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11/07/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Clem W0MEC Westminster, Gene KJ6OML Garden Grove, Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach, and Greg W6ATB Orange. Clem is doing fine. He receives Corey at s6-s7, but can barely hear Greg. Corey will rest-up for the 2M Net. Gene reports a chamber echo on Corey’s audio after a clear moment. Phil receives Net Control at s3-s4, Gene at s9, and Clem at 10dB over s9. He is running 100W into a beam antenna. Phil reports fading band conditions, and Greg at s5-s6. Greg is running 400-500W with an amplifier. He hears Phil and Corey loud and clear. He is running an off-center-fed dipole. His beam is horizontally polarized, (compared to Corey’s vertical SolarCon A99), so it is not used. Greg receives Clem at s1, and Phil at s5. Clem comments he cannot copy Greg, but N.C. at s8-s9, and Phil at a solid s9. Corey YHX reads each at s5.7, s7.7, s4.3, and 8dB over s9, respectively. QRT 19:45 PST.

11/07/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Clem W0MEC Westminster, Gene KJ6OML Garden Grove, Terrence AI6ZV Costa Mesa, Vijay KM6IZO/Echolink Irvine, Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach, Jerry KD6JBL Fountain Valley, Raul KM6NRL Malibu, and Paul KE0TFX/Echolink Chico, CA. Clem reads good signals all-around, and relays Paul’s check-in to Net Control before he comes-up on Echolink. Corey welcomes Paul, a new check-in. Gene hears all nice and clear. Terrence has been working on a speaker wire antenna for SOTA activations before the snow comes in. He reads all check-ins at s9+. Vijay is brewing a Hefeweizen with Pomelo, and it is coming along nicely. Phil receives all stations Full-Quieting, and welcomes Jerry and Paul. Jerry welcomes all to the informal Keller Peak Red-Eye Net at 10pm about every third night. He has about 25 check-ins on average. Raul in Malibu contacted Paul in Chico, “a little 2M DXing,” says Jerry. Raul has excellent signals on all the check-ins. Paul has a friend, Ray WA6CTS in Huntington Beach, and is trying to contact him. Corey suggests the Santiago Peak and Catalina repeaters. The FCC ULS Search is available, and Clem suggests QRZ. Jerry finds a phone number, and offers to give it via email. Corey YHX reads each at s7, F.Q., F.Q., s6, s7-s8, F.Q., s4-s5, and s6, respectively. QRT 20:58 PST.

11/07/18 80m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach. Corey reads him at s7.9

11/14/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Clem W0MEC Westminster, Greg W6ATB Orange, and Vijay KM6IZO Irvine. Clem has some difficulty with background noise. He reads Net Control better on the second transmission. Clem reads at 5-7, with an s9 noise level. Greg is a little high in frequency, and reads net Control a little high. Vijay is weak to Net Control. Net Control is low to both Greg and Vijay, but Clem is right-on. Corey reads each at s6.4, 12dB over s9 and s6.0, respectively. QRT 19:38 PST.

11/14/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Clem W0MEC Westminster, Greg W6ATB Orange, Dick KD6RUP Laguna Woods, Vijay KM6IZO Irvine, Jerry KD6JBL Fountain Valley, Mike W6MAO Rialto, and Frank KE6RXE Montclair. Clem notices a big difference in propagation from 10M. He reads Net Control, Greg, and Vijay with good copy, but could not hear Dick. It is a nice cool evening, says Clem. Greg reads Clem loud and clear, but could hardly hear his voice on 10M. Vijay is likewise. Greg has a hum from backup power. Dick says good afternoon; he bought an OCARC mug so needs a way to get to the meeting to pick it up. He is operating with a 5W HT, and Net Control reads him loud with full-copy. Vijay bought a surveillance camera, and is trying to set it up. He has good signals all around, except for Dick or Mike. Vijay mentions the Christmas Dinner. He asks if any of the check-ins are planning to go. Net Control and Greg are, but no XYLs. Jerry is operating a 5-element quad up 45ft, aimed towards Orange. He picks up a camper in Wildomar this Saturday to put on his Toyota Tacoma, and found one after a 2-1/2 year search. It is from a family in Vista. It is a light pop-up, and designed for off-road, with an aluminum shell. He is going up to the Queen Mary to volunteer this Thursday. Thursday or Friday evening, Jerry is going to a camper shell place on Garden Grove Blvd to sell his Snug camper top. He says 73 to the Net. Net Control tells of his experiences with a camper his family used for decades. Mike says good evening; it has been quiet in Rialto, except for the dry winds. A fire broke out just above his QTH, in Lytle Creek, but did not reach him, says Mike. Frank and Net Control say good night, all. Corey reads each at s7, F.Q., s5-s6, s5, F.Q., s4, and full-copy, respectively. QRT 20:54 PST

11/14/18 80m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey has no check-ins. A loud tone is heard with occasional sideband-voice off-and-on for 6 minutes. Corey has a background noise of s5.6. QRT 21:02 PST.

11/21/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Steve N1BKB Orange, Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach, and Vijay KM6IZO Irvine. Steve had a 4-element tri-bander, an 18-element 2-meter beam, a ZS6BKW sloper for 80-6m for an antenna farm. Now in Orange he has a 43ft vertical, and a VHF/UHF vertical, and asks Net Control what he has for antennas. Net Control has a SolarCon A99 shortened vertical for 10M up 25ft, an 80/40m NVIS dipole, a 40/20m dipole, an old Ringo Ranger 2m vertical, a newer 2m Ringo Ranger for the alternate 2m rig, and a 10-element homebrew 2m beam for receiving the San Sevaine radio seismometer. Steve had a 75ft palm tree for his ZS6BKW with 91ft of wire at his previous 1/4 acre QTH in Fullerton. Steve was Exec of the Battalion in a Reserve Unit in the Boston area, they had a RTTY van and went to the Field Day site two years and operated with 2 10kW generators for their weekend drills. He also operated RTTY in Vietnam as MARS. Steve adds that the RTTY he operated used a mechanical Klein-Schmidt 3/4-inch paper tape. The computers he operated at Temple University in 1964 were CDC-6400s with FORTRAN and 80 column punch cards. There was a movie about the “calculators” for the NASA early space program, who computed the re-entry parameters for John Glenn’s spacecraft, Steve adds. Corey listens intently. Vijay is unreadable to Net Control. Phil is barely readable. Phil gives Steve a signal report of s3-s4; Phil is an s3. Corey reads each at 26dB over s9, no copy, and weak but readable, respectively. QRT 19:54 PST.

11/21/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach, Steve N1BKB Orange, Vijay KM6IZO Irvine, and Steve KK6REB Cypress. Phil is going to the niece and nephew’s house for Thanksgiving. They are having ham, turkey, sweet potato pie, scalloped potatoes, and all the accompaniments. The XYL is vegetarian and likes the stuffing cooked outside the bird, with celery, mushrooms, and all kinds of good stuff. Phil says Happy Thanksgiving to all the OPs. Steve BKB is having a Thanksgiving celebration there at the house. His wife’s son came in from L.A. today, his son is coming up from San Diego later this evening, and they have some friends coming tomorrow, about eight or ten folks. Steve has a stuffing recipe he picked up years ago, with rice, mushrooms, onion and celery, baked in the oven. Steve BKB is delighted to have a signal that gets out, and he can hear everybody; at the other QTH, his antenna was in the attic. Yesterday, Steve BKB was up on the side of the house installing the new antenna. He is running 50W on an 847. Corey receives him full-quieting. Steve wishes us all a happy turkey day, and 73, all. Vijay had an original count of 19 for Thanksgiving, with friends coming in from college in Arizona. Now it is down to only 16, with different diets, so they will have a variety of foods, four different pies, and all the uniting things. He brewed a Pomelo Wheat Ale which they all love. Happy Thanksgiving and 73, from Vijay. Steve BKB is coming in loud and clear; likewise on 10m. Echolink is off-line, Vijay says. Steve REB says good evening; he was on another net earlier. His son and XYL are baking pies tonight. His son is learning to cook and exploring recipes. He is a good hand in the kitchen. Happy Thanksgiving to all! Corey reads the check-ins at F.Q., F.Q., s5, and s6, respectively. QRT 20:44 PST.

11/21/18 80m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Steve N1BKB at 44dB over s9. Steve is running 400W, and receives Corey loud and clear, a good test of Steve’s new rig. QRT 21:13 PST.

11/28/18 10m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Clem W0MEC Westminster, Vijay KM6IZO Irvine, Gene KJ6OML Garden Grove, and Sam W6JTT Garden Grove. Clem receives Net Control with good signals, but cannot hear Vijay. Clem says good evening to N.C. Vijay is unreadable to Corey and Gene. Gene is having trouble hearing the OPs tonight. He hears Corey slightly off-frequency. Sam reads N.C., but N.C. cannot hear Sam, so Clem relays, but Clem fades a bit as band conditions worsen. Corey makes just one round and QRTs. Corey YHX reads the check-ins at s6.2, barely readable to unreadable, s6.7, and s6.6, respectively. Background noise rises to s6.0. QRT 19:38 PST.

11/28/18 2m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Greg W6ATB Orange, Gene KJ6OML Garden Grove, Sam W6JTT Garden Grove, Tom W6ETC/Echolink, Clem W0MEC Westminster, Vijay KM6IZO Irvine, Bob AF6C Orange, Bob WB6IXN Santa Ana, Steve KK6REB Cypress, Jeff KI6UKV Long Beach, and Erick KK6CKK/Echolink. Greg semi-forgot the 10M Net, and it was poor band conditions, but this 2M Net is great. Winter Field Day is going to be bigger this upcoming January, and Greg is operating Satellite. Gene hears all stations nice and clear. Ten Meters was not, says Gene. Jeff has an interesting signal, maybe CTCSS, says Greg, and Corey thinks likewise. Greg has a story about a toothless in-law for Bob IXN. Sam says good evening, and reads the OPs well. He has some more antenna work to do. Sam has the best signal with a 40m dipole on 10M tonight. He was running 40W tonight. Sam asks the 80M Net frequency, and Corey says 3.882MHz LSB SLX. Tom says good evening, too. “I’m not a turkey, but a Ham,” Tom jokes. Clem says good evening, Net Control is s8-s9, and hears all the OPs well, but Vijay is a little difficult copy. Vijay hears some stations on Echolink, but not all, and cannot hear the Echolink station direct. Brewing is going well, and Vijay had 16 guests for Thanksgiving. Corey reads Vijay full-copy. Vijay notices Erick on Echolink. So Corey takes Erick’s check-in. Bob AF6C is back on 2M after a trip back-east. He has been keeping busy, and had Thanksgiving there a few weeks early. He had lobster with all the trimmings, with his family at a restaurant, Woods Seafood in Plimpton. The web site is up-to-date, says Bob AF6C. He put in a link and a page for the Holiday Party coming up. All OPs are easy to copy, Bob AF6C says. Bob IXN says good evening, and caught most of the check-ins after a nap. Bob IXN has some dental work to have finished, expensive, most expensive. All the OPs are 5-9 the whole way, he says. The San Sevaine radio seismometer is having difficulty, Bob IXN says, and Corey agrees. Steve came in late and hears Vijay, Bob, Bob, Corey, and Jeff well. He is setting up a WiFi MESH network. Steve is looking forward to the banquet next week. Jeff moved to Long Beach a couple years ago, and just got his homebrew antenna back up, and is working on an HF antenna. He is using a super-j-pole he made out of EMT, with two collinear elements, with 75W from a TS-2000. Jeff is reaching Echolink well, says Tom. Bob AF6C tells a story about Douglas Aircraft in Long Beach to Jeff. He has a story for IXN, about dentists, too. Jeff turns off his CTCSS by the end of the net. Erick checked into the Net a few weeks ago. He says hello to Steve, a co-worker, and says this is his first Echolink QSO. Clem reports a problem with Corey’s signal. Corey mentions his radio must be overheating. Corey comes back strong on his shorter Tx’s. Corey YHX reads each at F.Q., F.Q., s6-s5, s6, s7, s5, F.Q., F.Q., s5-s6, and s6, respectively. QRT 21:25 PST.

11/dd/18 80m Phone Net

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey has no check-ins on 80M tonight. QRT 21:30 PST.

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