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N6JUK Ham Equipment Sale - Page 8 - August 2014

Miscellaneous Items

Globe VFO 6/2M sold

WRL Globe 6 - 2 VFO

S O L D  at OCARC Auction.

This is a World Radio Labs Globe six and two meter VFO with manual for parts or repair.

VFO is missing clear front cover. Vernier drive is loose and needs adjustment or rework. Knobs are present but in poor condition. Electrically, the unit looks complete, including tubes. Better picture with front panel and knobs installed coming...

Tek Frequency Meter sold

Meter from Tektronix

S O L D  at OCARC Auction.

Someone took this meter out of an old Tektronix frequency meter and mounted it in a black metal enclosure. The enclosure is mostly empty except for a coil and binding post. Enclosure cover has numerous holes drilled in it. Meter appears in good condition with a solid zero balance. Meter appears to be 200µA with an internal resistance of about 4 KΩ.

Radio Shack Knobs sold

Radio Shack (Archer) Knobs

$2 for two packages  S O L D - NOS marked at $1.29 PK

This is two packages of Archer 274-407 knobs. These knobs are 1-1/4" dia. heptagonal; black with a white line marker. Fits std. 1/4" shafts; single set screw.

Price is for two packs (4 knobs total). Packages are unopened.

BA-6G Coupler

GQ BA-6G RCA Coupler — Female/Female

$2 for three packages - NOS marked at $0.89 PK

GQ (Great Quality) coupler connects two cables with male RCA plugs together. Gold plated contacts.

Price is for three packages of one each. (Three total).

6' RG-8X Jumper sold

HRO HRO8X/U6 Jumper Cable

Sold at auction   S O L D

This is a 6' UHF Jumper cable sold by HRO. It has Teflon© PL-259 connectors on each end. Uses RG-8X coaxial cable

Item is in the unopened bag. Connectors still shiny!



General Information:

This equipment is being sold on behalf of N6JUK

or call him at (714) 639-5074 if you have interest or any questions or want to examine the equipment.

Equipment is subject to prior sale. Some equipment is currently located off site, but all is located in the city of Orange CA.

If you want something tested, let me know. The results may influence selling price, one way or the other!

I prefer not to ship items, but...

If you are interested in having an item shipped to you, I can send it via a flat rate USPS box at cost plus $1 to cover packing materials. Larger items I will have packed and shipped by UPS at cost. Contact me for other options. Small light items may ship standard USPS.

Item descriptions are subjective. Errors in description and or condition are possible. Should such an issue arrise, the club will work to solve it. However the club will not be held responsible.

Original date of page: August 7, 2014

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This page last updated on 18 October 2014
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