by Bob - WB6IXN


3/3/1999 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, LDC, HHC, COJ, JD, LEX, VPP, and IXN. WOX re-arranges the shack, works on taxes, & says we might hve a 'lil rain tomorrow. LDC gets his sabbatical leave beginning in Fall, 1999. And HHC and AF6C give LDC leads on gud Webpage software. Larry says IXN & VPP are `dwn in the mud' tonite, and HHC will E-mail LDC info. on a new computer program he's using at work. And Ken is busy `boning up' on his new D-620-L digital SLR Olympus camera! COJ may be moving soon, and has 10 ft. tower sections, aluminum ant. pieces, etc., fer sale. AF6C has linked FCC license forms to the Webpage, and Bob, VPP, and JD, may be at the Club Bfast Sat. Bob also finishes three clocks fer the Club raffle! JD takes the day off and picks up his sister frm S. Dakota at John Wayne. LEX, on his way to work on the 5 Fwy, runs over sum debris which punches a hole in his gas tank. The auto is now in the garage awaiting a new plastic gas tank! VPP gets ready fer the Baker-to-Vegas run, and prepares a new PK Gold program fer emergency communications backup fer the 10 Anaheim Fire Dept. stations. IXN finishes updating a BASIC program fer lunar gravity boundaries vs. earthquakes.

3/3/1999 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in ZH, VDP, LDC, N6TEZ, and BWH. ZH is now ready fer the LA Marathon on Mar. 14, tee-shirt & All! TEZ, replacing a dead battery in the HT, tells OPs he was a Club member abt 14 yrs ago, and Al has re-joined us once more! VDP, learning as he installs a bathroom floor, says he worked the 160m Contest over the weekend, getting only 2 CA contacts on his faulty loop ant. LDC will investigate the College of the Internet, taking sum courses and working on a text/workbook, on his upcoming sabbatical leave. And Larry also plans to work the Baker-to-Vegas run. BWH, in the parking lot on break, airs Newsline #1124. We learn that FCC can `zero in' on violators' sigs, within a few feet, frm thousands of miles away!! And, repeater owners are being held responsible fer rules violations by their users!

3/10 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in JD, LDC, WOX, IXN, HHC, RND, VDP, and RE. JD, and all OPs, hear each other well tonite! And Lowell says his sister is bk in the snow in S. Dakota. LDC purchases a Compaq computer at Radio Shack and experiences a wee bit of a problem getting an older monitor to work wid it. And Larry enjoyed a fiahing tackle show he attended last weekend. WOX does a 'lil antenna tuning. And Art works an OP up in Idaho on 40m just before Net. IXN says Al Toering, N6TEZ/IIJ, once more a Club member, first appeared on the 1980 roster, became Activities Chmn. in 1982, and had a brother, Ron, KB6EZP, who was also a Club member, says HHC. But no one seems to know what year Art Fuschetti, N6IAT, paid his Club dues fer 10 yrs!? HHC attends a CORE group meeting in Orange in preparation for the upcoming Baker-to-Vegas Run. And Ken decides his UHF ant. will work better in a horizontal position as he accidentally pulls into the garage! RND, eavesdropping on Net before check-in, tells AF6C that he saw his name and call listed in World Radio mag. for solving a problem. VDP read the same article, but misses AF6C's call, and Larry will construct a new 160m ant. to replace his present 160m loop. VDP & RE says that RND has weak sigs tonite. RE has a gud offer on the house, but no place to move yet...There is a 6 mos. waiting list at the elderly homes that interest RE & the XYL! IXN ponders `What will happen when the Baby-Boomers line up fer spaces in elderly homes!!?'

3/10 2m Phone Net - Loss of `Net News' in `RF' continues to take a toll on the Nets...wid only six check-ins on the 2m Net tonite! W6ZE/IXN checks in KFW, TRA, RE, YY, VDP, and BWH. KFW reports new snow in Pittsburgh to IXN. And, Chris is bk frm a 3-week trip to Denver to visit wid his daughter and do sum skiing near Copper Mt. TRA experiences a momentary `RF' blackout, but hears OPs solid immediately thereafter! RE had surgery 2 weeks ago fer a bladder malignancy, wid a gud report frm the docs!...Now it's off to the opthomologist tomorrow fer a cataract test. YY says Kathy, TVS, is working tonite, and Barry reports success wid his new GAP Titan ant., a vertical center loaded dipole. He worked Papua, New Guinea, while the `Tennessee Valley Indians' were attacking his neighbor's TV! VDP will try a 2-turn loop, connected in series, as a possible replacement fer his 160m loop. And Larry is finishing up painting & plumbing repairs in the bathroom. BWH airs Newsline #1125...and we learn abt a new computer mode of communication on AOL called `ICQ', which may pose a threat to amateur radio in the future!! And Bob says things are improving at work, now that a new administrator has been appointed!...BWH `sees light at the end of the tunnel!'

3/10 10m Phone Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in LDC, VPP, JD, RND, LEX, IXN, WOX, and HHC. VPP experiences problems setting up a CD ROM drive fer another computer. Bud needs to update a Toshiba drive wid APRS fer the Baker-to-Vegas Run. LDC replaces a 5 1/4" disc drive wid a CD ROM drive...Now the computer won't boot up! VDP, WOX, and LDC successfully test all prospective OPs at a VE session, and all OPs say they got there `RFs'! AF6C will try to be at Meeting Fri. eve. if he gets bk frm Phoenix in time...And Bob gets his `white hat' frm World Radio fer a problem solution he submitted. JD hears all OPs loud and clear tonite, and Lowell says he's too tired and gets up too early to check into the 2m Net! And OPs say they discuss everything on the 10m Net...There's nothing left to say on the 2m Net!! RND hears all Ops well tonite, enjoys the rain, and gets RI to complete his FISTS WAS!...Congrats, John! LEX gets home frm work at a descent hour and prepares to go `on the road' once more in the near future. HHC replaces the broken mobile ant. wid a new Comet, and IXN gets his QST today, and Bob tells OPs that 2m check-ins continues to dwindle! WOX is `crowned twice 'at the dentist!...He'll get his new permanent crowns next week. And Art & the XYL are now attending the harmonic's bowling tournaments.

3/17 2m Phone Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in LEX, UBK, LDC, VPP, ZH, and BWH. LEX and IXN discuss Chris' job wid a subsidiary of a Japanese Co. where Chris works, and the communications problems experienced wid time differences between the U.S. and Japan. UBK has the Hammerlund rcvr up and running and will eaves drop on the 10m Net Wed. eves. Del asks OPs abt appropriate ants. fer the Receiver. LDC suggests a 2nd go-around fer OPs on the 2m Net...but BWH says NO...Newsline is too long, and, Bob says all he has to say on the 1st go-around! LDC says housing is now in great demand...He had over 100 calls on a rental! Now LDC is working on a 12 & 17m trapped dipole fer use at the next NSDXpedition. VPP checks in on the HT tonite...Bud has the rig in the vehicle in preparation fer the BAker-to-Vegas Run. BWH airs Newsline, and OPs hear that FCC continues its crackdown on Part 97 rules violators, and we hear how APRS/GPS, used by a ham in PA, aids in a rescue. ZH spends the last two weeks on jury duty...and Chris hears frm Dan Hightower frm the City of Irvine regarding a FD fer a meeting wid Dan. ZH prepares fer the Baker-to-Vegas Run, and Chris will work on an auto engine problem tomorrow.

3/24 10m Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, LDC, AD6HK (Dan), VPP, IXN, JD, RND, VDP, TWA, and HHC. WOX, XYL & harmonic dine at `The Dugout' near Angel Stadium, and Art bags SD and ME on his way to WAS. Now, it's up early in the morning to try to work Europe! LDC and OPs welcome HK to the Net, and LDC begins vacation today, wid a river fishing trip planned. JD tells AF6C that co-worker Steve Knopp is bk to work, and IXN tnx Lowell fer the roster of members fer the Club history. RND, copying all but HK, gets the 26th FISTS WAS!...Congrats, John! And LDC loses his audio distortion wid the mike gain turned bk! HK hears abt the Club frm LDC & VDP, and Dan is located in Westminster near Edinger & Newland, operating a FT-847 into a G5RV dipole. VPP says HK is dwn in the QRN near Anaheim Stadium. And Bud tells LDC he might run into `a lil WX' at Crescent City! KR6LO & VDP plan to sell off an OP's estate ham gear at the swapmeet this weekend. TWA hears HK FB as Charles kicks bk and enjys the Net. HHC has a 'lil white noise on Dan, and IXN gives HK a 5/9 in Santa Ana. Bob also gives a run-down of dues-paid Club members frm 1992-1999 to date. And IXN reminds OP's to `spring ahead' at 2 AM on Easter Sunday. AF6C has his own `Blue Angels' air show in Mesa, AZ., as he watches an Angels practice session. Bob was helping set up communications fer upcoming Company flight tests.

3/24 2m Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in BWH, TEZ, TWA, KFW, LDC, YY, HK, VDP, and TVS. BWH checks in mobile near the QTH. Al, TEZ, also checks in on an HT, and tells OPs abt his 25W Alinco rig. TWA joins us after a short pause wid Charles talking in the wrong mike (an IXN trick, too)! TWA works Scotland & Wales last Fri., and Charles & IXN briefly discuss their tomato plants. KFW enjoyed VKZ's presentation on map reading at Club meeting last Fri., and BWH airs Newsline #1127. We learn that Congress wants to re-structure the FCC, and, FCC Chariman Kennard says that THE FCC WILL NOT REGULATE THE INTERNET!! LDC Says `Hi' to TVS & YY, tells OPs he's finished building the ant. fer the NSDXpedition slated fer Apr 23-25, wid all OPs welcome to attend! YY & TVS hve homeowner's association sympathetic to ant. requirements..Now they will make erecting a proper antenna a family project! And YY tells FT-50 owners that YAESU will retrofit FREE the small, protruding on-off button on the rig! TVS, glad that the dance concert is over, says they will conceal the new ant. wid plant life! HK lights up all but two bars on NC's rig. VDP says TEZ's sigs are marginal, and Larry writes an article on broadbanding vertical antennas by controlling the impedance fer better SWR.

3/31 10m Net - W6ZE/AF6C checks in WOX, KD6NOT, IXN, LEX, and HHC. WOX invites KF6LRU to join us tonite, but, nothing is heard frm LRU! And Art is working on a 10m ant. mount. NOT and AF6C mention a restaurant on Angeles Crest Hwy that serves an extra large portion of meatloaf! And Mark describes his roof tower-mounted beam to IXN. LEX, near El Toro, has sum QRN on OPs tonite, and, Chris runs out of gas on Alton Pkwy yesterday due to an errant gas guage. IXN and Lee will be off to Garner Valley Easter Sun. to help wid ranch chores. And Bob says gasoline prices shud drop after Easter. And AF6C said the traffic `was murder' yesterday...What a waste of gasoline! HHC says NOT sigs are weak on the vertical tonite, and Ken announces a Club badge increase of $2.00 per badge, plus a Club Bfast meeting Sat.!   And HHC gets the antennas ready fer the Baker-t0-Vegas Run.

3/31/1999 2m Net - W6ZE/IXN checks in LEX, RE, VDP, YY & TVS, BWH, TWA, and KFW. LEX uses a commercial ant. at 30 Ft. wid horizontally polarized loops to work Fresno. And BWH just gets bk frm a Baker-to-Vegas meeting, and queries the Net looking fer PFA. Then Bob airs Newsline #1128, and we hear that ARS W3USS, the U.S. Senate ARS, will soon be dismantled!! RE and XYL still await a new QTH in an assisted living home, and, RE HAS 20 AMATEUR RADIO U.S. MAIL STAMPS FER SALE!...Stamp collectors!...This is your chance to get sum rare ones!! VDP listens to the 10m Net tonite on a Walkie-Talkie, and Larry hears LEX sigs the loudest. Larry also works an OP in Georgia. Hving the computer returned frm a recent upgrading, VDP now works on a Hustler vertical to broadband it. YY successfully tunes his experimental dipole, and now he'll try his hand wid a super J-pole ant.!   TVS `kicks back' and enjoys the Spring Break, and TWA checks in a 'lil late, and Charles says 10m opened up wid gud DX over the Mar. 27-28 Contest.   TWA will Easter wid family at the QTH come Sun.    YY says any FT-50 dual band HT owners can hve a protruding switch replaced FREE of charge by the YAESU doctors!!  And KFW, working a 'lil CW on 20m, is off to the daughter's QTH fer a Grandharmonic Easter egg hunt & dinner come Sunday.

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