12/2/1998 10m Phone Net - LDC suggests that WOX assume NC after AF6C fails to appear...Seems Bob is East on a business trip! W6ZE/WOX checks in LDC, RND, PFA, VPP, IXN, JD, TWA, and VDP.   WOX, off work last week works a 'lil DX.   And Art saunters over to OK's QTH to watch ZH & OK work the CQ Contest.   Then WOX comes home to work sum CW bk East.    LDC enjoys hving the entire family over fer TG. Larry said the bands were empty on TGD!...He cudn't even raise a demo!   Then LDC buys a new laptop over the weekend!   RND enjoys the rain, and John gets an E-mail frm K7ZE in NV. Art doesn't hve an HF ant. yet, but he says `hello' to the gang! RND & JD plan to attend Club Bfast Sat. RND & XYL TGd at home, hving a FB dinner & enjoying the football games. Congrats to new Presidente, VPP.   Bud had a gud meal & gud company over TG, but now the computer is down! Bud plans to attend the Club Bfast. PFA clears up mysterious sigs last Net...Seems Tom had a magazine lying on the mike button! And PFA & XYL had an excellent TG meal at the Orange Hill Restaurant. The late Randy Simms' XYL wants to sell his gear. PFA has an inventory of his gear. IXN undergoes hernia surgery Dec. 4. TWA and XYL TG'd at Carlsbad. And Charles recently fell on his tailbone. Now he has sore hips! TWA also worked sum Asian DX last week. JD, hearing all well tonite, TG'd in Palmdale wid the stepdaughter. And Lowell pampers himself, buying a new red car Sat.! JD will attend Club Bfast and also the Christmas dinner on Dec. 12. VDP, gallbladder surgery completed, is bk home wid four new 'lil antenna holes in his belly! Larry worked VK9LX last Mon. on 10m. VDP ate too much on TG, and his errant gallbladder paid him bk!

12/2 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in SMY, VPP, VDP, TWA, and BWH. OPs frm 10 & 2m give IXN a list of the new Club Officers who `stepped off the railroad train' at last meeting! They are Pres. VPP, V. Pres. ZH, Secy. WIU, Treas. HHC, Activities PFA, Publicity PA, Membership JD, Technical VKZ, Members-at-Large LDC & BWH, wid WOX taking on Refreshments. VPP finishes off sum tea & pie left frm TG. SMY joins us frm an Internet meeting. And VDP now looks forward to enjoying a varied diet. VDP will be at the Club Bfast Sat., and also the Christmas dinner. And VDP works Lord Howe Is. off Australia, and Namibia, on 10m.! TWA will hve a corrective procedure in his future fer an aortal aneurism. And BWH, out on the Mojave desert fer TG, and a house full of people, sleeps in the pickup, where he witnesses a bolide in the dark night sky! Bob airs Newsline #1111, and widout further funding, Newsline may terminate arnd Dec. 15! We learn that GMC Electronics in Springhill, Fla. has a source for 4-400A and 3-500Z transmitter tubes!

12/9 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, LDC, JD, LEX, RND, IXN and HHC. AF6C doesn't make it bk frm Yuma in time fer the Club Bfast on Sat. And all OPs hve high SA winds whistling by their homes this eve.!...But most hve saved the garbage cans frm blowing away! Also, the SA winds are causing high QRN at OP stations tonite!...LDC experiences high QRN, and JD can't hear LDC at his QTH. LEX copies all OPs, and tells OPs that he is 2 states away frm a WAS on 10m! RND, weak at IXN's QTH, arranges wid JD to pick up `RF' fer mailing. AF6C announces the closing of Adrays in Orange. Many OPs hve dealt there over the years. They were noted fer their fine quality of service, if not their prices. IXN's surgery is over, and IXN gloats over AF6C's failure to cause him excruciating pain laughing at Bob's funny jokes!...(Hurray fer Yuma!) HHC was not so lucky, experiencing the AF6C joke routine just after lung surgery! And HHC says the new vertical `tips its head' just slightly in the high winds, but Ken's full garbage cans didn't fare so well, as Ken gathers them, and garbage, up frm down the street!

12/9 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in KFW, RE, AF6C, BWH, SMY, PFA, TWA, VDP, RT, and Earl, KA6RFB. KFW didn't lose any trash in the SA winds, but he gathers up everone elses at the QTH! PFA hears a loud bang in the shack, and checking, Tom can't find anything wrong! And Tom will check wid VDP on the workings of a Kenwood TS180S. BWH experiences QRN on all OPs tonite, but Bob airs Newsline #1112, wid ZE reporting armchair copy at the QTH! Newsline airs an FCC number to call if one experiences amateur rules violations: (202) 418-1184. RE says it's cold in the bk bedroom. Alex has sum branches dwn, and foam-type trash in the backyard. AND ALEX HAS FISHING TACKLE BOXES LOADED, YOURS FREE FER THE TAKING!...Go for it, fishermen!! TWA `flies in & flies out' on this cold, high QRN evening! VDP says the leaves are piling up, winds are strong, and he is healing nicely frm his recent surgery. And Larry manages to work one Special Event station, KG2YX, in Nova Scotia! RT, Roy, attempts to get his APERS system operational, and IXN, using an old roster, fails to recognize Roy as a Club member! In Santa Ana since 1959, a former Marine, retired frm the Post Office, and 80 yrs young, Earl, KA6RFB, checks into Net...We hope you become a Net regular, Earl! SMY is dwn in the QRN, but IXN says Newsline confirmed Stephanie's prediction that FCC would close in on errant OPs!

12/16 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, RND, WOX, HHC, JD, TWA, VDP, and RE. LDC, assembling a Ringo Ranger, discoevers that he doesn't have the right washers. Then the tile contractor begins laying tile, and takes off on another job before he's finished! RND enters the ARRL 10m CW Contest and does better than last year. WOX enters the Contest, too. HHC tells OPs to check the Web page fer Christmas Dinner pix, and JD wishes all OPs a MC and a HNY! TWA experiences weak sigs on the vertical in the high SA winds. And VDP, recovering nicely frm surgery, has QSOs wid Rolf in Spokane, and Dennis in Arkansas. RE checks in near Net's end & tells OPs that he still has sum fishing gear left fer the taking!

12/16 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/VDP checks in LDC, TWA, SMY, KFW, KF6TRA, HHC, RE, and BWH (after Net). OPs experience high QRN at the QTH. HHC puts UCH's Christmas dinner photos on the Web page. VDP gives LDC a run-down on recently worked DX, and LDC tells OPs he'll be dirt biking at Lake Mirage over the holidays. TWA says the XYL is busy making Christmas goodies in preparation for a holiday family get-together. And Charles says the R7 ant acted up in the wind, communications wise! VDP is happy his ants. survived the SA winds, & Larry says there has been sum DX activity on 12m! SMY was really scratchy at NC, wid ZE asking Stephanie fer repeats. A Pasadena station tried to check in unsuccessfully. KFW, mobile in Yorba Linda, checks in wid weak sigs. Chris says NC is a 'lil weak, too. BWH, bk frm a Christmas party, checks in after Net. Bob is now Secy. of OCARO..Congrats, Bob! And BWH says Art Goddard has completed another DXpedition..Take note VP..Here's a gud speaker fer a future meeting!! NC can't hear TRA, so LDC relays fer him. BWH airs Newsline #1113, inwhich we learn that Portugese War of the Worlds successfully frightens many people once more!

12/23 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/HHC checks in VPP, PFA, IXN, VDP, TWA, and BWH. VPP can't copy ZE or IXN too well...too much QRN! Bud has the computer bk in business agn, after removing a Soundblaster board! And Bud wishes a MC to all! PFA likes Windows '98 better than the '95 version, and Tom has all his shopping done! Then Tom asks ZE if he got the inventory list. Affirmative, says ZE. Then Tom cancels 5 items already sold! IXN will mail next Netnews to HHC to put on the Web page. And IXN asks VDP the physical size of the Johnson Matchbox that VDP picked up at the Swapmeet. HHC remembers the old Johnson Valiant rig that operated arnd 2-300W. BWH checks in after IXN has moved over to the 2m Net.

12/23 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in VDP, TWA, HHC, VPP, BWH, SMY, and ZH. VDP says the Johnson Matchboxes work well wid open wire..They don't use baluns! And Larry says the Club Website adr is listed WRONG in Dec. RF!! And VDP says 6m opened last Sat. eve. as far east as TX! Larry worked 2 new grid squares. VDP wishes Happy Holidays to all! TWA finishes the Christmas trimmings today, and Charles now helps the XYL wid additional preparations, and, Charles notices the cool WX! HHC, ready fer Christmas, has vacation fer the rest of the week. VPP has several home-cooked Christmas dinners to attend..Watch those calories, Bud! And Bud has the computer locked up at `password' presently! BWH manages to get home early frm work, and Bob prepares to go to the Desert fer Christmas. Bob airs Newsline #1114, wid new info. on FCC efforts to crack dwn on repeater jammers! SMY will be at home wid the folks fer Christmas, and ZH `flies in and flies out'.

12/30 10m Phone Net - AF6C is visiting his sister bk in the cold, cold East, so W6ZE/HHC checks in LDC, WOX, VPP, RND, and LEX. LDC gets a new scanner fer the computer, to be attached at the USB port. WOX joins the crowd wid a drying out Christmas tree! RND uses a potted tree which he moves bk into the house each year after a 'lil trimming. LDC bought a 1 foot Christmas tree some time ago, and now it is a 60 ft. Christmas tree on the lawn! OPs hve a discussion over the proper Zip Code fer the OCARC mailing adr...It is 92781!! LEX garners 49 states fer the WAS...Now fer New Mexico!

12/30 2m Phone Net - IXN is up in the mountains, and W6ZE/LDC begins the Net, then W6ZE/VDP takes over NC to check in SMY, KFW, HHC, TWA, VPP, and stranger, OPI, and BWH. OPs were surprised to hear Cindy bk on the Net frm her RC emergency work. And BWH airs an interesting Newsline.

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