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NETNEWS October 2014 by: Bob, WB6IXN

10/01/14 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB6IXN, KJ6OML, W6HHC, WØMEC, and W6JTT. AF6C asked HHC to send a DATV note, and Bob set aside an errant Talking Book machine at Braille today that may have an errant battery. IXN and OPs enjoyed MEC’s Club presentation on old American morse code at last Club meeting, and IXN heard Clem clearly tonite on the new antenna for the 1st time! And, IXN & Lee have painting, plastering, and tile being installed at the QTH. The Triumvirate, DLA, AF6C, and OML charged batteries in Reading Book machines at Braille Institute today…TNX, guys! HHC will send AF6C a DATV advertising page by JPEG and Ken announced a City-County RACES drill this Saturday. IXN announced gud copy on both JTT & MEC tonite, and AF6C announced the upcoming Club newsletter will be the Halloween issue…Anyone have any good stories?...Send them to AF6C. AF6C asked who volunteered to help at Braille Institute last week…Atlee, N2CNC!

10/01/14 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6JTT, N6HC, KJ6OML, AG6UG, W6ETC, AF6C, KJ6FYG, AG6UH, W6FKX. W6FKX ‘flew ina nad flew out’, and JTT talked about a problem wid the antenna switch, and, Sam said AOL email was compromised by malware. HC was chasing W1AW stations during the weekend CA QSO Party. Tim, GP, or Greg, ATB, or Doug, FKX, probably knows who signed up for a trip to the Battleship Iowa, said Gene, OML and Bob, AF6C. UG and IXN’s roses are doing well, and June has now spread much around the plants to conserve water. ETC and IXN are both painting at the QTH, and AF6C will be back at the doctors to see how things are healing in his mouth. June, UG, and Brian, UH, must have gotten their Extra Class Licenses abt the same time!...AG6UG and AG6UH! FYG, Mike, said the mild SA winds were already blowing in Rialto!...They haven’t reached Santa Ana yet!

10/08/14 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB6IXN, WØMEC, KJ6OML, and W6HHC. Contractors finished tiling Lee’s shower. Tomorrow they will finish painting trim. Also, there is a crack already showing in our new wall! MEC was weaker at IXN’s QTH, but Clem was very readable, and Clem and AF6C briefly mentioned last nite’s lunar eclipse. OML reported 12 new and 4 old Book Machines serviced by the Triumvirate at Braille Institute today…Tnx Guys! HHC suffered damage to the auto by a motorist changing lanes, and Ken will join IXN wid future bathroom repairs, and AF6C & HHC discussed the shortcomings of plastic automobile radiators! And HHC discussed a High Performance Radio Group that uses rigs in the $2,000+ range!

10/08/14 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in AF6C, KJ6OML, W6ETC, KK6FYG, KI6LXZ, and KD6CQS. IXN & Lee met GP, Tim, in MacDonalds tonite and we and we had a nice discussion about moon features. AF6C’s ‘radio store’ has a surplus of ham gear that Bob must deplete! The Club Auction is at this month’s meeting and Bob will have gear on auction!...Be there! ETC, Tom, is active in Orange County disastere preparedness, and, FYG, in Rialto, watched last nite’s lunar eclipse, and Tom, KD6CQS uses Midland ham equipment, and Tom may visit the upcoming Club Auction this month!

10/15/14 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WØMEC, W6HHC, and WB6IXN. AF6C reminded OPs abt the Club Auction come Friday meeting at the Red Cross in Santa Ana, and IXN said contractors will soon finish up kwork in the QTH. Also, IXN will bring old antenna parts to be auctioned off at Friday Club meeting. MEC, looking for an antenna, will be at the Auction, and Clem didn’t copy HHC tonite, and, Clem saw JTT at Walmart. HHC was sending an email reminder to Club OPs. HHC & AF6C mentioned that WA6DIJ, Jim Tripp, in Silicon Valley, is a collector of antique radio gear. IXN announced the Club Auction on 7.086 MHZ, the Sunday slow speed CW Net.

10/15/14 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KK6FYG. Looks like OPs are getting ready for the Club Auction! Mike and IXN talked about things seismic, and IXN announced the Club Auction Friday evening to any listening ears!

10/22/14 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in W6HHC, WB6IXN, W6NKU, KJ6OML, N6XBP, and W6JTT. AF6C said abt three units were serviced at Braille Institute today plus battery charging on other units…Tnx, Guys! HHC had a strong nearby sig showing on the spectrum analyzer, and Ken said the Club netted around $700+ on the Club Auction…Congrats, OPs! And Ken welcomed Abe/CW,Frank/voice W6NKU to the Net. Ken & Robbie attended a 1200 MHz band meeting on interference, and OML was missing at the Braille Institute session today. Don, N6XBP, lives in Tustin Ranch using an EICOM rig wid vertical antenna, and JTT,s AOL email has been compromised by a hacker!

10/22/14 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6LXZ, KJ6OML, AG6UH, W6ETC, and W6JTT. Stephanie, like the rest of us, is busy at work and Brian, AG6UH, in Mission Viejo, also joins the group. And ETC, like IXN, gets phone calls during Net! And JTT is now fighting the big C!

10/29/14 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WØMEC, WB6IXN, W6 JTT, KJ6OML, W6ATB, and K6HRT. MEC missed an excellent Club Auction and Clem mentioned that 10m has been open. JTT, in the San Jacinto Mts. near Idyllwild, was down in the QRN at IXN’s QTH, but Sam was copying abt 2/3 of the Net. AF6C now has some empty space in the garage after the Club auction, and OML, AF6C, and DLA went to Barile Institute to service Talking Book machines…Tnx, guys! ATB’s leg is slowly getting better, and Greg cudn’t hear JTT tonite. Greg will miss the 2m Net tonite…He’ll be soaking his feet! Dick, K6HRT, in Pacentia, will have ham gear for next year’s auction, and HRT has a water leak to repair.

10/29/14 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KK6FYG, KJ6OML, W6JTT, W6ETC, and KI6SVI. FYG, like IXN, is having some home repairs done, new flooring tile that looks like wood, and, some new carpet installed. IXN’s shower door will be installed come Halloween. JTT was listening on a discone ant. His sigs were weak and were relayed to IXN by FYG,Mike, in Rialto. OML said ‘The Triumvirate’, OML, AF6C, and DLA, serviced 9 new machines, 5 old machines, and 2 messed up machines were sent back. ETC had strong sigs, and IXN Tom heard all OPs tonite. KI6SVI, Joey, in Coronado near San Diego, came in wid 5/9 sigs at NC in Santa Ana…We hope Joey will be wid us next Wed. eve.!

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