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N6JUK Ham Equipment Sale - Page 6 - July 2014
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Test Equipment
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B&K Scope sold

B & K 2120B Dual Trace Oscilloscope

$200 [Original Price $400 in 2005 - Current MSRP is $619]

B & K Model 2120B Dual trace oscilloscope - DC to 30 MHz. Triggered Sweep 0.1 µSec to 2 Sec per division in 1-2-5 sequence. Has coupling for TV vertical and horizontal sync. 8 x 10 cm PDA display.

Unit is in like-new condition in the box with instruction manual, two scope probes and spare fuses. It is not in my possession at this time.

Weston 433 sold

Weston Model 433 Laboratory AC Voltmeter


Laboratory AC voltmeter with mirrored scale. Ranges 0 - 150VAC. Frequency range 25 to 2,500 cycles per second.

Meter works. Did not check accuracy. No significant damage noted. Is missing leather handle.

Weston 931sold

Weston Model 931 Laboratory DC Voltmeter

S O L D  at OCARC Auction (2015).

Laboratory DC voltmeter with mirrored scale. Sensitivity is 5,000Ω per Volt. Three ranges 0 - 3V, 0 - 150V & 0 - 300VDC.

Meter works on all scales. Did not check accuracy. No significant damage noted. Is missing leather handle.

AC Ammeter Front Face sold

UEI MA1 AC Ammeter

S O L D  at OCARC Auction.

This is a small (2-1/4 x 2-1/4 AC Ammeter model MA1 by with a range of 0 - 1.2 amps at an accuracy of 3%. From the side of the box: This MA1 is a high sensitivity, direct reading AC ammeter. It is designed to simplify the setting of oil and gas thermostats and heat anticipators. The MA1 measures the performance of AC relays, solenoids and other low current AC devices. I'm sure radio hams can find a multitude of other uses.

Unit is in its original, but opened, packaging with instruction sheet. Appears "like new". Not tested.

Eico GDO Eico Manual sold

Eico 710 Grid Dip Osc,

$25 S O L D [$30 new in 1961]

Eico 710 Grid Dip Oscillator with complete set of eight coils. Includes instruction manual. Frequency range 0.4 MHz to 250 MHz. Planetary drive tuning. Uses a single 6AF4A tube.

Unit looks in good shape; box holding the eight coils and the original instruction manual are included. Currently untested.

Multitester sold

Radio City Products Model 480 Multitester

$10  S O L D

Radio City Products Corp. multitester, Model 480. Measures:

Requires 1-1/2 volt battery Size "D"

As is, meter movement is good, case is good.

Radio Shack VOM sold

Radio Shack (Micronta) Multitester

S O L D  at OCARC Auction.

Radio Shack Model 22-210 VOM. 30KΩ/Volt DC, 10KΩ/Volt AC. with 5 inch multicolor coded mirrored meter. Measures (Full-scale):

Requires 1-1/2 volt battery Size "C" and std. 9V battery. Comes with two sets of test leads (Probes and alligator clips).

Unit appears in good condition EXCEPT meter rear case is broken in three places where it attaches to front. Appears repairable (?) with a little care. The manual has been found and is now included. Untested.

EMC-206 sold

EMC 206 Tube Tester


EMC Mutual Conductance Tube Tester Model 206

Unit appears in reasonable shape - dusty. Unchecked.

Philco Tube Tester sold

Philco 7050 Tube Tester


Philco 7050 Emission Tube Tester

In need of a good cleaning and refurb.



General Information:

This equipment is being sold on behalf of N6JUK

or call him at (714) 639-5074 if you have interest or any questions or want to examine the equipment.

Equipment is subject to prior sale. Some equipment is currently located off site, but all is located in the city of Orange, CA.

If you want something tested, let me know. The results may influence selling price, one way or the other!

If the item says "not in my possession, contact me and I can arrange for you to view it.

I prefer not to ship items, but...

If you are interested in having an item shipped to you, I can send it via a flat rate USPS box at cost plus $1 to cover packing materials. Larger items I will have packed and shipped by UPS at cost. Contact me for other options. Small light items may ship standard USPS. USA only.

Item descriptions are subjective. Errors in description and or condition are possible. Should such an issue arrise, the club will work to solve it. However the club will not be held responsible.

Original date of page: July 31, 2014

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