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01/06/16 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WØMEC, KK6REB, N1BKB, W6ETC, WB6IXN, KE6YHX, N6HC, KJ6OML, K6PGH, KJ6JKA, and W6JTT. AF6C thanked HC fer handling 10m Net duties last week…Bob had a cold topped wid dental work! AF6C wished all a HNY, and now Bob will have the plumber repair some fixtures…And Bob also has MEC’s badge ready for the Board Meeting come Saturday. IXN reported on the 4+ EQ at Banning, and Bob had high QRN at the shack tonite. BKB had S9 sigs at IXN’s QTH. ETC announces the Club Board Meeting this Saturday at Marie Callendars in Santa Ana, and Tom tnx Arnie for NC duties last week. YHX replaced two dash board lights in the truck, and has completed installing a 2m rig in the truck. HC will assume NC duties on 10m when needed, but not on a regular basis. If BKB misses Jan, Club meeting, Arnie offered Steve alternative times & Places where he will be giving his talk on the Chesterfield DXpedition. OML said there was no Braille Institute repairs made this week…OML was ‘under the WX’! REB was experiencing a ‘lil QRN on 10m, and Steve worked Utah, Georgia, and Wisconsin on 10m! PGH & AF6C briefly discussed Penn State football, and JKA used both vertical & horizontal antennas on the Net tonite as JKA reported the XYL presently under the WX. JTT will stay out of the mountains during the cold & wet spell, and Sam now has a 6m antenna.

01/06/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in WØMEC, WB6IXN, KK6TRC, W6ETC, KJ6OML, W6JTT, KK6REB, KI6BKW(Cliff), KJ6JKA, and KK6FYG. MEC lit up 5 bars at NC’s QTH, and Clem relayed for Sam, JTT, who cud not hear Corey tonite. FYG reported on two recent 4 mag. EQs, and Mike gave IXN particulars on the Edison Repeater. BKW checked into Net for the 1st time, and Corey told Cliff abt the OCARC website. TRC reported a healthy storm cell overhead, and Tom announced the Board Meeting Saturday at Marie Callendars in Santa Ana. OML, in the house out of the wet, had gud sigs at NC’s QTH tonite. JTT had gud sigs on all OPs except Corey, and Clem relayed Cory’s sigs to Sam. REB cudn’t hear Corey, and Steve ‘flew in and flew out’. BKW ‘flew in and flew out’, and JKA heard NC well tonite. FYG heard NC’s sigs FB!

01/13/16 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WØMEC, WB6IXN, W6ETC, KK6REB, KJ6OML, and W6JTT. MEC lit up two to four bars on IXN’s rig, and Clem attended the Club Bfast last Sat. AF6C announced HC’s upcoming talk on Chesterfield Island DXpedition come Fri. nite at Club meeting. REB is looking forward to the SWR meter he’ll borrow from HC at Fri. Club meeting, and OML and DLA serviced 25 machines today at Braille Institute…AF6C was busy at the QTH wid plumbing repairs! ETC checked in wid S8 and S9 sigs at IXN’s QTH. JTT has gud copy on all OPs as Sam continues repairs on the 10m antenna tomorrow.

01/13/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in WØMEC, K6PAD, W6JTT, KK6REB, KaE6YHX, KK6FYG, KK6MML(Ed), AF6C, KK6JEP(Jack), KK6FMB(Mark), KJ6OML, KJ6JKA, W6ETC, and KI6BKW…Great checkin, OPs! MEC reported gud sigs on the 10m Net tonite, and, Clem was 5/9 at NC’s QTH. And PAD reported gud sigs on his raised antenna. JTT continues work on the 10m antennas, and Sam won’t continue work at the SJ Mt. QTH until he gets better WX condx. REB & IXN discussed continuing background QRN at the QTH, and YHX enjoys croutons he just baked. And FYG reported on the 3.5 EQ that passed thru IXN’s scanner monitor just before Net…It was a 3.3 mag event at the south end of the Sierra Nevada Mts. and located in the Garlock Fault zone. Ed, MML, checked in from Whittier wid 5/9 sigs, and AF6C and IXN talked abt the punishment they receive on muscles and joints when they try to do their own plumbing! JEP, Jack, checked into Net wid gud sigs from Yorba Linda, and Jack has a rig promised to him when he gets his General ticket! Mark, KK6FMB, checked in frm Santee, CA., wid gud sigs, and Gene, OML, gave the Braille report to OPs on 2m. JKA gave sources of QRN that plague us, and ETC announced HC’s talk on Chesterfield Is. DXpedition coming Friday. BKW checked into Net wid 5/9 sigs.

01/20/16 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in KJ6OML, KK6REB, K6PGH, WB6IXN, W6ETC, N6HC, KE6YHX, and W6JTT. AF6C said the new water tank was working well…Now for a leaking faucet! IXN wants the Board to appoint a new Club Historian…Bob is 86 years young! And AF6C is looking for a new Club Trustee! REB makes repairs on his home-made dipole ant. and puts HC’s SWR meter to good use…Tnx, Arnie! And AF6C discusses importance of SWR wid OPs. Ob also reports the beam heading as 15 deg. N of West. PGH is preparing fer the mini FD in January 31, and ETC tnx IXN fer years of service as Club Historian, briefly describes Disneyland EOC, and briefly talks about need for more Club members to work in emergency communications! OPs thank Arnie, HC, fer an excellent presentation on the recent Chesterfield Island DXpedition…Arnie was impressed wid ETC,s introduction to the presentation…TNX, Arnie! IXN reads a short blurp on power pole crimping from Feb. QST, and YHX says the power distribution block is done and mounted in the truck, approved the latest Star Wars film, and briefly discussed power poles. JTT reported slight damage to the antennas after the rain storms, and Sam plans to work on the 6m ant. at the Idyllwild QTH in the near future.

01/20/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in WB6IXN, K6PAD, KJ6OML, K6RMR, KK6REB, KK6FYG, and W6JTT. IXN is dubious abt the new planet discovery…IXN will wait for verification from the International Astronomical Union. IXn missed PAD’s comments on the N A QSO Party last weekend and working the National Parks. YHX said his 40m dipole is now working beautifully, and IXN TNX Corey fer assuming NC duties tonite. OML & YHX briefly discuss an ocean topic, and RMR hears Corey much better after Corey increases his power…REB confirms Corey’s stronger sigs after power increase, and Steve investigates ways to make his radioshack rig on other modes. FYG eports on a new planet discovery by two Caltech scientists, and Mike says all is quiet seismically. JTT copied most OPs, but PAD relayed YHX to JTT.

01/27/16 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W6ETC, W6JTT, WB6IXN, WØMEC, N6HC, KK6TRC, K6PAD, and AF6C. There was QRN background noise tonite. We thank YHX for NC duties tonite, wid Bob, AF6C, on the side…YHX was on a vertical ant tonite, and IXN copied him 5/9! Corey gave a website for hams to look at, but IXN did not copy it in his notes. ETC said ‘buyers beware’ when you buy advertised items on the Web! And OPs are looking forward to the Club mini-field day this weekend! JTT was a bit weak tonite and Clem relayed to OPs that cudn’t hear Sam. TRC is getting ready fer a ‘predicted’ Sunday storm, and TRC can’t hear some OPs on the Net tonite. PAD has gud sigs at IXN’s QTH. HC ‘blows all OPs away’ wid his strong sigs as Arnie monitors OPs on the Net.

01/27/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6JTT, KE6YHX, KK6REB, W6ATB, and KK6FYG. IXN is skeptical abt the discovery of a new planet!...He’ll await the announcement of the IAU on the subject! JTT & son work on the discone antennas. YHX replenishes home supplies and looks for a piece of lumber to make cable repairs. REB continues work on truck problems and Steve is looking forward to the upcoming Club mini-field day. And ATB, using vertical polarization tonite, is 5/9 at NC’s shack…Greg usually uses a parallel beam ant. FYG uses a CX-333 tribander ant., and Mike has been experiencing 45 mile SA winds at the QTH…All is quiet seismically so far!

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