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NETNEWS August 2014

08/06/14 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in W6ATB, KE6YHX, W6JTT, KJ6OML, WW6RK, WB6IXN, AG6UG, W6HHC, KR6J, and KJ6JKA. YHX brings his emergency supplies up to date, and JTT’s son came over and they raised the 10m dipole ant…And Sam will be on the air come Sunday from the San Jacinto Mts. near Idyllwild. ATB said a summer cold has run through the family, and I think Greg said his brother was a ham! AF6C told OPs not to forget the list of ham gear for sale up on the website. IXN has a new Comet H-422 antenna to put together, and, Bob & Lee have a rat problem from the neighbor’s house next door! The O.C. Vector Control set up a poison trap. OML gave the report from ‘triumvirate’(AF6C, DLA, and OML) operations at Braille Institute today…TNX, GUYS! KK spent some time copying code today and checked into Net tonite wid S9 copy on most OPs. OML said UG was working on a machine. KR6J and family are back in Orange County and it was good to hear Kenan’s voice on the air once agn! I believe JKA said he had a Kenwood 420 rig, and Wil said he had S9 sigs on OPs both horizontal or vertical.

08/06/14 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, KR6J, W6ATB, W6ETC, W6JTT, KI6LXZ, KJ6OML, KJ6JKA, N6HC, AF6C, and N6HPO. YHX gets all the ham digital programs on one computer and Corey updates his emergency supplies. We welcome Kenan, KK6RJ, back to Orange County, and the big question…Will Kenan’s harmonic follow dad into ham radio?! ATB recently blew a fuse in a power supply, now to find the problem…This brought back memories of IXN’s computer when the power supply issued forth white smoke taking the mother board wid it! ETC, Tom, wud like to discuss digital wid Corey. JTT plans to continue work on antennas at the Idyllwild site to work 10 & 2m into Orange County. LXZ, Stephany, is working on his Extra Class ticket, reminding IXN of the old 20 wpm requirement years ago! OML gave the Braille report on the number of old & new Talking Book machines repaired by the Triumvirate today, but IXN forgot to write the numbers down! JKA is interested in meteor scatter communications, and Arnie has been spending time on some professional reading. HPO checked in wid 5/9 sigs and Alan copied most OPs.

08/13/14 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in KJ6OML, WB6IXN, AG6UG, KE6YHX, N2?(Tony), W6JTT, and W6ATB. DLA & OML were worried when they called AF6C and Bob’s telephone was off the hook! And UG was busy backing up a computer drive, and June told AF6C that she and Gene picked up their coffee cups at last meeting. IXN will have the new antenna ready to hoist in the air next week, and Bob purchases rodenticide for a rat invasion from the neighbor next door. YHX is very familiar wid computer backups & copies, and Corey is back to school Aug. 25 to begin calculus II. JTT ‘flew in and flew out’, and ATB has been busy wid the business this week, and Greg was trying to hear his brother in Oregon tonite. Greg works mostly digital CW on 6m, and, ATB got a new grid square.

08/13/14 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KJ6OML, KE6YHX, AG6UG, W6ETC, and KK6FYG. OML, AF6C, and DLA got a day off as Braille Institute was on vacation, and June’s roses, along wid IXN’s roses are doing FB! ETC talked about the huge landslide on Bleck Hawk Mt., and IXN will probably have to get a new roof. YHX and IXN briefly discuss Corey’s upcoming calculus class starting Aug. 25, and Mike, in Rialto, checks in wid FB sigs and no seismic report.

08/20/14 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, W6JTT, KJ6OML, WB6IXN, W6SQC, W6HC, N2VH,J,A,(Tony), and KI6IPH(Dennis). It’s off to school for Corey next Wednesday, and Corey will pick up more solar panels at Harbor Freight. Corey’s next vacation will be at Christmas. JTT still works wid the 10m antenna wid gud copy on AF6C. IXN is on the new Comet H-422 antenna wid up to a 5db gain at some stations tonite!...Tnx HC & SQC!...A FB job done erecting IXN’s new antenna! The triumvirate (AF6C, OML, and DLA) serviced 35 machines, old and new, at Braille Institute today, and IXN had S9 sigs at SQC’s QTH tonite…Arnie & Cass should go into the antenna erecting business! N2V,J,A(Tony) had 5/9 sigs tonite but IXN could not make out his call! Dennis(KI6IPH) put up a new 5/8 wave ground plane 25 ft.

08/20/14 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, KJ6OML, W6JTT, KK6FYG, W6ETC, N6HPO, AF6C, and AG6UG. When N6HC and SQC looked at IXN’s antenna site, we all decided that no further help was needed, so IXN did not bother my two other antenna volunteers, AF6C and KE6YHX…IXN’s new Comet H-422 wnt up without a hitch! When school starts, Corey will be in class during Net times. AF6C told IXN that lots of the old talking Books are really rugged machines, that’s why Braille Institute continues to have the ‘Triumvirate’ seervice them! JTT continues to experiment wid antennas on 10 and 2m at the Idyllwild QTH in order to communicate wid the Club nets on Wed. eve., and FYG had FB sigs into Santa Ana tonite. ETC is planning an inconspicuous ‘flag pole’ vertical at the QTH…The problem is radials! And UG hasn’t seen any large beetles around the QTH…A radio warning talked abt a beetle invasion in CA.!

08/27/14 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB6IXN, W6JTT, N6HC, W6HHC, W6SQC, and W6ATB. AF6C didn’t join OML to service Book Machines at Braille today, and, Bob has been watching the Simpsons Marathon. And HHC and Diane are back from their trip to Europe and the Middle East…What was that abt good Budweiser beer, Ken? AF6C is cooking up a pot of meat spaghetti sauce and he’ll store some for future use and IXN said the California Drought dried up the dikes in the Delta area sparing the rice field from inundation during the recent 6.0 mag. Earthquake! All OPs said IXN’s new H-422 Comet antenna is a great improvement over the old MFJ antenna, and HC participated in an ISS demonstration wid other hams and students at Dorothy Grant Elementary School in Fontana. ATB will be off to a wedding in Idaho in September, and IXN did not hear SQC check into Net! JTT & son got back from researching an old railroad in Death Valley and old borax mines. And AF6C said Clem will speak at next Club meeting on old American Morse Code.

08/27/14 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6JTT and KK6FYG on a very warm nite! I think most hams vacated their hot shacks opting for a cooler climate! JTT still works to better communications from the Idyllwild QTH, and, an investigation of the Tidewater Railroad in Death Valley, and FYG said all EQ acivity in the Rialto area is quiet.

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