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08/03/16 10m Phone Net

No NC!...No Net.

08/03/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KJ6OML, K6TRC, KE6YHX, KB6PAL, KK6YUP, K6PAD, W6ETC, KK6FYG, and WØMEC. OML said the triumvirate Gene, Bob, and Bruce, serviced 18 Talking Book Machines at Braille Institute today. TRC, PAL, and ETC all checked into Net wid ECHOLINK…All having 5/9 sigs! YHX checked out the Club history. notes in the Santa Ana Library, and PAD busies himself doing some house remodeling. IXN’s computer cleaning program stopped working, and, MEC quizzes OPs abt ECHOLINK operation. FYG and IXN discuss minor earthquakes in the region. YUP checked in wid 5/9 sigs at NC tonite.

08/10/16 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W6ATB, WB6IIXN, WØMEC, N6HC, and K6RSJ. Before Net, IXN & ATB were helping YHX wid power output and audio adjustments…Corey finally went from 7 bars on IXN’s rig to 9 bars on his sigs! And ATB had been busy talking to brother Dave, K6RSJ. NC cudn’t hear MEC, so IXN acted as a relay between Corey & Clem. HC and a group of local hams went to a radio meeting at a Channel Islands National Parks site where they made over 600 contacts for the National Parks Centennial!

08/10/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KE6YHX, WØMEC KK6TRC, KK6REB, W6ETC, K6PAD, and KK6FYG. YHX solved his immediate power problem by hookin the rig directly to the power supply. ETC & TRC mention a 5 panel DX group to meet wid Club members at the Aug. 19 Club meeting! All the ECHOLINK group have 5/9 sigs at NC! And TRC just had the roof on the QTH replaced. PAD inished the floor in the QTH last weekend and now Phil is interested in learning more about ECHOLINK! FYG said the LID on 75m had been fined by FCC! Collecting the fine will be difficult because the LID is an attorney and uses delaying tactics against enforcement!

08/17/16 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/W6HHC checked in W6JTT, KE6YHX, KJ6OML, WB6IXN, N6HC, and W6ETC. HHC says OCARC is now listed wid PayPal And YHX, wid both air conditioners now working, starts college next week. JTT & XYL are back from a trip to the Pacific Northwest. They helped their son move to Southwestern Oregon not far from the coast, and, they finished their vacation touring sites in the Pacific Northwest. The Triumvirate AF6C, OML, and DLA serviced Talking Book Machines at Braille Institute today, and IXN ended up wid a sore big toe on both feet! And HHC placed the first Club order on PayPal, and HHC ponders taking a class on Windows 10. HC will be one of the members on an expert panel at Club meeting Friday nite on DX operations. ETC checked in near Net’s end reminding all abt the Club meeting Fri. eve.

08/17/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KK6FYG, KE6YHX, KK6REB, KK6TRC, KJ6OML, WØMEC, W6JTT, and KB6PAL. FYG reported the Blue Cut Fire was very near Devore where they had a 1.2 EQ today. YHX is vy glad the air conditioner is fixed. REB’s mom shows interests in amateur radio…Who knows?...We might have another XYL wid us in the future! A lady friend of TRC donated Jeff a TM 731-A rig which TRC will mount in the truck. OML gives the Braille report, and MEC reports all sigs good in Westminster. JTT’s goundplane ant. is working much better than the discone ant…and Sam and XYL also enjoyed visiting the Columbia River Gorge on their recent vacation. PAL checked in on ECHOLINK wid gud sigs. IXN is not on ECHOLINK.

08/24/16 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in WB6IXN and KG6PTL(Greg). IXN was glad that the Blue Cut Fire was contained and that his nephew was never in danger in Phelan, CA. PTL’s ant. is a dipole mounted above the patio, and Greg’s shack is in the garage. YHX is returning to school where Corey is enrolled in another calculus course.

08/24/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in KK6TRC, KJ6OML, KB6PAL, KE6YHX, K6PGH, AF6N, KK6FYG, W6ETC, and KK6RED. TRC mentioned briefly the 6.2 EQ in Italy, and Jeff will be involved wid First Aid come October. OML says OPs now work every other wee at Braille Institute…The new Talking Books require less service than the old machines. PAL & ETC were on Tom’s ECHOLINK connection tonite, both wid 5/9 sigs! And Tom said small checkin on 10m was due OPs being in a radio meeting. PGH & IXN are both from the Pittsburgh, PA, area, and Doug ‘Flew in and flew out’. AF6N, Jim, in Tustin. Jim is a new Club member…Welcome to the Club and the Net, Jim! FYG said it had been vy warm in Rialto, and Mike and IXN briefly discussed the Italy 6.2 EQ. and the dangers of unreinforced concrete construction. RED is making adjustments to his J-pole ant.,and, he heard YHX vy clearly tonite. We thank YHX fer NC duties on 10m tonite!

08/31/16 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX assumed NC duties…Tnx, Corey! YHX checked in W6ETC, WB6IXN, W6JTT, WØMEC, K6PAD, and W6ATB. ETC, busy as all ‘get out’, didn’t hear Clem too well, and Tom left the Net briefly, retuning later. YHX said the AC was working well now, keeping the shack around 65 deg…And, on NC’s 2nd go-around, OPs gave sig reports. JTT was warbling in & out at IXN’s QTH, but Sam’s sigs were strong at NC’s QTH. NC cud not hear MEC, so IXN relayed for Clem. PAD will be on ECHOLINK on 2m tonite, and ATB wid S9 sigs at NC,s QTH, is working on several projects.

08/31/16 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/WB6IXN checked in W6JTT, W6ETC, KE6YHX, KG6OML, KK6TRC, N6HC, KK6REB, K6PAD, KK6FYG, and WØMEC. JTT is resting up from vacation but has some major projects awaiting him. ETC, TRC, and PAD were all on ECHOLINK tonite, and Tom reminded all of the radio meeting on Sept. 16. YHX’s GPS unit ‘succumbed to the pull of gravity’ so Corey has to get a new suction cup to hold the unit on the dashboard. OML said the triumvirate AF6C, DLA, and OML, worked at Braille Institute today servicing Talking Book Machines…They’ll be off next week. TRC got 2 older radios working, and HC was using 8W on a Ringo Ranger ant. REB worked an XE in Mexico on 10m. FYG has been roasting in Rialto, 83 deg. At Net time wid no EQs reported. MEC heard FYG fine business tonite.

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