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03/07/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in KM6IZO, W6JTT, and W6ATB. Vijay IZO has a new antenna tuner, an MFJ-969, and is running 100W. He reports on another Falcon 9 rocket that launched yesterday. Sam JTT has a high noise level, but he is running 50W, and Corey YHX receives him full-copy. Greg ATB checks in and checks out; he has been called to dinner. Corey YHX is receiving each at s6.2, s3.0, and strong signals, respectively, with a background noise of s0.7. QRT 19:40 PST

03/07/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in KJ6OML, AF6C, AI6ZV, W6JTT, KD6JBL, N6PWC, K6DNR, KK6TRC, KM6IZO, W6ETC/Echolink, N6YMK/M, and KK6REB. Gene OML tells us his cruise was great; he visited several islands in the Caribbean. Bob AF6C was too busy for his antenna project, and we had high winds. He says hello to Jerry JBL and Cliff PWC. Terrence ZV got a new Yaesu FT-2980 Base Station, and is trying it out. Sam JTT got his dipole and vertical antennas repaired. His VHF, ground-plane, and his discone need some work. Corey offers to help. Jerry JBL uses Macs and got a Windows machine, the seller is just up the street. It was packed well, and it is in perfect condition, with a new battery! Cliff PWC is using an HT in Downtown Orange. Thank you for joining us, Cliff! Bob DNR asks if anyone has experience using an MFJ-936B Loop Tuner. Bob AF6C replies that someone in the club has one, but to talk to Nicholas AF6CF. Jeff TRC is going to Primm, NV, for race team support for the Mint 400. Vijay IZO is having difficulty reading Net Control, so Bob AF6C relays. He ordered a new “Jumbo Spot” for his DMR Radio. Vijay has been using the PAPA System; it is working well. Tom ETC checks in via Echolink and reports that the General Meeting has been moved to Friday, March 23rd. Charles YMK checks in mobile, he is on his way home from Irvine Valley College. Steve REB says hello to the Net. Corey YHX is receiving each at F.Q., F.Q., s8, s5-s6, F.Q., s4, s7, s6, s5, s6, s3-s5, and s5-s6, respectively. Corey looked in his manual, so he can give s-readings now. QRT 21:20 PST

03/14/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, AI6WV, KM6IZO, W6FKX/M, and KJ6OML. Clem MEC is back on the air, after a trip to Lima, Peru. He had a nice trip with his family, good weather, and good food. He copies Net Control at an RST-57. Doug reads Clem at an RST-59. Rodger WV has a noise level of s5, but reads Net Control at an s8. Vijay IZO also has a high noise level, but reads Rodger and Net Control fine. Net Control is sounding better this week. Doug FKX is mobile with his new rig. He reads Net Control okay. He bought his new Yaesu FT-891 and a Screwdriver antenna, and has been working DX in his truck. His first contact was with South Africa! Doug is going on a trip to the Grand Canyon. Gene OML will see everyone at the postponed meeting on the 23rd of March. Corey YHX is having FT-840 Controller problems, so there are no signal reports. QRT 19:48 PDT

03/14/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, KJ6OML, AI6ZV, KM6IZO, KK6TRC/Echolink, W6ETC/Echolink, K6PGH, K6PAD, KB6PAL, and KM6IZO/Echolink. Clem MEC in Westminster receives Net Control well, and Net Control receives him full-copy. Gene OML plans to come to the meeting; we have had some rainy weather the past couple weeks. Gene receives Net Control nice and clear. Unfortunately, Terrence ZV got skipped on the first round due to the pile-up, but he is on his base station, reads Net Control at s9, and is at about 80W. He picked up a 1939 RCA Victor Tube Radio, and will be looking at and restoring it. Vijay IZO is having trouble receiving Net Control, so he tries Echolink. Jeff TRC is in Costa Mesa and is on Echolink. He just got out of class at OCC. He advises Echolink users to be on the “Relay Setting.” Dave PAL tried Echolink, but had to reset the app; Echolink users be advised. Tom is on via Echolink as well. He is going to the Baker-to-Vegas Race this weekend. Nicholas and he have an idea to increase the height of his mobile screwdriver antenna. Doug PGH flies in and flies out. Phil PAD receives everyone clear in Huntington Beach, and is at 50W. Net Control reads him full copy with a little background noise. Clem is full-bars to Phil! Huntington Beach RACES is looking for Hams for the triathlon on April 22nd, says Dave PAL. Vijay tries again on Echolink, and Jeff boosted the power due to noise. Vijay’s signal is better both ways. Corey YHX reads each at s4, F.Q., s7, s5, s6, s6, no report, s6-s7, s6, and s5-s6, respectively. QRT 21:02 PDT

03/21/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, W6JTT, KJ6OML, KK6YTT, and KR6J. Corey YHX has the Net stand by for a couple minutes, and Clem MEC relays for Sam JTT; Corey reads both full-copy the second time. Gene OML plans to be at the meeting this Friday. Charlie YTT, checks in from Anaheim with an Icom 756, and is working on his antennas. Welcome, Charlie! Clem reports on the rain forecast for the next few days. Sam ordered some new coax for his station. We had a rare check-in from Kenan KR6J from his office in Orange. He is testing a new Icom 756 ProIII. Corey closes the Net with an OCA Astronomy Event report for this Friday. It will be at the Heritage Museum of Orange County from 8:00 to 10:00pm. Corey YHX reads each at s5.6, s3.6, s5.7, s5.2, and s3.4, respectively. QRT 19:50 PDT

03/21/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in KJ6OML, N6TMT, W6JTT, KK6TRC, W0MEC, AI6ZV, KD6RUP, KM6IZO, and W6ETC/Echolink. Gene OML receives everyone nice and clear. Tim TMT tells Corey about the new Net Control Script page on our web site. Thank you, Tim. Sam JTT has a lot of noise in his area, but reads Net Control at 4 bars. Corey asks Jeff TRC if he has Echolink up 24/7 yet. Jeff says no, but he took it off his linear amp due to problems it was causing. It is now barefoot at 50W. Clem is running 2.8W on his KX-3, and copies Jeff okay. He asks a question about Echolink. Jeff says Clem is scratchy, so Corey relays. Terrence ZV opened up his RCA Victor, and found the original capacitors are still in it! Corey advises that it only be powered-up a few minutes at a time, to allow the capacitors to acclimate. Dick RUP warns us of heavy rain in the next few days. Corey is fading in and out to Vijay IZO, but Terrence is loud and clear. Tom ETC is on the Net via Echolink. Sam JTT is repairing his 2M antenna, it has new coax, but it needs some new radials. Corey offers help making new radials with his tap and die set, but Sam has it covered. Jeff is back at his base rig, and elaborates on Echolink to Clem. Dick RUP is running a 5W HT on a 3rd story in Irvine, and Corey reads him full-copy. Tom participated in the Baker-to-Vegas Race event for the first time, and had a good experience. Corey YHX reads each at F.Q., s7, s5, s5-s6, s4, s7, s3-s4, s5 and s5, respectively. QRT 20:58 PDT

03/28/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, K6PAD, and KM6IZO. Clem MEC is going to a birthday party later tonight. Phil PAD was on the WBX DX Contest, with 98 to 100 QSOs in 25 countries. Vijay IZO tells us about an 8 ton Chinese space station coming down. He got a DMR Jumbo Spot, and talked to Hams in Barcelona, Northern Europe, and England! Corey YHX reads the check-ins at s5.8, s2.9, and s6.2, respectively. QRT 19:42 PDT

03/28/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, N6TMT, KM6IZO, KK6TRC, K6PAD, AI6BF, W6ETC/Echolink, and KB6PAL. Clem MEC is on an HT tonight, and Tim TMT can’t hear him as it is. Corey reads him weak but full-copy. Corey offers Vijay IZO help with his antennas on the roof. Vijay reminds us to watch for the Chinese space station coming down. Jeff TRC is on his base station, and has Echolink up with someone listening on the side. It will be up all week, and the following weekend. Phil PAD hears George, Vijay, and Net Control with strong signals. He made 98 contacts in 25-30 countries on an HF contest. George BF, my BFF checks in for the first time. Tom ETC is mobile in the Santa Ana area doing some shopping for automotive supplies. Vijay got his new DMR Jumbospot last week, and looks forward to getting it set up. Jeff looked up the falling space station, and it is a wide swath coming down. He will try to check in via Echolink from the off-road race in San Filipe, Mexico, next week. Phil reads Clem and George with full-bars, Corey and Vijay at 8, and Tim at about an s7. Corey tells us about repairs to his truck steering. We had a late check-in from Dave PAL. Thank you, Dave. Corey YHX reads the check-ins at s3, s7-s8, s5, s6, s6-s7, s7, s6, and s6, respectively. QRT 20:54 PDT

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