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(November 2001)

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 NSDX-2001-tn01.jpg (7630 bytes)

This view provides the feeling of openess at El Mirage Dry Lake (a 1.5 hr drive up Hwy 395 from Orange).  Here the 10M rotatable dipole is going up.  L-R:   Larry-K6LDC and Tom-WA6PFA

Photo by W6HHC

NSDX-2001-tn04.jpg (13233 bytes)

Art-KE6WOX operated a small 15M MFJ QRP rig using a "wire-shortened" 15M 1/2 wave vertical and solar power panel from his "open air table top".

Photo by W6HHC

NSDX-2001-tn06.jpg (16296 bytes)

Tom-WA6PFA operated his ICOM from the tailgate of his pickup truck and used a 10M rotatable dipole (it turns out that 10M was the hottest band on the weekend).

Photo by W6HHC

NSDX-2001-tn07.jpg (16064 bytes)

Tom-WA6PFA uses his newest rig to operate the microwave frequencies.

Photo by W6HHC

NSDX-2001-tn09.jpg (14302 bytes)

A nice shady spot to take an afternoon break from some DXing.  L-R:   Charmaine-KF6YOL, Art-KE6WOX,  Larry-K6LDC and Tom-WA6PFA

Photo by W6HHC

NSDX-2001-tn15.jpg (9320 bytes)

Here is a view of the mobilehome shack of Charmaine-KF6YOL in the middle of the dry lake.  Her vertical antenna was fastened to the mobile home.

Photo by WA6PFA

NSDX-2001-tn05.jpg (13949 bytes)

Ken-W6HHC operated with a YAESU using a 15M dipole from his "open air table top".

Photo by WA6PFA

NSDX-2001-tn14.jpg (6656 bytes)

Here is a view of the new "battleship motorhome" of Larry-K6LDC with vertical antenna gleaming in the sun.  The 5KW OCARC generator is at the left and a motorcycle trailer was used to transport it to the site.

Photo by WA6PFA

NSDX-2001-tn10.jpg (8166 bytes)

Saturday evening brought an outstanding "desert sunset"!!!

Photo by W6HHC

NSDX-2001-tn16.jpg (8403 bytes)

Gathering around the campfire are:  L-R; Tom-WA6PFA, Charmaine-KF6YOL, Larry-K6LDC; Ken-W6HHC, and Art-KE6WOX

Photo by WA6PFA

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