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03/02/16 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WB6IXN, KJ6OML, W6ETC, K6PAD, KE6YHX, and KJ6JKA. AF6C returned a ‘lil late, but in time to catch mmost OPs listening…Bob was at the neighbors helping wid a problem. AF6C announced a trial run of Baker to Vegas radio gear this weekend, and OML said there was no Braille Institute repair meeting today…The Triumvirate will meet next week! IXN said blackholes might be connected via an entangled wormhole! ETC has been entertaining guests the past week, and Tom told OPs not to miss the Board meeting come Sat. morning. PAD didn’t hear Clem tonite, but Phil was using his new 10-40m dipole inverted V ant. wid 5/9 sigs at IXN’s QTH, and YHX got the last bad light bulb replaced in the truck, and JKA was 5/7 at IXN’s QTH tonite wid a ‘lil QRN.

03/02/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KJ6OML, W6JTT, AF6C, KE6YHX, K6PAD, W6ETC, KJ6JKA, KJ6FYG, KK6REB, and KK6TRC. OML reports June, UG, doing FB, and JTT is not pleased wid the 2m setup at present, and Sam briefly discusses his 2m Discone ant. AF6C called the Net to order after a visit wid the neighbor, and briefly discusses wide band discone antennas wid JTT & JKA. YHX picks up a new Darth Vader mask, and PAD describes his new 10-40m inverted V antenna, and Phil has gud sigs on both 10 & 2m tonite! And ETC announces next Club meeting on 3rd Thursday of March due to conflict wid Baker-to-Vegas Run. TRC announced Club Baord Meeting at Marie Callendars come Sat., and FYG uses two dipole antennas, one mounted east/west, the other mounted north/south., and REB gets the truck motor in top condition and the trailer ready fer camping trips.

03/09/16 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, WØMEC, KK6REB, K6PAD, KJ6OML, W6JTT, WB6IXN, W6HHC, N6HC, N2VAJ(Tony), K6PGH, and KJ6JKA. IXN and AF6C diwconnect their antennas during the lightning display in the last storm, and YHX will be NC for the 10m Net next week…Tnx, Corey! YHX now has a 2m rig in the truck, and MEC was down in the QRN at IXN’s QTH…Clem will soon have a new amplifier on line! AF6C, KJ6OML, and DLA once agn serviced Talking Book Machines at Braille Institute…Tnx, guys! REB copied all well but YHX. REB had high wind during the last storm, but Steve had a ’lil lightshow and hard rain. PAD had abt 20 min. of rain ‘coming down like gangbusters’, and IXN copied Phil S7-S8. AF6C & OML report chocolate candy residue in one machine at Braille today. JTT had a gud storm at the QTH, and Sam talked abt a new ground plane antenna. IXN said more rain near the weekend. HHC copied Clem 100% as Ken gets Club Newsletter ready fer next week. This week is Club meeting as next week is prep for Baker-to-Vegas. HC says it’s harder and harder to work contests because OP behavior is so bad! JKA copied most OPs tonite, and Craig had no damage from last storm.

03/09/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in WØMEC, KJ6OML, WB6IXN, K6PAD, W6JTT, N2VAJ, KJ6TRC, and W6EDS. We thank YHX fer NC duties tonite, and Corey will host the 10m Net fer AF6C next week! MEC reported a power outage at the QTH during the last storm, and OML gave the Braille report for the Triumvirate AF6C, OML, and DLA. IXN don’t think we’ll get much rain from the next storm over the weekend, and PAD cudn’t hear YHX on the 10m Net, but Phil worked a Contest. MEC relayed YHX to JTT who cudn’t hear Corey tonite, and VAJ(Tony) has an interest in old tube radios. TRC did some shopping at Harbor Freight, and EDS(Scott) checked in from La Habra…EDS works DSTAR.

03/16/16 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in WB6IXN, N2VAJ, and AF6C. We thank Corey for NC duties that relieved a vy busy AF6C. IXN and Lee, just back from din-din, was S5 at NC. VAJ was down in the QRN at IXN’s QTH wid sigs at S2. Tony might be coming in off the ends of IXN’s dipole ant. AF6C was preparing for the Baker-to-Vegas run this weekend, and YHX and AF6C reminded OPs abt the Club meeting tomorrow nite. AF6C said we are trying to get the same FD site as last year, and YHX and VAJ briefly discussed a Hamstick Antenna.

03/16/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in WØMEC, KK6REB, K6PKA, N2VAJ, KK6FYG, KK6OO?, K6PAD, KE6YHX, KJ6JKA, and KG6HLK. MEC wid gud sigs, had gud sigs frm Lico(?), however Li(c,t)o, KK6OO?, ‘flew in and flew out! REB plans to work Baker-to-Vegas run in the future, and Steve worked Santiago, Chile tonite on the inverted V ant. PKA plans to attend Club meeting tomorrow nite, and VAJ experiences antenna problems wid his apartment neighbor. FYG says all is quiet seismically presently in Rialto, and PAD will miss Club meeting, but Phil works 40m on his new antenna. JKA has interest in antique radios, and, working 80m sideband! KG6HLK, Jack, in Westminster, is Clem’s neighbor.

03/23/16 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in KE6YHX, WB6IXN, W∅MEC, KJ6OML, KK6REB, W6ETC, and KJ6JKA. Most OPs were down in the QRN tonite at IXN’s QTH, and NC found copying difficult! IXN had a S7 noise level! AF6C gave a brief Baker-to-Vegas report. MEC was dwn in the QRN at IXN’s QTH, but NC & REB copied Clem. AF6C postponed St. Patty’s Day festivities until after Baker-to-Vegas, and IXN cudn’t copy REB. ETC had a S5 to S7 noise level, but Tom copied IXN abt S8. AF6C told ETC that AF6CF worked Baker-to-Vegas following the runners on the road. JKA was down in the QRN at IXN’s QTH.

03/23/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in WB6IXN, AF6C, KJ6OML, W∅MEC, K6PAD, KK6FYG, and W6EDS(Scott). We thank YHX for NC duties tonite, and IXN reported high noise and bad reception on 10m tonite. AF6C heardYHX, IXN, ETC, and JKA well on 10m, and Bob told PAD his Club badge is ready. OML reported the Triuvirate, AF6C, DLA, and OML, serviced Talking Book machines at Braille Institute today…TNX, Guys! MEC copied ETC on 10m but found copying vy difficult on OPs. PAD tnx YHX fer NC duties tonite, and Phil went down on 40m today to work a National Parks station. FYG reported a new comet in the sky ( in Pisces the fish), high winds at the QTH, and quiet seismically. EDS(Scott) got back on the air 2 or 3 weeks ago…He has a 3100 in the house and a 7100 in the car.

03/30/16 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/AF6C checked in WØMEC, WB6IXN, KE6YHX, KK6JKA, KK6REB, W6JTT, K6PAD, and N6HC. AF6C will get a new washer & dyer delivered tomorrow, and Bob has pens that won’t write! IXN copied MEC between S2 & S5. And Bob found a picture of his dad’s QSL card on Art Collin’s ham shack wall! REB checked in wid garbled speech but had the mike problem solved by Net’s end. JKA & XYL just got back from din-din and Wil checked in on the CS440 tonite, wid a drifting problem on the CS820. JTT & XYL are having the kitchen remodeled…Wid Bfat at home, they’ll be doing din-din at the restaurants! PAD has a new addition to the family…Phil’s niece had a new baby (named Annicah). And HC will miss next Club meeting…He’ll be off to the DX Convention in Visalia. And Arnie and OPs gave OPs a chance to work a National Park last Wednesday.

03/30/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6JTT, WØMEC, KK6REB, KE6YHX, KK6JKA, KK6OOS, AF6C, W6ETC, and KK6TRC. JTT’s cats are not involved in the kitchen remodeling, and EMC’s 2 Watts gave IXN 5/9 sigs tonite. YHX ordered a new voltmeter, and JKA heard Lito(KK6OOS) FB, wid MEC doing relay duties to NC fer Lito. AF6C’s sister is in Jamaica,and Bob was delighted to see his dad’s QSL card on Art Collins shack wall!...Bob also reported a gud rain at the QTH. ETC is building a two-batteries-in-a-box power supply, batteries connected in parallel, wid some advice from AF6CF. TRC checks into Net a ’lil under the WX after awakening from a nap!...Know the feeling well, Jeff!(IXN)

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