by Bob - WB6IXN


11/4/1998 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in JD, VDP, RND, VPP, IXN, LEX/m, and HHC. AF6C gets bk frm Yuma Mon. afternoon, and Bob & JD discuss work travels. JD gives HHC a 5/9 on sigs frm Ken's new RS-6000 ant. And all other OPs copy HHC well tonite. AF6C says the water in Yuma is vy hard and Bob said he worked on getting a landing system certified. VDP tries unsuccessfully to contact the DXpedition on the Mirage Dry Lake Bed last weekend, and VPP frustrates himself trying to find the right road off the lake bed! VDP reports that HHC is louder than NC on the new ant. RND is weak at IXN's QTH tonite, but John is Q5 copy. RND has played three gigs, wid one coming up tomorrow, and AF6C suggests that OPs go sometime to hear RND's group perform! RND works the 10-10 QSO Party last weekend, wid John garnering 53 contacts! VPP experiments wid different coax feedlines fer the 2m-440 setup. OPs think that differences in line loss in the various coax feed lines may account fer Bud's VSWR readings. AF6C tnx IXN fer recent article frm Sirius Astronomer on telescope polar alignment. And LEX/m checks in frm the QTH on the next go-around. Chris is on vacation this week, and has been working 10m. LEX has worked 30 states so far, and hasn't been receiving QSL cards frm DX contacts!

11/4/1998 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in VDP, PFA, KFW, TWA, BWH, and SMY. VDP will attend the Bfast Sat. And Larry says that 12 & 17m has been active, including 10m FM, too. PFA joins us on 2m to avoid an attack of the Tennessee Valley Indians on 10m! Tom says VPP, LDC, WOX, VKZ, and NAH were all at the DXpedition. PFA said there was no QRN at the Mirage site, and Tom worked Portugal & Mexico City. VPP worked S. Korea, and 10m was vy active. KFW, playing wid the harmonics, injures his shoulder a week & 1/2 ago, so Chris is on easy street fer awhile. BWH airs Newsline # 1107. NEWSLINE IS ONCE MORE IN DESPARATE NEED OF FUNDS! We learn abt a new CIA website fer kids, and, FCC completes its Universal Licensing procedure. TWA, due to warm WX, gets his winter tomatoes early, and Charles hears all of PFA's DX contacts, too. SMY says FCC may be taking action against LIDS on a local repeater fer rules violations!

11/11 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, WOX, RND, VPP, IXN, LEX, HHC, TWA, and PFA. LDC works the Phillipines on a Hygain vert. at the DXpedition, and Larry was getting his gear together during last week's net. And LDC tells OPs we hve a GPS speaker fer next week's Club meeting. VPP says he got the stuff LDC left at the store, and Larry is working on it. LDC hears HHC well this eve. JD hears AF6C on a net at work, & Lowell says he hears all but TWA FB tonite. RND hears 10m openings arnd 7-8 am, and John works the Sweepstakes last weekend, wid code speeds arnd 35-40 wpm! WOX & IXN can't hear LDC to well, and IXN has a high SWR after the rain. And WOX works Uruguay on 10m last week. And Art works 5 OPs in the Sweepstakes last weekend. VPP makes a thermostat repair in the Volvo and finishes the 2m ant. on the roof, but his 2m rig is not yet bk frm Kenwood. And Bud tnx LDC fer help wid `RF'. IXN will hve a hernia operation Dec. 4, and LEX is 5/9 at IXN's QTH. Chris is using Kenwood TS-570. And LEX says 6m comes alive abt this time of nite. HHC is pleased wid the new R-6000 ant. AF6C helps Ken tune the 15m section of the ant. TWA hears 10 & 12m bands in the afternoons FB at the QTH...hearing many strange countries! Din-din catches fire in the kitchen as PFA rushes to let the dog out!...Seems that the XYL let something get too hot. And Tom says he caught 10m open to the E. Coast this morning, working a T32 on Christmas Is. in the afternoon.

11/11 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in UBK, VDP, LDC, AF6C, VPP, TWA, BWH, SMY, and ULU. UBK picks up an old Heathkit HR-10 and a Hammerlund HQ-129X receiver. He's looking fer manules fer the equipment. VDP, wid an intermittent in the 2m rig audio, uses an HT to hear us tonite. And Larry gets his name on the surgery list wid a gall stone operation in the near future. And NAH is re-doing VDP's bathroom at the QTH. LDC has a prostate biopsy, and will get the results tomorrow. And Larry takes interesting videos at the DXpedition, telling OPs abt the big campfires Fri. & Sat. eves., and VKZ's mobile kitchen and gud chow! LDC plans to attend the Swapmeet Sat. And LDC worked Mindanao, France, and St. Helena Is. during the DXpedition. AF6C tells IXN abt self-vulcanizing tape to seal coax connectors. And AF6C gets an alternate NC (WOX) fer next 10m Net...Bob will be in Yuma next week. TWA helps the XYL take fruit cakes to the fridge, and Charles says his cataract removal was vy successful. VPP experiences QRM at the QTH tonite. Bud uses his 2m/440 co-linear ant. wid an HT tonite. BWH airs Newsline # 1108, after helping an elderly neighbor in a bit of trouble. SMY listens wid interest abt stepped up FCC enforcement activities on the way home frm work. And ULU, playing computer, checks in after Newsline. Lloyd has a Dr. appt. tomorrow to see abt a 'lil angina, and a 'lil dizziness when he bends over.

11/18 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/WOX checks in LDC, JD, VDP, IXN, WD6MM (Mickey Mouse), HHC, & TWA. WOX & LDC will venture to the Swapmeet Sat. And WOX meets his counterpart on the air...KE7WOX! We don't hear AF6C check in frm Yuma. And IXN reports a 2.8 aftershock of the 4.9 mag. Big Bear event. LDC gets a clean bill of health on the prostate biopsy, and Larry tells OPs guest speaker, N6SOG, will speak on GPS emphasizing grids for communications. JD, after returning frm din-din wid the XYL and son, Larry, awaits a check-in frm AF6C in Yuma. And Lowell plans to attend Club meeting Fri. eve. Most OPs, in check-in list above, got check-in numbers frm Special Event Station WD6Mickey Mouse, celebrating Steamboat Willie's 70th Birthdday. VDP will hve laproscopic removal of his gallbladder shortly after Thanksgiving, & Larry has been on antibiotics fer a sinus infection. And VDP works to bring a prospective ham into the OCARC! IXN was born 1 year after the birth of Mickey Mouse, and TWA's eye surgery gives Charles a new set of `peepers'! And Charles changes his microphone, greatly improving his audio sigs! HHC hears all OPs well tonite, and HHC works DX over last weekend wid the new R-6000 ant.

11/18 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, SMY, LDC, PFA, VDP, TWA, and RE.

ZH is busy dismantling and selling ham gear in preparation for a move to new quarters...Chris looks to sell a tower and antenna.

SMY reports a crackdown by FCC on illegal communications violations in the Southland. IXN & SMY discuss the crackdown further after Net. LDC checks into Net while watching the Garth Brooks special on TV. And Larry offers to help ZH take dwn the ant, etc., come Sat. LDC also announces upcoming elections at Club meeting, and pix of the NSDX4 to be shown at Meeting. Larry also talks abt. the Club Christmas dinner at Mimi's cafe on Dec. 12. VDP gets the number frm IXN's Vibroplex left hand bug...He'll check it fer possible value. TWA's HM-10 mike needs an amplifier to improve its audio gain on the 737. And IXN will check Charles' contact wid N6PEQ/KB6MCN to see if said OP was a member of the Club in the 80s. RE says "things are winding dwn at the QTH"...Sounds as if RE will be "pulling the switch" fer good!!...RE did not give reasons on the air!! PFA "flies in & flies out".

11/25 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in JD, LDC, IXN, VPP, HHC, WOX, and ZH. AF6C says he ran into patchy snow in the mountains, and Bob will probably be in Yuma next weekend. JD will be wid family in Palmdale fer Turkey Day, and the whole family will be at JD's QTH fer Christmas. Lowell wishes all a happy TG, and looks forward to four days off work. IXN says JSV & EZS have flown to TX to be wid family fer TG. LDC will stay at home fer TG, and Larry will watch the Dallas/Minnesota game in the afternoon. VPP puts a new mike on the air and gets gud sig rpts frm OPs! Bud will journey to his son's house in Tustin fer TG. Also Bud's computer erases 4 files, giving him a message he's using the wrong DOS version! HHC says AF6C & BWH will work on the Good-of-the-Club award, and Ken & family will TG at home. WOX, wid RIT on, checks in wid weak sigs. Wid RIT off, and improved sigs, Art tells OPs that he and the XYL enjoyed sum R&R at Palm Springs. WOX and family will TG at home. IXN goes next door to wish Annie, a former Pittsburgh, PA., resident, a happy TG. ZH checks in before IXN gets bk.

11/25/1998 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, SMY, KFW, VPP, N6KPQ, N6PRX, LDC, VDP, TWA, BWH, and NOA. ZH takes dwn the beam & tower, and erects a 6 band trapped vertical. Chris also puts up a 9 element beam up 28ft. and lights up 6 bars on IXN's rig. Chris will travel to OK's shack on the weekend to work the CQ Worldwide DX Contest. SMY checks in and talks wid IXN after Net. KFW will TG at his daughter's house in Yorba Linda, and VPP puts out great sigs on 2m, lighting all bars on IXN's rig. KPQ, Glen, in HB, wishes all a happy TG as he thinks abt turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy at work. IXN says VPP's program that erases needed files widout permission, can be dubbed `Bud's Virus'! PRX, Marty, says KPQ is an S4 at the QTH tonite. LDC tears dwn the old oscilloscope he bought at auction, salvaging the knobs. Larry reminds all OPs abt the Christmas dinner, and looks forward to winter vacation beginning Dec. 16. Then he's off to Las Vegas and Acton fer Christmas, and on to Hawaii in Jan! VDP's surgery is slated fer Dec. 1, IXN's Dec. 4. VDP tells IXN that IXN's Vibroplex chrome plated left hand bug is a Blue Racer worth arnd $200. Larry & family will TG at his mother's house. TWA is off to Carlsbad wid the family fer TG. And BWH will be on the high desert fer TG wid family near Landers. Bob will use the opportunity to view sum of the Landers EQ earth movement. And Bob tells OPs that the Club towers hve been sold!! Then BWH airs an `operating-in-the-red' Newsline! Andy Jarema, N6TCQ, tells OPs Newsline will soon be off the air unless contributions improve! Send contributions to: Newsline, P.O. Box 660937, Arcadia, CA. 91066. Nice to hve Gordy, WB6NOA, on Net tonite. Gordy will `play antennas' and work on a communications unit over the TG weekend.

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