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N6JUK Ham Equipment Sale - Page 7 - July 2014

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Transmitters, Receivers & Transceivers

TS-520 sold

Kenwood TS-520

S O L D  at OCARC Auction.

Kenwood TS-520 HF Transceiver

Dusty, has 12V inverter power supply and CW filter

S-38 sold

Hallicrafters S-38 Shortwave Receiver

S O L D  at OCARC Auction.

Hallicrafters S-38C AC-DC Shortwave Receiver. This is a six-tube radio with separate main and bandspread tuning. Tunes 0.54 to 32 MHz. in four bands. Clean but need capacitor replacement.

S-40 sold

Hallicrafters S-40B Shortwave Receiver

$25 OBO [Original price 129.95 in 1950] S O L D

Hallicrafters S-40B Shortwave Receiver. This is an eight-tube radio with separate main and bandspread tuning. It was manufactured from 1950 to 1954. Tunes 0.54 to 43 MHz in four bands. Built-in Speaker.

Condition unknown. Looks reasonably clean.


Hallicrafters SX-100 Shortwave Receiver

$?? OBO

Hallicrafters SX-100 Communications Receiver

Condition unknown.


Hallicrafters Speaker

Included as part of SX-100 package

Condition unknown; looks reasonably clean.

BC-645 sold

War Surplus BC-645 VHF Transmitter
Rack Mounted

$?? OBO S O L D by owner

This BC-645 has been converted to the amateur two-meter band. The radio is modified to fit to a 19" rack panel which is mounted in a 4 foot high relay rack. It includes a homebrew power supply rack mounted below the BC-645.

Old and dirty. But lots of good, hard to find parts. Not in my possession at this time.



General Information:

This equipment is being sold on behalf of N6JUK

or call him at (714) 639-5074 if you have interest or any questions or want to examine the equipment.

Equipment is subject to prior sale. Some equipment is currently located off site, but all is located in the city of Orange CA.

If you want something tested, let me know. The results may influence selling price, one way or the other!

I prefer not to ship items, but...

If you are interested in having an item shipped to you, I can send it via a flat rate USPS box at cost plus $1 to cover packing materials. Larger items I will have packed and shipped by UPS at cost. Contact me for other options. Small light items may ship standard USPS.

Item descriptions are subjective. Errors in description and or condition are possible. Should such an issue arrise, the club will work to solve it. However the club will not be held responsible.

Original date of page: August 4, 2014

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This page last updated on 27 January 2015
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