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Here are links to the Bob's TechTalk articles from RF. The first Bob's TechTalk column was published in the January 2001 issue. Originally the series was entitled TechTalk and later Bob's TechTalk when other articles were published using the TechTalk byline.

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Bob's TechTalk - Table of Contents

These are the topics discussed along with the issue of the RF Newsletter where it was published. Note that some of the later series numbers were wrong in the original RF articles.

BTT # Subject RF Issue
#52 The Miller Effect and the Cascode Amplifier
(This is the article mentioned in HOM #92)
May 2019
#51 The Oscilloscope CRT
(General function of an oscilloscope cathode ray tube) Rev. A 4/2021
May 2018
BTT # Subject RF Issue
#50 Safety Capacitors
(Use the right capacitors across the AC line and to ground)
Apr 2017
#49 A. C. Meter Scales
(Decibel and voltage ranges)
Dec 2015
#48 Ceramic Capacitors
(Choosing the right type, and their uses) [Marked in error #47 in RF]
Jun 2015
#47 How FM Stereo Works
(Broadcast FM Stereo Transmission System) [Marked in error #46 in RF]
Mar 2015
#46 The HF Reflectometer
(Understanding how SWR Meters work)
Aug 2013
#45 Soldering
(Solder types, Guns, Irons, etc.)
May 2012
#44 Inductance Part III
Nov 2010
#43 Inductance Part II
(Permanent Magnets)
Oct 2010
#42 Inductance Part I
(Inductors & Coils)
Sep 2010
#41 The ‘L’ Matching Network Part II of II
(Designing an 'L' Network [with derivation])
Mar 2010
BTT # Subject RF Issue
#40 The ‘L’ Matching Network Part I of II
(An Introduction)
Feb 2010
#39 Grid Dip Meters
(A useful ham tool)
Aug 2008
#38 Problem With New Coax
(Bob answers a letter.)
Mar 2008
#37 The Superheterodyne Receiver
("Beginners Talk I")
Feb 2007
(A time standard)
Oct 2006
#35 Transistors
Dec 2004
#34 Transistors
(The current source)
Nov 2004
#33 Transistors
(The emitter follower)
Oct 2004
#32 Oscillators
(The phase shift oscillator)
Sep 2004
#31 The W2DU Ferrite Balun
(Construct your own balun.)
Aug 2004
BTT # Subject RF Issue
#30 A Simple Transistor Checker
(A simple Project You Can Build.)
Jun 2004
#29 Capacitors Part IV of IV
(Power Factor in Capacitors)
May 2004
#28 Capacitors Part III of IV
(Phase Shift and Power)
Apr 2004
#27 Capacitors Part II of IV
(Capacitor Voltage and Current)
Mar 2004
#26 Capacitors Part I of IV
Feb 2004
#25 Impedance Part X of X
(Coaxial Cable Measurements)
Jan 2004
#24 Impedance Part IX of X
(Smith Chart Overview)
Dec 2003
#23 Impedance Part VIII of X
(W2DU Balun, RX Noise Bridge)
Nov 2003
#22 Impedance Part VII of X
Oct 2003
#21 Impedance Part VI of X
(More on VSWR)
Sep 2003
BTT # Subject RF Issue
#20 Impedance Part V of X
Aug 2003
#19 Impedance Part IV of X
(Antenna Tuners)
Jul 2003
#18 Impedance Part III of X
(Feedline Impedance)
Jun 2003
#17 Anderson DC Power Connectors
(A 12 VDC Power Connector Standard)
May 2003
#16 Impedance Part II of X
(Antenna Impedance)
Apr 2003
#15 Impedance Part I of X
Mar 2003
#14 Ohm's Law Part IV of IV
(Practical Ohm's Law)
Jun 2002
#13 Ohm's Law Part III of IV
(Ohm's Power Law)
Feb 2002
#12 Ohm's Law Part II of IV
(Thévenin's Theorem)
Dec 2001
#11 Ohm's Law Part I of IV
Nov 2001
BTT # Subject RF Issue
#10 Coaxial Connectors Part III
(SMA, MCX, MMCX, misc. series)
Oct 2001
#9 Coaxial Connectors Part II
(BNC, TNC, RCA Phono Series)
Sep 2001
#8 Coaxial Connectors Part I
(General Info, UHF Series, N Series)
Aug 2001
#7 RF Exposure Evaluation Part III of III
(Another Station Evaluation Example)
Jul 2001
#6 RF Exposure Evaluation Part II of III
(A Station Evaluation Example)
Jun 2001
#5 RF Exposure Evaluation Part I of III
(Introduction to RF Exposure)
May 2001
#4 Decibels Part IV of IV
Apr 2001
#3 Decibels Part III of IV
(Quickly Calculating dB Ratios)
Mar 2001
#2 Decibels Part II of IV
(Understanding dB)
Feb 2001
#1 Decibels Part I of IV
(Understanding Logarithms)
Jan 2001
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