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10/04/17 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in KM6IZO, W0MEC, K6PAD, W6HHC, and KJ6JKA. YHX has an s1.4 noise floor. Vijay IZO is using his dipole, and has been working the PAPA System and the new DMR ham net, reaching Stockholm, Sweden! Clem MEC has a new HF amplifier, and is running 40 watts into a vertical antenna. Phil PAD is running 100 watts, switchable between a vertical and an inverted “V.” He has reached South Korea on the new FT8 digital mode. Ken HHC is having a problem with the battery in his minivan running down, and inquires as to a cable cover, so he can keep it charged with an extension cord; YHX suggests ULINE, but he says he will probably get one at Home Depot. Will JKA is running a Kenwood TS-2000 at 100 watts into a Cushcraft vertical. Corey YHX is receiving each at s5.9, s3.9, s2.9, 25dB over s9, and s3.8, respectively. QRT 20:00 PDT

10/04/17 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, N6TMT, K6PAD, and KM6IZO. Clem MEC is running 2.6 watts into a Slim Jim. Tim TMT is on an HT at 5 watts. Phil PAD in Huntington Beach is running 25 watts into a 2M/440 dual band antenna. Vijay IZO reports that Wireless Holdings offers a new HT for $35 down payment. Corey YHX is receiving each at 3 bars, 4 bars, 6 bars, and 3 bars out of 7, respectively. QRT 20:54 PDT

10/11/17 10m Phone Net

Clem, W0MEC checked in W6HHC and W6JTT. MEC relayed the check-ins to KE6YHX on 2m.

10/11/17 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in KK6TRC, W6JTT, W0MEC, KJ6OML, K6PAD, KM6IZO, W6ETC. Jeff TRC has had a busy week, with a remodel and preventative maintenance on his house. JTT had his antenna damaged in the winds, and had a guy line cut by a hedge trimmer; we hope he can get things back together soon. YHX reports MEC has low audio, and asks if Clem has a mic gain on his KX-3. Gene OML is back, but with the sniffles. Phil PAD reports on the fires in Orange; Corey saw the news about 24 homes burned. IZO tells us about Zello, a new ham web site. Tom ETC is back on the net, and reports he is ready for the fire that jumped the freeway. Corey YHX reads each at 5 bars, 4 bars, 3 bars, F.Q., 6 bars, 4 bars, and 4 to 5 bars out of 7, respectively. QRT 21:04 PDT

10/18/17 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in K6PAD, W0MEC, W6JTT, AF6C, KI6IPH. PAD is getting ready for the Friday auction. MEC reads Corey weak, but readable. Sam JTT is difficult copy for Corey. Bob AF6C needs an antenna repair, and finished unloading his car today. Dennis IPH checks in from Tustin, behind The District. Corey YHX reads each at s3.1, s5.7, s2.6, 15dB over s9, and s8.7, respectively. QRT 19:44 PDT

10/18/17 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, AF6N, K6PAD, W6JTT, KM6IZO, KW6ACK and KM6SX. Clem MEC says his amp is for HF, but not 2M, so he is still 2.6W with a Slim Jim. Jim AF6N tells us about the Baker to Vegas Race postponing the March General Meeting. Phil PAD receives Bill KM6SX at 10 bars. Sam JTT says a tree fell on his chain link fence in Idylwild in the winds. Vijay IZO tells us about the Equifax hack, and that the WAP2 wifi code has been broken; beware! It is good to hear from Ducky KW6ACK, but he didn’t stay for the second round. Bill KM6SX checks in from Running Springs! Corey YHX reads each at 3 bars, F.Q., 7 bars, 4 bars, 3 to 4 bars, 6 bars, and 3 bars out of 7, respectively. QRT 9:04pm PDT

10/25/17 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/W0MEC checked in W6ETC and KE6YHX. Tom ETC is at his station in his cargo trailer. Corey YHX reads Net Control at about an s6, and Tom ETC at about an s8, without his usual digital s-meter. QRT 7:42pm PDT

10/25/17 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W6ETC, KK6TRC, KB6PAL, KI6TJY, KM6MXG, KJ6JKA, KM6IZO, W0MEC, WJ6F/M, and K6YMK/M. Corey YHX says a wasp nest was in the breezeway, and Tom ETC says Dove detergent and water is useful. Tom also reports he is using his IC-7300 and a battery, but has high SWR. Jeff TRC has Echolink up and running again, and David PAL is checking in through it. Jeffrey TJY is finishing-up his move from Felton, Northern California. Robert KM6MXG checks-in for the first time; he is located in Tustin. Will JKA is three-quarters finished with a garage conversion, and is working on an upstairs room construction. Vijay IZO informs us the PAPA group has a lunch this Saturday near HRO in Anaheim. Clem MEC reads Corey at an s3. Craig WJ6F/M checks in from the 405 near Lake Forest and Irvine, he is running 50W, and Charles K6YMK/M is mobile as well! Corey YHX reads the check-ins at 4 to 6 bars, 5 bars, 5 bars, 5 to 6 bars, 2 to 6 bars, 5 bars, 3 bars, 2 bars, 2 to 6 bars, and 4 bars out of 7, respectively. QRT 9:14pm PDT

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