by Bob - WB6IXN


2/3/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, VDP, TWA, WOX, HHC, VPP, IXN, JD, PFA, RE, and LEX. AF6C, HHC, and el Presidente VPP haven't heard any news abt a Club meeting location as yet!...We await OPI's response!  LDC makes gud use of Super Bowl Sunday, watching the game & celebrating the XYL's BD, and becoming intrigued wid the young lady in the Doritos commercial!  AF6C enjoyed the Budweiser commercial wid `the crabs'!  VDP helps RE wid disposal of ham gear as Alex prepares to sell the QTH.  RE fell last week while returning home frm the drugstore, injuring an arm. WOX, out in the garage, tells OPs he enjoys the rain last Sun., and the rejuvenation of plant life.  HHC makes changes to the Web page, and Ken asks VDP to check out the bolder text.   HHC says we hve abt 200 hits/month on the Web page. VPP re-works the old plumbing in the QTH, and Bud cleans up an odiferous mess in the garage after an invasion of skunks! It's IXN's turn to hear intermittent QRN tonite...He suspects an errant street light. JD checks in after a bout wid his tax man. Lowell had 2 Christmases, entertaining late arrivals. And AF6C tells JD that the new log periodic ant. at work has an SWR of under 2 to 1 across the band. PFA, working on income tax, and wid no TV tonite, joins us. Tom replaces the RF amplifier in an ailing 2m transceiver, bringing it bk on line. All OPs are glad to hear that LDC's XYL, Pauline, came thru surgery successfully. And RE will hve HHC & VDP helping clean up radio items arnd the QTH before Alex moves. LEX checks into Net just as IXN prepares fer the 2m Net.

2/3/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in VPP, VDP, LDC, RE, YY, TVS, ZH, HHC, TWA, BWH, and KF6TRA. TRA `flies in and flies out'! VPP's Alliance rotor box has a tracking problem. VDP tells OPs that Gordon West is forming a RACES group in Costa Mesa, and Larry might become an auxiliary member. VDP also works a couple of OPs on the FISTS Net. LDC tells OPs that you may cut a tree that crosses your property line as long as you do not cause it to fall, or, do irreparable damage to the tree. RE reports to the health center everyday to have bandages changed on his injured arm, and YY has a bout wid the stomach flu. Barry also will put up a new ant. fer HF. YY loves the various links on the Website, and XYL, TVS, Kathy, is a teacher at Long Beach City College in the drama area. ZH, wid laryngitis `frogs' in the voice, asks OPs to consider parts for the `Royal Order of the Woufhong'. And Chris says the tower and HF rig are gone. Club ants. Chris has stored need a new home! HHC and family will spend the last week of Feb. vacationing at Mammoth mountain ski resort. BWH airs Newsline tape...Ham radio income to the ARRL continues to decline. Bob airs Newsline, portable, frm the parking lot at work! TWA loves VPP's adventure wid the skunks, but Charles sympathizes wid Bud on the cleanup! And TWA says Doc reports on a recent checkup are not in as yet.

2/10/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, LEX, IXN, WOX, RND, TWA, HHC, BWH, and YY. LDC fights the cold WX wid a heater in the shack. Larry looks forward to 5 days off, and he has installed speakers in the motor home. LDC's heart test was `not that great', but Larry is gud fer 90 days yet! And LDC can't hear IXN in the QRN. JD & AF6C express concern over a fellow worker who has the `big C'! And LEX enjoys the sunshine on a business trip to Camarillo. Chris tells OPs he adapted a Radio Shack studio mike fer ham use. IXN tells OPs he was at the OK Corral last Sat. eve.!...bullets flying all over the place!! AF6C says he stopped by Palomar Observatory on his way home frm a trip to a nearby mountain top. And although there were two QSO parties last weekend, WOX didn't get DE or VT! LEX, RND, and WOX all discuss traffic & bicycle tickets. TWA says he'll stick to walking. We then discuss jaywalking tickets, and TWA responds...then to the rocking chair to watch the grass grow!! AF6C's friend in Yuma doesn't check into Net tonite, and HHC says the Club Constitution is now on the Web site. Ken says that the LA Marathon needs OPs! And HHC & LDC inquire abt the Club meeting site. BWH is at home tonite, and says Cindy, OPI, is working on the RC meeting problem. YY, fighting off the flu, checks in on the Super System.

2/10 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, SCV, VDP, LDC, YY, TWA, HHC, BWH, TRA, VPP, KL0BX, KQ6YR, XO, and TVS. ZH says Cindy, OPI, has obtained permission frm the Red Cross to use the EOC room for Club meetings, provided there is someone to unlock the door, take care of the alarm, and close the place up. And Chris is trying to secure last year's FD site for this year, or, one of two other possible sites. ZH puts info. abt the RC meeting site on E-mail for those who hve an adr. SCV's parents are visiting frm Oregon, and Mike says the 146.82 repeater can be heard all the way to Salton Sea. BWH, at home, gives EOC info. to TRA. Then Bob airs Newsline...International Morse Code is now gone frm the high seas fer gud!...FCC is thinking abt licensing low power FM stations frm 1 to 1,000 W. One watt is gud fer abt 2 sq. miles, while 1,000 watts is gud fer abt 18 sq. miles!...Tnx, Bob. VDP didn't hear TRA tonite, and Larry & IXN enjoy watching the `HAM' category on Jeopardy tonite before Net. LDC says HI to TRA and TVS, and Larry likes last year's FD site. And LDC announces the next `Not so DXpedition' to be held on Apr. 23, 24, and 25, at the El Mirage Dry Lake bed...All Hams are invited!! YY enjoys the 10m Net tonite, and TVS works a 12 hr. day getting ready fer a dance concert! TWA enjoys Wed. sunshine, and Charles becomes `radioactive' while taking a stress test at the GG. Hosp.! VDP, TWA, and IXN all give Jeff, BX, gud sig rpts. HHC also enjoys the beautiful, sunny Wed. WX, and Ken, working wid Microsoft, cleans up problems wid the Browser, getting all info. on a page on one screen. VPP reads ZH's E-mail concerning the Club meeting room, and Bud turns the Somers science project over to VDP fer resolution. XO does fueling and auto repair chores, etc., vy early on these cold, chilly mornings fer the Post Office. Bob's XYL is still bothered wid lung problems, and XO reminds OPs that the CA. Classic event is scheduled for Aug. 6, 7, and 8. Jan. Net News is on the Web page, and HHC tnx PFA & VDP fer help wid listing the Club Constitution on the Web page. You can view it at WWW.W6ZE.ORG.

2/17 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/WOX checks in JD, LDC, IXN, and TWA. IXN worries that fewer Net check-ins may be due to removal of Net News frm `RF'...OPs like to see their calls in print! All OPs received their RFs yesterday & today, and WOX enjoyed his long weekend, working sum 2 watt QRP on 10m wid NY & PA! Also, Art & RND exchange FISTS numbers in a QSO. JD rejoices that OPs got their RFs, and now Lowell looks forward to a family get-together in Manhattan Beach. IXN gets a landline frm Linda, YVA, abt Club meeting site Fri. eve., and LDC has a high SWR problem wid the beam! Larry will check it out after Net. And LDC won't attend Fri. meeting...He'll be off to a business conference. And Larry says Dennis, VFC, has a new 5 call in Arkansas!

TWA and OPs discuss WOX' termite problem. And Charles says the City has solved the lifted sidewalk problem in front of the QTH.

2/17 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in SCV, VDP, YY, TWA, VPP, & BWH. SCV, devoting time to boat repairs, plans to attend Meeting Fri. eve. And VDP hosts the popular 'lil flu bug that has been passing thru So. CA. like wildfire! And Larry and KR6LO will attend the Swapmeet Sat., trying to sell sum estate gear. VDP says HF bands haven't been gud, although YY found an opening on 10m to New Zealand! And Barry also has the flu bug, and, YY announces a CW practice net Mon. & Wed. eves. on 28.325 MHz at 7:30 pm, sponsored by the Downey ARC. TWA is glad to hve the liquid amber tree removed. VPP checks in after a 1 1/2 hr. landline. Bud works on lawn sprinkler repairs and store taxes, and VPP hopes all goes well wid the EOC meeting room at the Santa Ana RC. BWH airs Newsline #1122, which is mostly a commentary on the passing of JY1, King Hussein of Jordan. And BWH still undergoes new changes at work while awaiting the appointment of a new controller. Bob gets a new computer, and ends up wid a $600 repair job on fireplace masonry at the QTH!

2/24 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, JD, WOX, IXN, RND, and LEX. AF6C, LDC, & IXN discuss the near conjunction of the planets Venus & Jupiter. LDC takes the XYL to the chiropractor, and LDC says he'd rather hve a root canal than deal wid his taxes! AF6C & IXN discuss ramifications of Netnews removal frm `RF', and JD says the RC EOC room is smaller, but cozy fer Club meetings. WOX says Cindy, OPI, or Don, ONZ, will be at the RC each meeting night to open the EOC room fer meetings. RND rounds up all his paperwork fer taxes, takes the Yaesu rig to HRO fer repairs, and has 5 gigs this week! LEX gets caught in heavy OC traffic to & frm work in S. Orange County.

2/24/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, LDC, YY, KF6TRA, VDP, BWH, and KQ6YR. VDP and LDC will meet TRA on 50.300 MHz FM after Net to determine TRA's sig strength on 6m. ZH has a meeting at Cedar Sinai Hosp. fer the upcoming LA Marathon. Chris has E-mailed OPs, and he will pick up a packet of materials at the meeting...OPs are needed fer the event! YY looks forward to erecting an HF ant. to join us on the 10m Net, and LDC tells OPs that the av. American must work fer Uncle Sam until May 8 to pay his taxes! And Larry is staying way bk frm the speaker to avoid the `flu bug' some OPs are fighting! WOX, VDP, and LDC will attend the swapmeet this weekend, and LDC announces another VE session in Cypress on Mar. 13. TRA has a Comet LP-15 ant, and Gene's QTH is near Villa Park. VDP says LO sold gear `like crazy' at the Swapmeet last weekend!...And Larry says he's getting rid of winter diseases at last! BWH airs a `jam-packed'-wid-info Newsline!...FCC is in the process of a nation-wide crackdown on Part 97 rules violators...Ashton Hardy, an attorney listed on the Web, DOES NOT REPRESENT AMATEUR RADIO OP's CITED BY FCC FER PART 97 RULES VIOLATIONS!...And, if you wish to help Colombians contact earthquake areas in Colombia, hve them landline (305) 805-5550, fer further info.


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