O.C.A.R.C.'s 2014 A.R.R.L. Field Day
June 26th - 27th, 2014: Setup (Thu, Fri)
June 28th - 29th, 2014: Operations (Sat, Sun)

(Always the fourth full weekend in June)
(No matter what the 2014 CQ Calendar says!)


This section is reserved for announcing the results of the 2014 OCARC W6ZE Field Day:

Notice: The 2014 ARRL Field Day is over. The results are being tabulated and will be posted here. This year the club effort was on training, and by the end of Field Day there were many new operators that gained experience. Still we will be turning in a reasonable score that our members can be proud of!

2014 Field Day Contacts
Station # Station Name Band Contacts Mode Points*
* Includes a power multiplier of 2
Gota GOTA 47 SSB 94
1 80/15 CW & 75 SSB 80 M 111 CW 444
1 80/15 CW & 75 SSB 75 M 122 SSB 244
1 80/15 CW & 75 SSB 15 M 559 CW 2,236
2 40/10 CW 40 M 756 CW 3,024
2 40/10 CW 10 M 57 CW 228
3 20M CW 20 M 1,059 CW 4,236
4 20M SSB 20 M 1,113 SSB 2,226
5 10M SSB 10 M 134 SSB 268
6 40/15 SSB 40 M 723 SSB 1,446
6 40/15 SSB 15 M 382 SSB 764
Free VHF/UHF/Satellite 6 M 25 CW 100
Free VHF/UHF/Satellite 6 M 133 SSB 266
Free VHF/UHF/Satellite Satellite 3 CW 12
Free VHF/UHF/Satellite Satellite 20 PHONE 40
Free VHF/UHF/Satellite 2 M 43 SSB 86
Free VHF/UHF/Satellite Other 11 PHONE 22
7 Digital 40 M 30 DIG 120
7 Digital 20 M 48 DIG 192
7 Digital 15 M 43 DIG 172

Point Summary
Mode Total Contacts Total Points
CW Contacts 2,570 10,280
Phone Contacts 2,728 5,456
Digital Contacts 121 484
SUB TOTALS 5,429 16,220
Bonus Points 1,750
TOTALS 5,429 17,970


OCARC will hold their 2014 Field Day exercise at the Walter Knott Educational Center. Everyone is welcome to attend. Amateur radio operators are encouraged to bring their families. If you're a ham just visiting the area on business or vacation, you're welcome to join us.

Please bring a copy of your ham license to FD to allow you your full license privileges.

Here are maps and a layout of the Field Day site:

Driving Instructions:

Directions to the Walter Knott Education Center in Buena Park:

The location of the OCARC FD on the school grounds can be reached by entering from La Palma into the school's East driveway. See the annotated FD map. The school grounds are behind the school buildings to the south.

Talk-in Frequency:

The simplex frequency of 446.520 MHz (FM) will be monitored for people needing directions to the location or needing info.


Construction of antennas is scheduled to begin at 5 PM (local time) on Thursday June 26th. The tower set-up efforts will start on Friday morning (June 27) at 9 AM (while it is still cool).


Teardown will begin at the end of the 24 hour contest at 11 AM (local time) on Sunday June 29th.


The OCARC will be operating in Class “A”. The number of simultaneous transmitters we will be running has not been determined at this time.

Technician class operators, this is your opportunity to work some HF now that the bands have finally opened up. If you are looking for inspiration to upgrade, this is your chance. Anyone can work the HF bands at a Field Day site with a properly licensed control operator present!

There will also be VE testing at the site for anyone wanting to upgrade their license.

Field Day Call:

We will be using the Club call, W6ZE, for our general operations.
Tentatively the GOTA station will be using the call W6ETC.


2014 Band Captains and Teams:

Meals and Food:

The OCARC will be providing meals for those who are working Field Day. Our food Chairman is Doug Britton - W6FKX.

Current meal plans are shown below

VE Testing at Field Day:

We are planning to have a VE testing session at the site during Field Day. Details will be publised here when plans are finalized.

Contest Rules:

2014 ARRL Field Day information, including: the FD Information Packet, Full Rules, Summary sheet, W1AW Bulletin Schedule, Logging Sheets, the 2013 FD Logo and much more will be available on the Field Day page of the ARRL website in the months prior to Field Day.

Club Field Day History:

Here are links to past Club ARRL Field Day scores and sites:

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