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04/01/15 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB6IXN, W6HHC, AF6CF, KE6YHX, and W6ATB. Wid his back feeling better, AF6C will tackle fixing his freely moving beam antenna, and, Bob said his sister is now seeing patches of green showing thru the snow in the Northeast! HHC talked abt getting around a HASMAT problem on the 15 while returning from BtoV last weekend, and Ken said it took 16 hrs for OPD to complete the 120 mi. BtoV Race. And HHC reminded all OPs abt the Club Bfast/Board Meeting come Saturday. IXN has two peonies growing, got the weeds under control, and HHC said IXN had gud sigs tonite. AF6CF checked in on the isoloop ant. tonite and Nicholas said he will try to make the Club Bfast come Saturday. YHX secured the Ringo Ranger ant. which is now nice & steady, and, Corey was off to Benjis for din-din. ATB busied himself during BtoV dropping off police officers at Baker and picking them up at Pahrump. HC almost has the back forty ready for the County fire inspection, and Arnie will miss next meeting, he’ll be in Visalia!

04/01/15 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KJ6OML, WØMEC, KJ6JKA, and KK6FYG. No Braille for Gene today…He had to take UG for an eye exam, and, June must soon have an eye operation for glaucoma. MEC listened to 10m over the weekend, heard Arnie tonite on the 10m Net, and on 2m, Clem went from a J-Pole ant. to a Slim Jim ant. using 2.5W of power! JKA cudn’t hear the 10m Net too well tonite, and FYG checked in with gud sigs from Rialto.

04/08/15 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in KJ6OML, WB6IXN, KE6YHX, W6ATB, W6HHC, AF6CF, and W6NKU. AF6C is off to the doc next week, and OML and UG deal wid June’s eye surgery, and, AF6C’s sigs were weak at OML’s QTH tonite. AF6C will soon tighten bolts on loose beam ant. mast. IXN & Lee plan on trip to Oregon in May, and YHX got a new Rohn ant. mast, and, Corey will assume NC duties on the 2m Net tonite…TNX, Corey! ATB is off to the post office tomorrow, and then a bike shindig next week…And Greg’s brother listens to the Net tonite…Also Greg cooks cod fish & French fries wid the XYL gone on a trip wid the grandkids. HHC asks how much rain Tues. eve, and AF6C hadn’t checked the rain guage yet, and Ken’s daughter visits from Utah, and, Ken announces the next ARRL Southwestern Division Convention to be held at the Mariott Hotel in Tarzana. AF6CF cudn’t hear NC too well, and Nicholas enjoyed the Baker-to-Vegas Race. W6NKU, Abraham, in Orange, checked in wid gud sigs.

04/08/15 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W6ETC, KJ6OML, K6PKA, AF6C, WB6IXN, WØMEC, and W6ATB/m. We thank Corey for assuming NC duties tonite, and, we wonder who will be next to take over NC duties on the 10m & 2m Nets…AF6C & WB6IXN will welcome any volunteers to help out! ETC announces the FD meeting just before next Club meeting at the RC, and IXN tnx Corey for assuming NC duties tonite. OML mentioned being fined if guilty of using too much water, and Gene will read the next Newsletter online. PkA says state farmers are exempt from water regulations, putting the pressure on us! IXN and HHC recommend Chondroiton, MSM, and glucosamine for AF6C’s ailing back, and, no Braille today for AF6C or OML. Bob said his ant. rotor was purchased in 1969. MEC copies all sigs FB tonite, and Clem was using 2.5W wid a Slim Jim antenna. ATB/m checked in wid FB sigs.

04/15/15 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/W6HHC checked in WØMEC, KJ6OML, WB6IXN, KE6YHX, AF6C, W5NKU, and K6HRT. AF6C, wid a sore back, had HHC assume NC duties tonite, and MEC, operating QRP, heard most OPs. IXN had taxes done professionally two weeks ago, and HHC said that ATB’s shack is loaded wid old radio gear plus up-to-date equipment too, and Ken mentions briefly antenna modeling software. AF6C copies IXN, HHC, and YHX 100%, and MEC abt 50%, and Bob said noise dropped off near Net’s end at the QTH. NKU asked HHC abt ant modeling programs, Frank telling Ken that he already had EZNec. HRT was using a 40m dipole up 20 ft, and HRT & AF6C briefly discussed 4M Hamm ant Rotators. YHX, getting ready fer FD, writes his own log program for the Contest. No Braille fer OML today…Gene had a blinding headache!

04/15/15 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6JTT, KE6YHX, K6PKA, KJ6OML, AF6C, AG6UG, KK6FYG, and KJ6JKA. JTT spent last last week working in & on the mountain QTH, and Sam picked up an old RU-16 receiver manufactured after WWII. YHX writes his own FD logging program using Basic Applescript, and Corey reported JTT had weak sigs at his QTH. AF6C & DLA serviced erring Talking Book Machines at Braille today, Bob’s back feeling OK at Braille, and UG suggested that IXN get mulch for the roses and peonies protection from the drought. PKA wii not attend FD, but Jack wants to attend pre-FD meetings to learn abt FD. FYG, in Rialto, didn’t mention the high winds blowing in his area tonite, but Mike said all was quiet seismically. JKA is very familiar wid the RU-16 receiver, and JTT & JKA briefly discussed this radio.

04/22/15 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB6IXN, KJ6OML, W6HHC, KE6YHX, and WφMEC. IXN took UG’s advise and mulched the rose bushes and the peonies. AF6C, wid the back better, hopes to find a paint sprayer with a wand to prevent bending his back! And Bob said Spring Break eliminated Braille today. IXN didn’t read OML’s sigs too well . HHC got an errant chandelier repaired at the QTH, and Ken has a doc appointment tomorrow, helped ATB wid “Quicken”, and will get PSK-31 up and running agn to make contact wid YHX & AF6C. And YHX goes roofside to work on the Ringo Ranger ant…Corey also volunteers to run the 2m Net tonite…TNX, COREY!! MEC asked if Ixn & brother, Lee, watched the two steam train videos he gave them. (Excellent videos, Clem!)…And Clem trimmed fruit trees on the back forty.

04/22/15 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in WφMEC, AF6C, WB6IXN, KJ6OML, W6ETC, and KE6FYG. MEC will help with setup at Field Day, and Clem told OPs they will have to download paper copies of their license in the future. AF6C climbed the tower and did minor repairs on the beam antenna, more to come later! Ixn & Lee plan to visit FD Saturday night, and, IXN mentioned ‘Daddy Longleg’ spiders in his bathtub! OML starts planning for FD next week, and ETC & YHX discuss FD planning and upcoming meeting on May 7. FYG checked in from Rialto wid gud sigs at Net’s end. Thanks again, Corey, for NC duties tonite!

04/29/15 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WØMEC, W6ATB, K6LDC, KE6YHX, WB6IXN, AF6CF, KJ6JKA, W6HHC, KJ6OML, and N6HC. AF6C enjoyed lunch wid HHC & Bruce, DLA. Wid Bob’s back feeling better, future tower & antenna work lies ahead! DLA & AF6C charged batteries at Braille today. ATB will store the towers fer Field Day, and Greg asked HHC to show him a QUICKEN routine. LDC needs some one to pick up the FD towers..Larry is off to Montana in May and won,t be back until the 4th of July! XBP & EMU are on the FD Team. HC, wid a sore back, continues to clean up the ‘back forty’ after SA winds, and, Arnie is off wid a DXpedition group to Chesterfield Reef this Fall. IXN gave a short report on the subduction zone area at the Nepal earthquake. CF only copied ATB tonite…Everyone else was down in the QRN. JKA commented on Radio Shack store closures, and HHC & YHX hone up their PSK-31 skills over last weekend. HHC heard OML check in, but Gene didn’t return Bob’s call!

04/29/15 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in WB9YCJ, W6ETC, K6PKA, AF6C, WØMEC, KK6TRC, KJ6JKA, (?, Jack, Yorba Linda), KK6FYG, and KE6YHX. YCJ, in the top of Dodger Stadium, said the Dodgers were winning! ETC told OPs to remember the next Field Day Meeting on May 7 and before Club meeting. AF6C thinks he may have a bad gear in the antenna rotator, and MEC heard all OPs on 10m tonite! And Clem was using a ‘slim Jim’ antenna up abt 15+ feet. YHX agrees wid IXN on rotating NC duties on the Nets…Good experience, OPs! Good to hear Jeff, TRC, in Huntington Beach on the Net tonite wid 5/9 sigs…Jeff is the brother of W6ATB, Greg. This will be PKA’s first Field Day!...Welcome aboard, Jack! IXN missed Jack’s call, KK6???, in Yorba Linda, but check into Net agn…You had 5/9 sigs in Santa Ana! YHX will use an alternate logging program for FD. FYG and IXN briefly discussed the 7.8 event in Nepal, and, heaven forbid, a big event here!

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