2023 Online Membership Roster:


It is time to renew your membership for the 2023 year.

Members have until the end of March 2023 to renew their membership. After March you will be in arrears and will not make the roster. To renew fill out our Interactive Renewal Form or the fillable & printable PDF paper form. With the interactive form you may pay via PayPal®. With either form you may pay by cash or check at a meeting, breakfast or event, or you may pay by mail. Mail your check, made out to OCARC, to: OCARC, PO Box 3454, Tustin, CA 92781.

If you send in a check please be sure you also submit a membership form. You may either use the interactive renewal form or mail a copy of the paper form. Links are in the previous paragraph.

A "23" in front of your name indicates that our records show you have paid for 2023.

The December 31, 2022 Private Year-end Roster is now available for download to members. Use link at the bottom of the page.

Entries shown in Orange are additions or changes not yet included on the current club's quarterly private roster. Members marked as 'new' or 'returning' joined / rejoined in 2023.

If you feel there is an error please contact the current Treasurer or Membership Chairman. If you see an error or have a change contact one of the web masters.

Member Roster

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# Name Call Class City
1 NA6VJ E Irvine
23 2 Oceanside
3 WD6FMX G Tustin
4 KN6KOR G Anaheim
5 N1BKB E Orange
23 6 AD7J E Las Vegas, NV
7 K6PB E Irvine
8 W6ATB G Orange
23 9 W6HK E Orange
10 KK6IRZ G Chino
11 K6LCS T Jurupa Valley
23 12 K6GTE G Anaheim
13 N6CTB E Santa Ana
14 W6FKX E Huntington Beach
15 AA6ED E Huntington Beach
23 16 N6OKU E Garden Grove
17 W6ZQ E Tucson, AZ
18 W6IT E Newport Beach
19 KK6REB T Cerritos
20 W6ETC G Tustin
23 21 KA9FRH G Huntington Beach
23 22 N6PEQ E Tustin
23 KN6GEZ T Irvine
24 KN6LZI T Tustin
25 NS6D E Cerritos
26 W6NKU E Orange
27 K6PAD E Huntington Beach
23 28 KJ6OML E Garden Grove
23 29 AG6UG E Garden Grove
30 AF6C E Orange
31 KM6ZHO T Santa Ana
32 K6CKF E Yorba Linda
33 KQ6BIL T Orange
23 34 KX6A E Newport Beach
35 N6GP E Santa Ana
23 36 W6GMU E Cypress
37 AF6CF E Yorba Linda
38 AA6PW E Garden Grove
39 KØXP E Mesa, AZ
40 N6HXF T+ Yorba Linda
23 41 KN6VBV T Costa Mesa
23 42 WA6WZO E Costa Mesa
23H 43 N2CNC G Santa Ana
44 Santa Ana
23 45 KN6VIO T Costa Mesa
46 KM6FPA T Huntington Beach
23 47 N6VHF A Chino
48 KM6JMJ T Cypress
49 KE7RXD E Irvine
50 KN6LDW T Orange
23 51 KN6OIN G Rancho Santa Margarita
52 W6HHC A Orange
53 WB6MEU A Seal Beach
54 KN6PXS T Santa Ana
55 KN6CCW T La Habra
56 KC6ACT G Orange
57 K8NN E Billings, MT
23 58 NJ6R E Newport Beach
59 Tustin
60 KM6RTE G Orange
61 KN6SMP G Irvine
23 62 K7JA E Garden Grove
23 63 KL7MF E Garden Grove
64 KN6GXB T Santa Ana
65 KE6SPO G Yorba Linda
66 KN6UOK T Huntington Beach
67 N6XBP E Mission Viejo
68 KB6MQY A Anaheim
69 KM6ZSP T Santa Ana
70 WA6LJV E Fountain Valley
71 K6JEY E Long Beach
72 N6TMT E Orange
23 73 KE6YHX E Orange
74 KN6ROK T Orange
23 75 W6WG E Huntington Beach
23 76 KD6ZWJ T Cypress
77 KB6OZZ G Whittier
78 KM6CIZ G Orange
23 79 W6VEP G Corona del Mar
80 K6WHP E Fountain Valley
81 NI6E E Newport Beach
82 KE6ZMG G Tustin
23 83 KN6WNO T Orange
23 84 KM6SVV E Costa Mesa
23 85 KN6UKJ T Costa Mesa
86 KM6EMP G Orange
87 Orange
23 88 KN6WYU T Laguna Hills
89 KN6TPO T Anaheim Hills
90 AG6YC E La Habra
91 KN6QAM T San Clemente
92 AF6N E Tustin
93 KM6VBD G Yorba Linda
94 N6HC E Santa Ana
95 W6FWS E Fullerton
96 KD6MWZ G Placentia
97 W6KOS E Placentia
23 98 WA6TKR A Orange
23 99 N6NH E Diamond Bar
100 KG6LHK G Garden Grove
23 101 NT6DX
New call
A Cypress
23 102 KN6QEW T Pico Rivera
103 AI6ZV E Costa Mesa
104 KJ6QMN T Lake Forest
105 WA6DIJ A Castroville
106 K6AJY G Anaheim
23 107 KK6DX A Oceanside
108 KK6OYR E Garden Grove
109 KI6X E Orange
23 110 KN6WBH T Irvine
111 WA6GFT E Tustin
112 KN6TMJ T Anaheim
113 KB6TKA A Tustin
114 KC6LJF T Tustin
23 115 N6WDK E Anaheim
116 AE6UC E Tustin
117 K6PGH G Fullerton

  * Past President
 ** Honorary 2023 Member

Former Club Affiliates

Name Call Class City
1 K6VDP E Golden Valley, AZ
2 KJ6ZH E Granite Bay, CA
3 N8AE E Clinton Township, MI
4 N8UZE E Clinton Township, MI
5 ex-N6EDY G Tustin
6 KG6KTT T Grants Pass, OR
7 N8WP E Annapolis, MD
8 N6XTJ A Ojai, CA
9 K7ZE E Las Vegas, NV
10 Cory Terando* AE6GW E Westminster

*  Past President

Private Roster:

The Private Roster (.pdf) is for members only and is password protected because it contains addresses and phone numbers. Adobe Acrobat© Reader or other PDF reader is required to view and print them. Acrobat Reader© is available for free for most computer platforms. Click on the image below to download Adobe Acrobat© reader.

The date of the current private roster is December 31, 2022. The Roster By Name and Roster By Call Suffix have been combined into one roster with both listings:
Combined OCARC Roster: Click Here to Download .

If you've forgotten the password, contact one of the board members.

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