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09/05/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/W0MEC Clem checks in Phil K6PAD. Clem is running 8.5W due to amp problems, he says on 2M. No copy of Clem or Phil by Corey on 10M tonight.

09/05/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Clem W0MEC Westminster, Jeff KK6TRC Huntington Beach, Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach, and Vijay KM6IZO Irvine. Clem was on 10M tonight, and is running 50W on 2M. Jeff reads with poor propagation tonight. He had to replace his Echolink Node computer, and has some problems with the audio jack on the new one. Jeff is trying a USB adapter instead. He is looking for an antenna tuner for his mobile rig, and is looking at the Icom AH4. Phil says good evening to the Net, and thanks Jeff for making Echolink available. He tried the 10M Net and talked about antennas with Clem there. On 7.156MHz at 0300hrs (check-ins at 0245hrs) every night, there is a group that QSOs with ZF3D, South Africa, Phil reports. Vijay had a bit of drama in his life; he had to go to the emergency room for numbness, but checks out fine, Corey gathers. Clem confirms that the Board Meeting was postponed to this Saturday due to Labor Day weekend. Corey YHX reads each at s7, s5-s6, s7, and low audio, respectively. QRT 20:46 PDT.

David KB6PAL/Echolink calls a late check-in at 20:54 PDT

09/05/18 80m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey misses the 80M Net for some work in the 14 minute interim tonight.

09/12/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Tom W6ETC/M Tustin. Tom is down in the background noise, and almost unreadable to Corey. After QRT time, Corey reads Tom at an s6.6, and a background of s2.0. QRT 19:33 PDT

09/12/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Clem W0MEC Westminster, Ken WB9YCJ Angel Stadium, Bob WB6IXN Santa Ana, Jeff KK6TRC/Echolink, Paul W6GMU, Tom W6ETC/M/Echolink, Vijay KM6IZO/(listens via Echolink) Irvine, Terrence AI6ZV Costa Mesa. Clem reads Net Control at s7, and hears Jeff and Tom on Echolink, but missed the 10M Net. He cleaned his pool and trimmed his bushes, getting a lot done this past week. Ken is on an HT at Angel Stadium, running 5W to 1W, but is having battery problems. He will try another call from Dodger Stadium next week. Bob has a lot going on at his QTH, so hasn’t thought of the General Meeting lately. Corey relays Kenan’s offer to drive Bob to the meeting. Bob reads all well, but no report yet for Vijay and Terrence. Bob has also been listening to 40M CW tonight. Jeff boosted his modulation, and says good evening to Corey and the Net. It has been a beautiful day, says Jeff. He was watching coverage of Hurricane Florence on the second go-round. Paul says Net Control and Bob sound great. He might not make the General Meeting this month. Paul made his first PACTOR-3 QSO a couple days ago on a Kenwood TS-590SG with an SCS Modem. He is also using a Flex 5000A as a secondary radio with SDR. Vijay says Tom dropped off Echolink. Vijay fried his HF TenTec Jupiter with a nonstandard power-up procedure, and asks if anyone has a fix to his radio. He is brewing barleywine, Vijay says to Terrence. Tom is testing Echolink and mobile. He hears Paul through Echolink, but not by mobile. Echolink is down for a while for Tom, so he will stay on mobile. Corey reads Tom mobile F.Q.. Terrence hasn’t tried barleywine yet, he says to Vijay. He finally got a 40m antenna, a horizontal-loop through a 9:1 balun in his upstairs bedroom, and it has been working well on 6m through 40m. Terrence reads N.C. at 30dB over s9, and copies all well. Corey reads each at s7, s6, F.Q., s5, s6, F.Q., s5, and s7, respectively. QRT 21:08 PDT.

09/12/18 80m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Tom W6ETC/M Tustin. Corey reads the check-in as barely-readable. QRT 21:12 PDT

09/19/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/W0MEC Clem checks in Steve KK6REB, Vijay KM6IZO, and Gene KJ6OML.

09/19/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/W0MEC Clem checks in Sam W6JTT Gene KJ6OML, Phil K6PAD, Tom W6ETC/Echolink, Jeff KK6TRC/Echolink, Vijay KM6IZO, Jack N6FTW, and Corey KE6YHX. Vijay is brewing Kombucha and Muscovi Ales. Jack checks in from Lake Elsinore. Corey checks in last. Corey reads the check-ins at s4-s5, F.Q., s7, s5-s6, s5-s6, s6, and no copy, respectively. QRT 21:00 PDT.

09/19/18 80m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Phil K6PAD. QRT 21:02 PDT.

09/26/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Gene KJ6OML Garden Grove, and Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach. Gene was doing some work, so couldn’t make it to the meeting last Friday. Phil is running 400W, and Corey has marginal copy, but Phil cannot hear Net Control on either of his inverted-v’s or his vertical antenna, so Gene relays. Phil receives Gene at s5-s6 with his beam, and Net Control as barely detectable. Corey YHX has no signal reports this time. QRT 19:35 PDT

09/26/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Gene KJ6OML Garden Grove, Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach, Bob WB6IXN Santa Ana, Rodger AI6WV Santa Ana, Vijay KM6IZO Irvine, and Erick KK6CKK Whittier. Gene checks in Full-Copy, but had a headache today. Phil gives signal reports for the 10M Net, and commends Corey on his presentation last Friday. He got his other 2M/440 antenna up yesterday, and all stations so far are 10 bars/Full Quieting. He is running 50W into the 16ft Tram antenna. Bob thanks Tim G. N6GP and Corey for coming to his QTH and presenting the Lifetime Achievement Award plaque. Bob reads all check-ins so far at 59. No report for Erick yet. Rodger was having some trouble earlier in the Net, but switches from his Yagi to a whip and ground-plane, and now copies Net Control full-copy. Rodger changed his callsign from AI6WV to N6GMT. Vijay completed a barleywine, is brewing a Kombucha, and got a kit for Oktoberfest. There was an incident in his neighborhood; a neighbor had his house broken into and was beaten and locked in a closet when he returned. Channel 5 News reports two suspects were caught, and the neighbor recovered his items. Corey tells of the common house-burglar MO. Vijay switches from Echolink to his HT on the second go-round, with little change to Net Control. Phil reports Vijay is now s7-s8, Full-Copy. Erick calls in with his Baofeng HT at 5W, from Whittier. He fades a bit to Net Control on his second transmission, but comes back to Full-Copy on the third. Welcome, Erick. Corey YHX reads each at F.Q., F.Q., F.Q., s5-s6, s5-s6, and, mostly Full-Copy, respectively. QRT 20:56 PDT

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