OCARC Weekly Radio Nets:

Band Mode Local Day Local Time Frequency Net Control Operator
10 Meters USB Wednesday 7:30 PM 28.375*   MHz   W6ZE
2 Meters FM Wednesday 8:30 PM 146.550** MHz   W6ZE
75 Meters LSB Tuesday 8:00 PM 3.883    MHz   W6ZE
* ± QRM,  ** Simplex

OCARC Crisis Support Radio Nets:

The following additional nets are being run during the duration of the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis:

Band Mode Local Day Local Time Frequency Net Control Operator
2 Meters FM Monday 8:30 PM 146.550** MHz W6ZE
2 Meters FM Friday * 8:30 PM 146.550** MHz W6ZE
* Except Fridays when other club activities are scheduled. ** Simplex

A Short History of OCARC Nets:

Note: As more information is uncovered, this history will be updated. Some of the dates are currently quite vague. - AF6C

HF SSB Nets:

The first known club net began in October or November of 1971. It was held on Thursday nights starting at 8:00 PM local time. Originally the net control station rotated between the shacks of Kei - W6NGO, Ken - W6HHC and Bob - WB6QNU (now AF6C). Usually the three of them would meet at whichever shack the net was being held at and run the net together. The original net was run on 15 meters at a frequency of 21.375 MHz ±QRM.

A separate ten-meter net began somewhere between 1975 and 1981 on Tuesday nights. This net was controlled by Fred - AG6O and his wife Judy - WA6HEL. It remained active until about November or December of 1984.

Sometime before 1974 the 15-meter net changed from Thursday to Wednesday night. The net time continued to be 8:00 PM until sometime around 1990 when it changed to 7:30 PM local time to better accommodate the later two-meter net. The 15 meter net remained active through September of 1997. On October 1st of 1997 the net moved to ten-meters on 28.375 MHz. This change allowed the newly privileged Tech Plus licensees to join in on an HF net in their alloted frequency band.

The ten-meter net briefly moved back to 15-meters between April and September of 2005 due to the lack of Tech Plus participants and the hope of picking up more DX check-ins. Poor local propagation on 15-meters and a desire to keep ten-meters active ended the experiment.

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, June 13, 2018, and June 27, 2018, Corey Miller KE6YHX hosted a "talk-in" on 3.883 MHz LSB after the regular OCARC 2M Net. The check-ins to them were Vijay Anand KM6IZO Irvine, Mike Ollman W6MAO Rialto, Will Young Jr. KJ6JKA Huntington Beach, Phil Drago K6PAD Huntington Beach, and Richard Saunders K6RBS Mission Viejo. With approval from the Board, on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, Corey started the official OCARC 75M Nets on 3.883 MHz LSB. The first check-ins were our Club Call Trustee, Bob AF6C, Vijay KM6IZO, and Greg W6ATB. Corey, as the normal NCS, is continuing work on the 75M dipole, and is at present, tuning his antennas to resonance. The 75M Net started on Wednesdays at 9:15 PM. With approval from the Board, at the April 3, 2021 Board Meeting, the 75M Net is now held regularly on Tuesdays at 8:00 PM.

HF CW Nets:

The first known CW net began on 15 meters sometime before January of 1974. It was held at 7:00 PM on Wednesdays, an hour before the SSB net on 21.175 MHz, and was designed for those with the Novice class to practice their code speed. In early 1983 it was held sporadically while looking for a new net control operator. Sometime between mid 1992 and mid 1996 the net was stopped.

In April of 2003 club member KF6UEB invited the club to participate in a CW net he was running on 40 CW, the OCWN (Orange County Wireless Net) on Sunday mornings on 7.115 MHz. In May of 2004 the net frequency change to 7.068 MHz. The weekly OCWN CW net on Sunday mornings shut down around 2017.

VHF Nets:

The two-meter VHF FM net began sometime before April of 1981. It was held at 9:00 PM on 146.550 MHz simplex after the HF net. In 1990 the net changed its start time to 8:30 PM. It continues at that date, time and frequency today.

At the January 9th, 2010 Board Meeting of the OCARC Nicholas Haban - AF6CF suggested we start an additional two-meter net using the Western Amateur Radio Association's N6ME repeater. This would allow fringe stations, unable to work net control simplex, to enjoy a net. George Jacob - N6VNI, president of WARA was present at the meeting and encouraged the net as a way to increase repeater usage. The new net was first held on Jan 21, 2010 at 8 pm. Due to very weak participation, Nicholas asked that the net be closed down. This repeater net was last run on November 18th. 2010.

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