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AC6V -- Over 130 Pages & 2000 Links to DX & Ham Radio
AC6V's Guide to San Diego Ham Radio
Anderson Powerpole© 12V Connector Standard Information
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ARRL Web Welcome
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BPL IEEE EMC Presentation - by ARRL Ed Hare W1RFI on Oct 2004
Broadband-Hamnet presentation by Don Hill KE6BXT and Joe Ayers AE6XE -  HSMM-MESH/Broadband-Hamnet
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Digital Amateur TV (DATV) - TechTalk74 D-ATV Introduction      -    TechTalk75 Planning a DATV Station            TechTalk76 DATV - Understanding Symbol-Rates, FEC, and RF Bandwith for DVB-S   

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Digital-ATV Repeater Designs - TechTalk79 Comparing DATV Repeater Designs - Part 1         -                             TechTalk80 Comparing DATV Repeater Designs - Part 2
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Morse Telegraph Club - SQ Chapter in So. Calif.
NASA Space Shuttle
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PSK31 (Phase Shift Key, 31 Hz) - Digital Keyboard Technology
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Radio Museum - by Jim Tripp WA6DIJ
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Slow-Scan-TV freeware by JE3HHT

Software Defined Radio (SDR) - TechTalk98-iSDR on the  iSDR app
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Western Amateur Radio Association -  WARA
WB6VUB Radio Page
78's Radio Club




Anderson Powerpole© Connectors have become the standard for 12 VDC interconnectivity in the Amateur Radio Emergency field. You should seriously consider using these connectors or having adapters available so you can adapt to these connectors. The following links contain technical data for Anderson Powerpole© connectors.

Many of the following items are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat© Reader which is free and available for most computer platforms. Click here to download:

Get Acrobat Reader


Orange Co. RACES Powerpole© 12V STANDARD Information (.html)
Anderson Powerpole© Connector Family Data Sheet (.pdf)
Anderson PP15 Powerpole© Connector Data Sheet (.pdf)
Anderson PP30 Powerpole© Connector Data Sheet (.pdf)
Anderson PP45 Powerpole© Connector Data Sheet (.pdf)
Drawings (.pdf): Housing, 15 A Contact, 30 A Contact, 45 AMP Contact.
Assembly, Crimping and Soldering Instructions (.pdf)
See Ham Radio Suppliers Page for vendors who sell these connectors.


FCC Forms and Information: Many of the following items are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat© Reader which is free and available for most computer platforms. Click here to download:

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FCC Part 97: Amateur Radio Rules & Regulations
FCC Form 605 New General Form  Use for New Amateur Radio License, Renewal, Modification, or Vanity Call Sign Application.
FCC Renewal Information: Amateur Licenses, Club Licenses
FCC Club License Information.
FCC Form 610B is no longer accepted for Club License Renewals.
FCC Vanity Call Sign Application Information
Other FCC Licensing Forms


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