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N6JUK Ham Equipment Sale - Page 1 - July 2014

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Antennas, Antenna Switches, Antenna Tuners, etc.
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MFJ914D Rear MFJ914D Front sold

MFJ-941D Antenna Tuner

S O L D  at OCARC Auction.

MFJ 941D Antenna Tuner, Good physical condition, used in box (untested). Manual download available on MFJ website.

MFJ Dummy Load sold

MFJ-260 300 Watt Dry Dummy Load

S O L D  at OCARC Auction.

50Ω 10% Dummy Load rated to 160 MHz. 90 Watts continuous, 300 Watts for 30 seconds. Earlier model of the current MFJ 260C.

Unit is in its box with instructions and appears to only have been used lightly.

2 pos. Ant Sw. sold

MFJ-1702B Antenna Switch - Two Position

S O L D  at OCARC Auction.

MFJ 1702B Antenna Switch, Unused in original package (untested).

Unused antenna position is automatically grounded. UHF Connectors.

MFJ-1704 sold

MFJ-1704 Antenna Switch - Four Position

$40 [Original Cost $80]

MFJ 1704 Antenna Switch, Unused in original package (untested).

w/Automatic grounding and surge suppression. UHF Connectors.

NMO-440B Antenna sold

Larsen NMO-440 B Kulrod Mobile Antenna

S O L D  at OCARC Auction.

Mobile Antenna for 440 - 460 MHz. Unused, still in packaging. NMO base, Black Finish

Comet CY-1205 sold

Comet CY-1205 Handheld 1.2 GHz 5-el Yagi antenna.

$15  S O L D

Looks barely used. It comes in the Comet pouch. This was probably used with the IC-12AT listed in the Handheld section. The connector is TNC (a threaded version of the bayonet BNC connector).


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J-Pole Ant. sold

DX Specialties 3/4 meter J-Pole Antenna

S O L D  at OCARC Auction.

This is a well constructed UHF J-Pole antenna mounted on a wooden base. The bottom of the base is stamped DX Specialties. This might be some sort of test antenna; I'm pretty sure I've seen it advertised years ago in ham magazines, but could find nothing on the web. The antenna is well constructed from aluminum with stainless rods. Feed point is a BNC connector and appears adjustable with screw hardware. Base is 5-3/4" x 6" and overall height is about 20".


DX Specialties 1-1/4 meter J-Pole Antenna

$25 OBO

See previous 3/4 meter antenna listing. This is larger version of the antenna described above. Overall height is estimated to be around 32".

Unchecked. Not currently in my possession.


MFJ 802B Field Strength Meter

$20 OBO (Current street price: $44)

This is a horizontally polarized dual whip antenna field strength meter. It is still sold on the MFJ website and the manual can be downloaded there.

Currently unchecked.

Yaesu YS-500 sold

Yaesu YS-500 VHF/UHF SWR Bridge

$25 (Current street price: $44)

Yaesu SWR meter measures power and SWR from 140 to 525 MHz. Power scales are 0 - 4, 0 - 20, 0 - 200 watts

Clean, currently unchecked.

RAM101 sold

RAM SWR Bridge and Field Strength Meter

S O L D  at OCARC Auction.

This meter was sold by a company RAM Communications in Orange CA. The unit was made in Japan and from looking at eBay the same unit was sold under various names. This meter seems hefty for its size and well constructed. Has two UHF connectors and a connector for a short FS whip (included).

Very clean, currently unchecked but meter movement works.



General Information:

This equipment is being sold on behalf of N6JUK

or call him at (714) 639-5074 if you have interest or any questions or want to examine the equipment.

Equipment is subject to prior sale. Some equipment is currently located off site, but all is located in the city of Orange, CA.

If you want something tested, let me know. The results may influence selling price, one way or the other!

I prefer not to ship items, but...

If you are interested in having an item shipped to you, I can send it via a flat rate USPS box at cost plus $1 to cover packing materials. Larger items I will have packed and shipped by UPS at cost. Contact me for other options. Small light items may ship standard USPS.

Item descriptions are subjective. Errors in description and or condition are possible. Should such an issue arrise, the club will work to solve it. However the club will not be held responsible.

Original date of page: July 26, 2014

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