley View exit from the 405 FWY and
  • head north on Valley View St. until you reach Katella Ave.
  • then turn left (west) on Katella Ave.
  • and finally turn south onto Lexington Dr. from Katella Avenue and
  • continue to the JFTB gate.
  • Tell the guard at the JFTB gate that you are visiting the amateur radio Field Day event at the EOC.


Click here to see a map of The 2006 FD Site

MAP IT (zooms in and out)

Annotated MAP

Club Call: W6ZE.


75M/80M/15M - Larry Beilin - K6VDP was the team captain for the 75/80 meter station. This station operated 75M and 80M in the evening and night as conditions allowed and 15M during the day

40M - John Bush - WB6AJE was the team captain. This station operated all day and most of the night.

20M - Ken Konechy - W6HHC was the team captain. This station operated while the 20M band is open.

VHF/UHF - Willie Peloquin - N8WP  was the team captain; he is also our Bonus Points coordinator.

Hope you came out and joined the OCARC Field Day fun - - de Willie - N8WP - OCARC FD Chairman

The Club's Field Day History: W6ZE by band and mode in years past. Locate previous sites where W6ZE operated during the yearly A.R.R.L. event.


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