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06/06/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, W6JTT, KM6IZO, and KB6KPK. Clem MEC confirms with Corey the Field Day gate opening time of 9:00am. Both Clem and Corey plan on helping with set-up. Clem backs-off the power with his Elecraft KX-PA-100 amplifier, with little loss in signal quality. Sam JTT confirms a weak check-in, probably Vijay. Sam is operating with some success on his VHF ground plane at 20W. He is also copying Corey the best ever! Sam has some plans with his Idyllwild QTH. He is going to replace his dipole up at the location. Corey got an overvoltage alarm on his RigRunner, so Clem spoke with the OPs in the meantime. Corey unplugs his battery to no effect, but the problem quickly dissipates. Vijay IZO reports of a meteor that came down over Africa Saturday. There was no damage, but it made a big flash of light. Vijay is working on a brewing and kegging operation. He needs to replace an o-ring that is leaking. Bob KPK says good evening at 10W. Corey tells us he washed his truck today; it took ten minutes, and saved a $15 car wash! Corey YHX is receiving each at s5.2, s2.1, s6.2 and 32dB over s9, respectively. QRT 19:53 PDT

06/06/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, W6JTT, KB6KPK, AF6N, AI6ZV, and KM6IZO. Clem MEC receives Net Control at a clear s8. He is running 40W in Westminster. Corey has Clem call for weak stations, to no further avail. Sam had already checked-in. Clem switches between a copper Slim Jim and a “sign-wire” Slim Jim with a big drop in signal quality. It turns out this is probably due to the 10 foot height difference, but Sam reads him the same at a full 10 bars. Sam JTT on his newly repaired 2m ground plane receives Clem at 10 bars, and N.C. at 4 bars. Sam had good reception with the same on 10m! Bob KPK, a neighbor to Net Control, receives the other stations at about an s5, and N.C. is pegging the meter. Corey tells about his truck APRS rig with the TNC from Bob. Jim AF6N has the chance to say “hello.” He mentions to Terrence that he has a multiband Moxon. Terrence AI6ZV, in Costa Mesa got a “receive-loop” antenna, and finished a Moxon for 6m. Vijay IZO asks Terrence about his brewing project. Terrence is working on a clone of an “Alpine Duet IPA,” while Vijay has a “modified wheat ale.” Corey YHX is receiving each at s7, s5-s6, F.Q., F.Q., s7, and s8, respectively. QRT 21:00 PDT

06/13/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, KJ6OML, W6JTT, KM6IZO, and K6PAD. Corey YHX reads Clem MEC at s3.7, Gene OML at s6.4, Sam JTT at a1.7, Vijay IZO at s6.4, and Phil PAD at s2.4. Clem MEC is running 40W into an IMAX 1000 Vertical antenna he recently put 6’ radials on. Sam JTT copies Net Control well at an s2.5. He has some more antenna repairs to make. Vijay IZO is brewing another batch of ale with ginger and cardamom. No further reports due to a power outage at Corey YHX’s QTH. QRT 19:48 PDT

06/13/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W6JTT, W0MEC, KJ6OML, KM6IZO, K6PAD, W6ETC/M, W6MAO, KJ6JK, and KK6TRC/Echolink. Corey YHX reads Sam JTT at s4 to s5, Clem MEC at s6 to s7, Gene OML at s8, Vijay IZO at s5, Phil PAD at s8, Tom ETC/M at s7 to s8, Mike MAO in Rialto at s5, Will JKA at s4 to s5, and Jeff TRC/Echolink at s5. Sam switches to his 2m ground plane with an increase from s2 to s3, to an s6. Clem is running 100W into his copper Slim Jim up 25ft. Vijay is running 8W. Will in Huntington Beach is running a TS-2000 at 5W. No further reports due to the aforementioned power outage. QRT 21:00 PDT. Corey KE6YHX as net control, tries an 80M Net on 3.883MHz, at 21:04 PDT. Check-ins include Vijay KM6IZO, Mike W6MAO, Will KJ6JKA, and Phil K6PAD. Mike MAO is running 400W. Phil PAD is running 100W. Corey is running 100W. Corey reads each at s9.0, 4dB over s9, 10 dB over s9, and s8.5, respectively. QRT 21:15 PDT.

06/20/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, K7PEO, KM6IZO, and W7PFU. Clem reports nice weather. Clem picked up two free PCs and repaired the Acer. He got 10 capacitors for $1.70, free shipping, and replaced two of them on the motherboard; it came up and he now has another working PC! Corey tell us about the speaker line repair to his truck. QRT 19:37 PDT. (19:38)Dave K7PEO in Winachee, WA, (19:40)Vijay KM6IZO, and (19:44)Paul W7PFU at McCord AFB, WA, check-in late with Clem. They talk until 19:50 PDT.

06/20/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, W6JTT, KM6IZO, N6YMK/M, AF6C, K6RBS, KJ6OML, W6MAO, and KK6TRC. Clem MEC is running 60W. He is going to Field Day gate opening at 9am this Friday. Sam JTT says no to Field Day this year. He has some repairs to make, but will be on the air this weekend. Vijay IZO and Clem report on the late check-ins on the 10M Net. Charles YMK/M is weak to Net Control. Richard RBS tells us 6m has opened up to Japan. Bob AF6C tells us Chris Winter W6KFW is an SK. The funeral is Friday 10am to 12pm. Both Bob and Corey are bringing fuel for Field Day. Richard RBS called JE1VNJ on 6m. He is looking forward to seeing us at Field Day. Richard took Friday and Monday off work. He will run 40m, but no digital. Gene OML is ready for Friday setup. Mike MAO in Rialto reports 74°, a high of 95°, and Summer Solstice tomorrow. Jeff TRC just got out of a board meeting, and looks forward to Field Day. He has a birthday party Saturday night, but will operate over the weekend. Corey YHX reads each at s7, s5 to s6, s5 to s6, weak, F.Q., RST-58, F.Q., s5, and s6, respectively. QRT 20:51 PDT.

06/27/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, KM6IZO, W6JTT, N6TMT, and AF6C. Clem MEC in Westminster was at Field Day setting up antennas Friday. He helped with teardown on Sunday. Clem copies N.C. at 58, and Vijay at 54. Vijay IZO operated PSK-31 and satellite. He asks if there will be a Net on the 4th of July next Wednesday. Corey YHX says yes. Vijay has a new brew for Independence Day. Sam JTT has lots of noise, and copies Clem but no others. Tim TMT is getting his equipment back in place after Field Day, otherwise things are all in good order. Bob AF6C has a new mic cable, but no foot switch. He reports Field Day scores: 1349 CW, 2401 Phone, 141 Diqital, and 40-45 GOTA. Corey YHX reads the check-ins at s5.0, s6.4, s1.9, s3.8, and 13dB over s9, respectively. QRT 19:48 PDT

06/27/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX checked in W0MEC, N6TMT, W6JTT, W6ATB, KJ6OML, KM6IZO, KD6JBL, N6YMK/M, K6RBS, and KJ6JKA. Clem MEC reads Net Control at a good 58. Tim TMT copies Sam, Clem, and Corey fine. He moved his antenna further forward on his house. Sam JTT has arc-welder interference on N.C., but copies fine on the second go-round. He is using an MFJ ground plane up about 15ft. Greg ATB asks if Net Control got the Field Day scores from Tim 1. Corey YHX says yes. Gene OML will see us at HRO this Saturday for the Ham Jam. Vijay IZO thanks Greg and Corey for having him operate Digital. The local high school has a nano-satellite launch. He plans to take his HT this 4th of July for fireworks at Heritage Park. Jerry JBL in Fountain Valley has checked into the Net before, and attended a Christmas Party. He is a member of Fountain Valley RACES. Jerry went up to Table Mountain, above Wrightwood for a camping trip with OPs of the Keller Peak Redeye Net a couple weeks ago, lots of good food and cast iron cookware. Corey mentions the cast iron dutch oven he bought for emergencies. Charles YMK/M is at Tustin Legacy off of Edinger. He was at Micro Center last time he checked in, and gets off work at 8pm on Wednesdays during the summer. On the next go-round, he is on the 55 fwy towards the 91, and comes in fine to Net Control. Richard RBS asks for Field Day scores and Corey relays them. Six-Meters is hopping, even with a G5RV, says Richard. Will JKA is still on a construction project over the garage, and wishes us 73. Corey YHX reads the check-ins at s7, F.Q., s4 to s5, F.Q., F.Q., s5, F.Q., s3 to s4, s6, and s7, respectively. QRT 21:09 PDT

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