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09/06/17 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in WB6IXN, W6HHC, WøMEC, KJ6JKA, and K6PAD. IXN had an S8 to 9 noise level and cud not hear MEC, even though Clem was switching between a dipole and a vertical ant. HHC discussed late events with DATV including some talk on using photoshop to print circuit boards. High QRN prevented IXN from hearing JKA or PRD too well.

09/06/17 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in WB6IXN, KJ6JKA, AF6N, KB6PAL, WøMEC, K6PAD, and KM6MMK. WB6IXN WILL NO LONGER TAKE NET NOTES! I had a spell of some sort during the net and missed most of the chatter. The Board must select another OP to assume this duty. W6HHC or AF6C was the recipient of my Net Notes for publishing in the Newsletter.

09/13/17 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in KM6IZO, K6PAD, W0MEC, and W6HHC. YHX had an S3.8 to 4.6 noise level. KE6YHX is taking Net Note duties for the time being. If any member is interested in doing this, please contact KE6YHX on or before the nets.

09/13/17 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in WB9YCJ, AF6N, KM6IZO, KK6TRC, K6PAD, W0MEC, W6ETC, AF6C, W6ATB, and N6YMK/M. Ken WB9YCJ is calling in from Angel Stadium, and the Angels are leading the Astros 9 to 0. Jim AF6N tells us the presenters for September and October. Vijay KM6IZO reports the Cassini spacecraft will crash into Saturn on Friday. Jeff KK6TRC is coming in at 4 bars out of 7. Phil K6PAD tells us there are several hams on the Route 66 Special Events Station. Clem W0MEC is 2 to 3 bars out of 7. Tom W6ETC is 4 bars out of 7. Bob AF6C says his contact for the Huntington Beach RACES repeater declines our proposal for a weekly net. Greg W6ATB is using an HF horizontal beam antenna. Charles N6YMK/M is just leaving class at Irvine Valley College. QRT 9:08pm PDT

09/20/17 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in KM6IZO, K6PAD, KJ6JKA, KJ6OML, and W6HHC. Vijay KM6IZO is setting up DMR but needs a subscriber ID. Phil K6PAD is coming in at an s4.7 using a homebrew 10M dipole. Will KJ6JKA hears PAD, but not IZO. Gene KJ6OML is coming down with something, but is an s6.1 to net control. Ken W6HHC tells us digital modulation is better than analog in many ways. QRT 7:55pm PDT

09/20/17 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in KM6IZO, K6PAD, and KK6TRC. Vijay KM6IZO found a web site for the DMR subscriber ID. Phil K6PAD is on the new FT8 mode and reached South Korea. Jeff KK6TRC reports on the Mexico 7.1 earthquake, and net control expresses condolences. QRT 8:45pm PDT

09/27/17 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in KM6IZO, W6JTT, W0MEC, AI6WV, AF6CF, W6HHC, W6ETC, and K6PAD. Vijay KM6IZO has DMR up and running, and contacted Malta and Argentina. Sam W6JTT made it up to Idlewild. Clem W0MEC is using his amp, and is receiving Sam at 30dB over s9. Rodger AI6WV is calling in from his QTH, but is down in the noise for net control. Nicholas AF6CF is at Tom’s QTH testing a new IC-7300. Ken W6HHC is receiving Vijay at an s4; net control doesn’t have the usual s-meter. Tom W6ETC is using a portable HF antenna with his IC-7300. Phil K6PAD is running 100W; Corey KE6YHX says we are evenly matched at 100W also. QRT 8:06pm PDT

09/27/17 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, K6PAD, KK6TRC, AF6CF/M, W6JTT, W6ETC, W6JTT, KM6IZO, AI6WV, and K6RBS. Clem W0MEC is at 3 bars out of 7 with low audio to net control. Phil K6PAD is running 5W; net control receives him at 4-5 bars out of 7. Jeff KK6TRC is coming in via Echolink, and reports on the Zello app. Nicholas AF6CF/M is mobile and can’t come back, says Tom. Sam W6JTT is 4 bars out of 7. Tom W6ETC is 6 bars out of 7 with an 18ft 2M/440 antenna, and is working on a cargo trailer. Sam W6JTT is 4-5 bars out of 7 with good audio, says net control. Vijay KM6IZO asks Jeff what channel the Zello app is on; Jeff says: Bajajeffrey and W6ETC are their addresses. Rodger AI6WV is 2-3 bars out of 7 from Santa Ana. Richard K6RBS reached the Central African Republic on FT8. QRT 8:59pm PDT

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