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NSDX2002-tn01.JPG (8131 bytes)

Here is a view of the camping area for the October 2002 Not-So-DXpedition high on a hill in Aguanga near Temecula, CA.

Photo by AF6C

NSDX2002-tn02.JPG (11887 bytes)

In the background is the "Radio Tailer" of Frank-WA6VKZ and the cooking area is under the awning.

Standing (L-R): Charmaine-KF6YOL, Larry-K6LDC and Ken-W6HHC (taking a pictrue of the photographer).

Photo by AF6C

NSDX2002-tn03.JPG (13628 bytes)

Inside the motorhome of K6LDC is Art-KE6WOX (R) showing the rig to visitors...Kevin Carrol (L) owner of the campout property and Chuck (center) a teenage friend of Kevin.

Photo by K6LDC

NSDX2002-tn04.JPG (13448 bytes)

15M used a dipole (in background) and an open air station to work six continents during the CQ W-W contest..

Photo by Rich Pizzini

NSDX2002-tn05.JPG (13931 bytes)

Kevin Carrol (L) was delighted to have Phil-N7PA re-inflate his tractor tires using an air compressor found in Frank's "traveling hardware store".

Photo by AF6C

NSDX2002-tn06.JPG (12469 bytes)

Larry-K6VDP also worked alittle open-air station on the low-bands of 40M and 75M.

Photo by K6LDC

NSDX2002-tn08.JPG (10962 bytes)

Larry-K6LDC introduced us to an "RVer game" called "Washers".  Two teams take turns trying to flip washers into several holes.      (L-R): Jim-AE6UC, Cory-AE6GW, Phil-N7PA, and Charmainr-KF6YOL.

Photo by AF6C

NSDX2002-tn09.JPG (11490 bytes)

Here is a shooter's view of the holes that are the goals for the washers.  If you click on the expanded photo, you can see the Washer in mid-air!

Photo by AF6C

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