1/6/1999 10m Phone Net - No AF6C tonite, so W6ZE/HHC assumes NC. Check-ins were JD, IXN, and RE. HHC & JD briefly discuss a computer problem that PFA & HHC were mulling over before Net. IXN alerts OPs that we may soon hve a new check-in frm Kansas, Marc Campbell, W0RBO, whom IXN knew frm his college days at Clarion Univ. in PA. RE says the Alinco 2m rig lost its memory, and VDP comes to the rescue, telling Alex to re-program the microprocessor...It works!...saving Alex a trip to the radio doctor!

1/6/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in SCV, VDP, KFW, RE, HHC, LEX, TWA, VPP, & BWH. VDP gets all Christmas trimmings dwn & put away. And Larry, TWA, and Rolf (former QW) hve a go-around between Santa Ana and Spokane, last Thurs. And VDP announces a weekend VE session at Unigraphics in Cypress, walk-ins welcome! KFW wishes all a HNY, and Chris & XYL plan a trip to Denver to visit the harmonic & do sum skiing. RE & XYL hosted both harmonics over the holidays, wid Alex cleaning up the shack. And RE tnx VDP fer mentioning the microprocessor solution to his Alinco problem! LEX puts in nice sigs at ZE's QTH frm the El Toro area, on his way home frm work. HHC is glad his mom missed the `Blizzard of 99', and that she made it home safely during a light snow storm in Pittsburgh, PA. KFW, IXN, and HHC all remember those blizzards all to well!! El Presidente, VPP, flies in and flies out, wid lots of work awaiting his immediate attention! And BWH, now burdened wid additional duties of a resigning boss, checks in mobile. When Bob gets home, he airs Newsline #1116, and, if you are studying fer a ham test, try WWW.HAMTEST.COM fer help wid study fer VE exams!...Tnx, Bob!

1/13/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in JD, LDC, WOX, LEX, RND, IXN, HHC, KB6QLC (Don), and VPP. AF6C enjoys a white Christmas in New England, and Bob encounters a blocked road on the way up to Santiago Peak. Then AF6C tells OPs that the new, expensive company radio now works after installation of a new IF board! JD welcomes bk AF6C, and Lowell tells OPs he's `bk in the old rut' after Christmas vacation. LDC experiences best band condx to date...Larry can hear all OPs armchair copy tonite! And LDC ends up in a ditch frm a dirt bike accident in the sesert over New Years...Wearing protective gear, LDC escapes injury!! QLC tells RND abt the 10-10 Int. Net on 28.800 MHz. And RND tells Don that he needs to make FISTS contacts by CW only. WOX says LDC is just above the noise level, and Art entertains his older harmonic frm San Francisco over Christmas. And WOX & VDP help wid a VE session last Sat. in Cypress. LEX labors over loading Windows 95 into a slower machine, and Chris will attend a business meeting near the WA/OR border next week. RND sacrifices on-air time to catch up on future awards work, and John enjoys the Clinton joke in `RF'! IXN tells OPs abt the early morning EQs E of San Diego near Ocotillo. HHC is off on a business trip to Silicon Valley next week, and Ken tells OPs that we hve had 1514 visitors on the Web site to date! QLC works fer his WAS on all bands, and VPP has a long distance phone call, checking in near Net's end. El presidente tells OPs he's got Windows 98 up & running agn!

1/13 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in BWH/m, KFW, PFA, VDP, LDC, RE, VPP, UBK, TWA, and ZH. BWH checks in mobile, tells OPs things are improving at work as they prepare for a supervisor's departure. After BWH arrives at the QTH, we hear Newsline #1117. KFW is involved wid auto repair work, and KFW & VDP will meet after Net. PFA, awaiting his daughter's arrival, checks in to tell OPs he does NOT hve the coffee pot. And Tom has put VDP's copy of the By-laws in the mail. VDP listens to MAYSAC, a Costa Mesa Emergency Net, wid Gordon West involvement, on Mon. eve. And Larry helps RE gets old gear, etc., out of the rafters, which VDP will take to the swapmeet. Larry will try to contact Rolf, KK7LX, tomorrow on 20m. KFW joined them last Thurs. The college bestows a lap top projector to LDC fer classroom use. And tomorrow, Larry undergoes a nuclear heart test...LDC will undoubtedly radiate something other than RFI fer awhile!..HI! RE appreciates help frm LDC today, and Alex tells VDP he forgot to give him a clip off the shelf fer the 220 rig. And RE interests the daughter in baby clothes he had stored away! VDP will pass along UCH Christmas photos to IXN fer the Club history, and Bud gets the computer up & running agn. OPs hear a hum on VPP's sigs. VDP says it sounds like a tone..Bud shuts off the tone, and has nice simplex sigs! UBK finds the book fer the HQ-129X in the LM31 freq. counter box, so Del will be busy getting the HQ-129X in operating condition. TWA experiences high QRN on 10m tonite, and Charles tells VDP he got home too late to make the KK7LX sched. And TWA wishes LDC gud luck on the heart test! ZH, selling his HF station, decides to keep his VHF gear. Chris tells OPs he's got a tower, beam ant., and rotor available fer $350!..That's a bargain! And Chris will discuss future Club programs wid el Presidente, VPP.

1/20 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, VPP, JD, WOX, IXN, and TWA. El Presidente drops a bombshell!...WE may lose the Red Cross as a meeting place! AF6C & HHC will look further into this matter. LDC looks forward to 4 days off soon, and Larry looks to ransfer a grade program on 5 1/4" disc to a 3 1/2" disc. LDC then alerts OPs that he will be having a meeting of Cadets, a group of home school kids, at his shack fer a ham radio communications demo. Larry will call those woh volunteered fer the demo. with further info. by the weekend. VPP has gud copy on all, and Bud has 2 programs left to load before he has the computer bk in gud condition! Bud says he talked wid Ann at the Red Cross, Room 206, tel. 835-5381, ext. 140, abt our former Meeting room. WOX attended the Pomona Swapmeet last weekend, and Art alerts OPs abt the upcoming VHF Contest on 2 and 6m this weekend. IXN will hold up on his Red Cross donation pending the outcome of future negotiations. AF6C revisits Monument Peak and discovers a broken whip ant. responsible fer diminished communications. TWA will participate in LDC's upcoming demo. wid the Cadets.

1/20 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in WOX, VDP, TWA, KFW, UBK, LDC, SCV, and BWH. WOX, operating on a borrowed rig and a different mike, tells OPs he invited a 40m ham in Irvine to join us on 10m. And Art says to tune up on 146.550 & 146.580 and give contest OPs a few points. VDP got spoiled not hving any rain fer a long time...Now Larry has to get used to it all over agn! And VDP works a 'lil 10m DX, working an EA8 in the Canary Is., and a ZL9 on Campbell Is. And VDP & KFW attend the Pomona Swapmeet, too. TWA tells OPs a 'lil abt his experiences as a `powder monkey' in the High Sierra Mts. KFW & IXN talk abt the 0 to 20 deg. WX in Pittsburgh, PA., and also abt hamfests & swapmeets in Butler, PA. UBK lucks out last Sat., getting a tube fer the old Hammerlund rig. And Del gets the rig working! LDC alerts Net OPs abt possibly losing the Red Cross meeting room, and, advising OPs abt plans to hold a ham radio demo. fer the Cadets. SCV wants a list of repeater freqs fer 440MHz, fer his new Alinco 440 rig. BWH suggests the Super System to Mike. BWH checked in mobile, and Bob aired Newsline once bk at the QTH. In the meantime, Linda, KF6GDJ, practices a 'lil CW wid IXN. Linda hangs out on the 147.210 and the 145.44 repeaters.

1/27 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, RND, VDP, WOX, VPP, IXN, HHC, LEX, and TWA. AF6C and ZH will check wid Cindy, OPI, on the future use of the Red Cross facility in Santa Ana as a Club meeting site. LDC demonstrates ham radio to 8 Cadets, ranging in age frm 8 1/2 to 13 yrs in age, and 2 fathers. Now, its surgery fer the XYL, Pauline. AF6C asks JD if he noticed the log periodic ant. is bk up on Bldg 15 at `the factory'. JD hopes they get the SWR dwn to a workable level on the ant. And JD says he hopes to contact Dean, KG4BMM, when he's a Tech Plus. TWA quips to RND, "a birthday and a gold medal...pretty gud!", as RND completes another year and looks forward to making 100! HHC tells RND to change his screen control settings to 600x800 on the computer to try to remedy his oversized page problem. WOX sees RND's call in the 10-10 Newsletter, and the harmonic's basketball team `wins big' last Sunday! El Presidente, VPP, is completely involved in readying computer accounting programs fer next year...Will Bud go `round and round' wid Y2K?!! And VPP was 1st licensed in 1962, one year before K3JFG/IXN came to CA. frm PA. VDP brings a chuckle frm HHC (in the background at AF6C's shack), when Larry says he gets a `beige' screen on the Club web page!! NAH finishes construction repairs in VDP's bathroom and Larry is now busy painting it. And VDP got a long awaited card frm Bosnia today! LEX, worried abt hard drive space, successfully loads internet software on the old computer.

1/27 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in TWA, KQ6YY (Barry), KC6YVA (Linda), VPP, VDP, BWH, and KFW. The city removes trees along the curb on TWA's street, much to Charles' delight! BWH, thru wid the turmoil of work load changes, gets home on time tonite! Bob tnx VDP fer giving HAMTEST.COM and W6ZE.ORG web sites to YY and YVA, and BWH then airs Newsline #1119. We hear that a computer might be able to take ur ham license code test for you...., however, not in the near future, says Newsline! YY, Barry, joins us fer the 1st time on the Net, and we look forward to an eyeball at Club meeting wid Barry soon! Same goes fer Linda, YVA! We met Linda on 146.55 after Net last week when YVA sent her call A3 CW on frequency! YY's XYL is also a ham, wid the call KF6TVS! OPs welcome Linda and Barry to the Net! KFW enjoys the rain and hving everything watered. IXN & KFW shiver at the thought of being bk in Pittsburgh, PA. rite now!!

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