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08/05/15 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WØMEC, KE6YHX, WB6IXN, KJ6OML, K6PGH, W6HHC, and W6ETC. IXN heard Clem well, but MEC didn’t hear IXN too well. All OPs were glad to hear AF6C back as NC. Bob was, and still is, busy wid legal problems involving family business…Now, Bob is off to the dentist tomorrow! As of today, YHX got the truck running, and Corey is almost finished wid mechanical work. AF6C recorded 1 ¼ inches of rain for July, and DLA, recuperating from eye surgery, and OML skipped Braille Institute today. PGH from Pittsburgh (love the call) has been working PSK-31 and Doug is using a tri-band beam antenna and enjoying working 20m. IXN might be hearing Clem off the end of the inverted V, and HHC got back from din-din at his son’s house…Ken is writing an article for ‘RF’, investigating Microsoft Windows, and looking forward to the football season. ETC, wid gud sigs at HHC’s QTH, is getting ready to take a trip out of town.

08/05/15 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6ETC, KK6TRC, KE6YHX, KK6REB, W6JTT, WØMEC, and KK6FYG. ETC is looking forward to the ‘show & Tell’ OCARC meeting in September, and TRC checked in after returning from an American Legion meeting. MEC was hearing all OPs well tonite. JTT, in GG tonite, is still working on the 2m ant and has full copy on all OPs. YHX, wid the truck now running, has now added mechanic’s skills to his repertoire! And Club member, Steve, REB, was watching his son play water polo. And Mike, FYG, ‘flew in and flew out’!

08/12/15 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WØMEC, K6PGH, WB6IXN, W6ETC, and W6UX. AF6C goes round & round wid attorneys on his mom’s estate, and Bob licks the intestinal problem wid antibiotics. MEC was S2/S3 at IXN’s QTH, and, IXN was weak at Clem’s QTH, and PGH announced the upcoming QSO Party…Doug also said MEC was weak but he heard ETC well. ETC got back from a funeral in Michigan only to have another relative pass away, and, Tom’s XYL remains behind to help out…Tom also saw the affects of a huge storm, huge trees blown down, etc! AF6C briefly mentioned fishing trips that OCARC members had in the past, and, UX, wid a new job, is now getting back on the air working Japan and Europe. IXN gave OPs a SCAM telephone number to ignore.

08/12/15 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, WØMEC, W6ETC, KK6TRC, KK6REB, KK6FYG, and KK6HFR(Adam). IXN once agn gave out the SCAM phone number to avoid, and Bob told MEC that he & Lee watched old B&O films on the web. MEC faded in and out at ETC’s QTH, and TRC is sporting a new amplifier that’s doing a FB job! REB is helping a friend build a J-pole ant for 2m, and possibly one for 6m, and, HFR(Adam) checked in mobile wid the rig mounted in the truck…He had FB sigs! And FYG experiments wid a HT(UV85HP?)…IXN miscopied the rig model number! FYG & IXN remarked briefly about how quiet we have been in the Southland seismically!

08/19/15 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, WØMEC, WB6IXN, K6PGH, W6ATB, and W6ETC. AF6C, eating din-din while on the Net, gave the hedge a haircut today, and, Bob enjoys driving his mom’s car! YHX has abt 8 hrs of sunlight daily to charge batteries, and YHX and AF6C briefly discuss charging batteries. Wid noise on the band tonite, MEC can’t copy OPs too well, and IXN reads a small article on volcanoes on Venus. PGH attends a meeting on emergency communications and enjoys a QSO on PSK-31 wid an OP in Minnesota. Wid ATB about to run off to din-din, Greg tells us that he enjoys working meteor scatter on 2 & 6 meters simultaneously! ETC tells OPs he’s having trouble hearing us thru the QRN, then Tom ‘flies away’.

08/19/15 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in WØMEC, WB6IXN, KK6TRC, W6ETC, and K6RMR. We thank Corey for NC duties tonite, and, we hope OPs will follow Cass, SQC, and Corey, YHX in assuming NC duties now and then! On recent hot days, IXN and YHX both measured temps of 105 deg.! MEC found 10m noisy tonite, and Clem barely heard IXN! TRC has a nice breeze blowing in HB, and Jeff has chicken cooking on the barby! ETC calls attention to Club meeting Fri. nite…Panel of ‘experts’ will discuss amateur radio problems. RMR is involved wid HB RACES.

08/26/15 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, KJ6JKA, WØMEC, K6PGH, W6HHC, W6HC, WB6IXN, KI6IPH(Edward), and W6ETC. All OPs commented positively on the ‘Experts’ Club meeting last Fri. eve. OPs kept the panel busy answering equipment, operation questions, and info. questions concerning amateur radio!...We thank the panel of experts for their excellent participation in a very informative evening! YHX is mostly finished wid truck repairs, and we were glad to hear that JKA is feeling better, and, that HC is also well agn. IPH lives in the ‘peppertree Homes’, Tustin Ranch Road, near Market Place…Ed mentioned a power supply problem. IXN fell asleep in the easy chair & checked into Net late, but Bob told MEC to check out Fostoria, Ohio, for old steam railroad films of the B&O and the Nickel Plate Road on the Web. PGH heard MEC 5/4 on the Net tonite. HHC commented on the nice check-in tonite, and Ken also received nice pix of the ‘panel of experts’ at last Club meeting. HC commented on the Trump/Ramos flap covered on TV, comparing protocol for speakers on TV to protocol used by OPs on DXpeditions. MEC showed no bars at IXN’s QTH tonite. V. Pres. ETC checked in wid gud sigs, and Tom commented on the interesting Club meeting last Fri. evening, and, ETC put out a call for furure Net Controls on the 10 & 2M Nets. OPs said hum had disappeared…must have been fans too close to the mike!

08/26/15 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, W6ETC, W6JTT, KK6TRC, KK6REB, KK6FYG, WØMEC, AF6C, N6HC, and, KJ6JKA. YHX searches for a new station to do light maintenance on the truck and also smog checks. ETC announces next Board meeting for Sept. 6, and ‘Show & Tell’ for the next Club meeting. JTT puts up a new feeder line for 6m in Idyllwild, and, he must keep his cats inside wid a coyote wondering around…Now, to keep the cats from urinating on the ham gear! IXN cudn’t read his notes fer TRC, but Jeff had gud sigs 5/9 tonite. REB, on vacation fer 2 weeks, will be back at the ‘old grind’ next week, and Steve enjoyed last Club Meeting. FYG said all is quiet seismically in Rialto, and we had a nice eyeball wid Mike last Friday nite after Club meeting. MEC reported strong sigs on FYG, and Clem will check out past rail action in Fostoria, Ohio. AF6C continues a search for a new car, but in the meantime, he’s enjoying his mom’s old 1989 station wagon!...Bob reported 18 machines serviced by he an DLA at Braille Institute today…One machine had been dropped, so Bob dropped it agn, and it worked! N6HC ‘flew in and flew out’, and JKA is looking fer any OP that can help him find info on an Alinco DR599 rig.

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