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NETNEWS September 2014 by: Bob, WB6IXN

09/03/14 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/W6HHC checked in W6ATB, WB6IXN, K6DNR, N6HC, KJ6OML, and AG6UG. ATB was using 200W tonite and all OPs gave IXN gud sig rpts on the new Comet antenna. AF6C & sister are eating din-din, and IXN reported he can now hear VDP on the Sunday CW Net vy clearly! DNR is experiencing static, sometimes S8 at the QTH, and, HHC & Diane will be off to the TAPR Convention in Texas including a DATV talk. Ken will also give a talk at the San Diego ARRL Convention. IXN thanked Arnie & Cass for installing his new Comet antenna, a FB job well done! And Arnie announced the upcoming Route 66 Event wid the call W6B for the Los Angeles Section. UG & HHC said although the Interstate was faster, there was more history to be seen on Route 66. And OML talked abt the care be picked up last Feb. to pull the trailer.

09/03/14 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KJ66OML, W6JTT, AG6UG, K6FYG, and W6ATB. Wid AF6C’s sister in town, only OML and DLA serviced 16 new machines and 3 old ones at Braille today, and UG has now purchased mulch to be spread around the ‘back forty’. IXN has two volunteer hollyhocks coming up, and Bob has the gladiola bulbs planted agn. FYG & IXN discussed briefly some upcoming experiments in quantum mechanics & particle physics, and Mike said all was quiet seismically. ATB checked into the CW Net last Sunday, and Greg copied most OPs on the Net, and ATB & IXN also talked abt Einstein mass/energy quanta versus quantum mechanical ideas. JTT checked in wid strong sigs tonite…Sam, your ant. is doing a FB job at IXN’s QTH!

09/10/14 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/W6HHC checked in KJ6OML, N6HC, WB6IXN, W6JTT, and KK6FYG. We welcomed Mike, KK6FYG to the 10 m Net…Mike also joins us on the 2m Net. Special Events Station, W6B, N6HC, checked all OPs into the Rt 66 Net, and, QSL cards will be available!...And Arnie will be off to the ARRL San Diego Convention come Saturday as will HHC. And HHC was among the European DATV group that received an award in Europe. OML, wid a friend in town, skipped Braille Institute today, and all OPs heard IXN well tonite but JTT (who might be located off the end of IXN’s dipole. JTT & IXN had a lil noise on the band tonite.

09/10/14 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in WB9YCJ, W6JTT, KJ6OML, KK6FYG, KK6JKA, KI6LXZ, N6QIC, and W6ETC. We found Ken, YCJ, watching the Dodger game in Dodger Stadium…Ken had 5/9 sigs into Santa Ana. JTT, like the rest of us, takes care of medical problems, and Sam’s 10m dipole is up abt 30 ft. OML entertained a buddy today and AF6C and his sister were visiting their mom so no servicing Talking Books at Braille Institute today. FYG had gud sigs from Rialto, and JKA, Wil, ‘flew in & flew out’. Lisa, N6QIC, checked into Net for the 1st time and we hope she will join us again. Tom, ETC, in Tustin, bounces my rig up and down wid his strong sigs from Tustin! And Stephanie, LXZ, has a soft voice on the air, but gud sigs into the QTH.

09/17/14 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C/W6HHC checked in W6JTT, KJ6OML, WB6IXN, K6DNR, and W6NKU(Frank). AF6C opened Net but turned NC duties over to W6HCC… Bob had surgery and was a bit uncomfortable. JTT was up in the Idyllwild area and was heard by most opS, And Sam will miss Club meeting Fri…He’ll be up in the mts! OML & DLA took care of servicing Talking Book machines at Braille Institute, and IXN & Lee had a nice talk wid GP in MacDonalds earlier this evening. HHC reminded all abt Club meeting Friday and Ken that KJ6OXD, Vern, is now Chief Radio Officer for the Orange PD. DNR popped into Net wid gud sigs after the RACES Net. This is the first time NKU,Frank, has been on 10m since 1951! Welcome back, Frank!

09/17/14 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in WB9YCJ, KI6LXZ. KK6FYG, KJ6OML, and KB6WHV(David). YCJ checked into Net from the bleachers at Dodger Stadium, and Ken said the Angels would probably win the Division Title, and Ken didn’t get the the ARRL SW Div. Convention in San Diego this year…And we hope to see Ken at th Club Auction come October. And Stephanie, LXZ, said the heat doesn’t bother him! And Mike in Rialto said they had strong winds, thunder & lightning from the Mexican tornado storm cells that made it to our area. WHV, David, checked into Net wid FB sigs.

09/24/14 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in KJ6OML, W6JTT, W∅MEC, Wb6IXN, and W6ATB. It was good to hear that AF6C is recuperating nicely from his dental work, and, IXN sat down in the easy chair and went to sleep…Bob joined the Net ½ hour late! The Triumvirate, AF6C, KJ6OML, and Bruce, DLA, serviced about 15 Talking Book machines at Braille Institute today…Tnx, guys! All OPs enjoyed Clem’s talk at Club meeting last Friday on the old American Morse Code…Today, we hams use the International Morse Code. But it was interesting to hear Clem demonstrate the American version used for years on American railroads! I think we will soon be communicating wid JTT, Sam, regularly when he is in the San Jacinto Mts., on both 10 & 2 meters! ATB had gud sigs, and IXN missed Greg last Sunday on the CW Net.

09/24/14 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in AF6C, W6JTT, KJ6OML, AG6UG, N2CNC, KJ6FYG, KB6WHV, and AG6UH! June, it looks like Brian, in Mission Viejo, got his call RIGHT AFTER YOU!! AF6C has a tree full of limes out on the back 40, and Bob wrestles wid an asparagus fern that likes to climb! IXN finished transferring violet plants from the south to the north side of the QTH, and JTT briefly mentioned his damaged antenna at the Idyllwild QTH, and OPs are now receiving sigs from Sam from the Sna Jacinto Mts. OML mentioned Talking Book machines repaired at Braille Institute today, and N2CNC, Atlee, in Santa Ana, offered to help out repairing Book Machines at Braille Institute if needed!…Tnx, Atlee! FYG, in Rialto, and WHV, David, in Northridge didn’t report any seismic activity the last week. Brian, UH, has a Kenwood rig and a Diamond antenna.

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