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NETNEWS June 2019

06/05/2019 10m Phone Net 28.375MHz 19:30 PDT

W6ZE/W0MEC Clem checks in Gene KJ6OML Garden Grove, Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach, and Sam W6JTT. Clem relays the check-ins to Corey YHX on the 2M Net. QRT --:-- PDT.

06/05/2019 2m Phone Net 146.550MHz 20:30 PDT

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Clem W0MEC Westminster, Sam W6JTT Garden Grove, Gene KJ6OML Garden Grove, Bob WB6IXN Santa Ana, Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach, Mike W6MAO Rialto, Tom W6ETC/Echolink Tustin, and Dale KE6ZGR Little Saigon. Clem reports for the three check-ins on the 10M Net. Net Control is an s7, and Bob is coming in well also, says Clem. He is sorry to hear about Sam’s ankle. Sam says he was a little late for the 10M Net. Net Control is an s8 to s9, and Clem is an s10, says Sam. Sam slipped and broke his ankle in the bathroom, and is getting a more permanent cast next week. Walking is difficult, he says. Sam replies to Bob, that he has had three falls, all of them after they asked about it at the V.A. Gene receives Net Control at an s9, and the other check-ins well, up to Phil’s check-in. Bob says he is sorry to hear the OPs are joining the force-of-gravity club. Bob listened on 10M and heard Clem nice and clear, and some of the other OPs as well. Bob reports a swarm of earthquakes in the islands off the coast of California. Phil says all are full-quieting, and Mike at s7. The 20m band has been opening up in the evenings, and Phil made contact with a DXpedition on Conway Reef in the Pacific, 3D2CR and a Samoan station 5W0H. Some Australian and New Zealand stations are also coming in this time of the evening, says Phil. Phil made some contacts on 40m AM mode, with a station in Arizona and one in Idaho, very unusual. Mike says it has been very active in Rialto seismically. San Clemente had a 4.1, and there was another earthquake in Newport Beach. The National Weather Service reported a large 80mi by 80mi plume of ladybugs yesterday at 8pm, over San Bernardino. The temp is 72°F, 47% humidity, and the high today was 94°F in Rialto, reports Mike. Tom is cleaning the garage with the nice weather. He is listening through Echolink. Dale felt the earthquake Bob reported, at 1:30am. Dale has lived in Southern California since ’55, and has felt many earthquakes. He has cats, and they feel the earthquakes before they come, markedly before the Northridge earthquake as well. Corey tells Mike the 75M Net is coming up at 9:03pm PDT, on 3.883MHz LSB. Corey and Bob say good-night. Corey YHX reads the check-ins at s6, s5, F.Q., F.Q., s7 to s8, s3 to s4, s5, and Full-Copy, respectively. QRT 21:03 PDT.

06/05/2019 75m Phone Net 3.883MHz 21:03 PDT

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Mike W6MAO Rialto, and Richard K6RBS Mission Viejo. Mike is loud and clear to Corey, at 250W, and Net Control is 5-bars at 100W. Richard is loud and clear to Net Control, also. We duplex on 2m by accident. He gets his amplifier tuned and comes back on 75m. Richard reports some distortion on Net Control’s signal. Richard is running 1kW into a G5RV up 50ft. He has been listening to ISS SSTV as it passes overhead. Mike confirms Richard’s report on Corey’s signal. Corey YHX reads the check-ins at 8dB over s9, and 28dB over s9, respectively. QRT 21:12 PDT.

06/12/2019 10m Phone Net 28.375MHz 19:30 PDT

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Jim AF6N Tustin, Gene KJ6OML, Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach, and Clem W0MEC. Jim says Net Control is 10 to 15dB over s9. He is writing some invoices for his consulting business. Gene can barely hear Net Control, and doesn’t come back for the second round. Corey hears one more station, but it is barely perceptible to Net Control. Clem tells Net Control for the 2M Net, that he and Phil were on the 10M Net. Corey reads the check-ins at 9dB over s9, s7.7, No Copy, and No Copy, respectively. QRT 19:36 PDT.

06/12/2019 2m Phone Net 146.550MHz 20:30 PDT

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Vijay KM6IZO Irvine, Bob AF6C Orange, Gene KJ6OML Garden Grove, Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach, Terrence AI6ZV, Clem W0MEC Westminster, Jeff KK6TRC/Echolink, Tom W6ETC/Echolink, and Mike W6MAO Rialto. Vijay says he has new Kenwood TH-9800 he got four or five months ago and he is running 12W at medium power. He has been getting good reports, including from Clem. Vijay upgraded from his 9-year-old desktop computer. It is a new Alienware desktop computer he got at a discount from work. Bob tells the net of the new RealID driver’s license. He found the problem with the generator for Field Day. One of the two filters was saturated with oil. Bob says Ken is the one to talk to about sending ICS files for the meetings, but it is a great idea, he says. Bob has his hands full with the generator, Field Day preparation, and his taxes. Vijay says his XYL renewed her passport, which included a new passport ID card, a substitute for a RealID. He missed the meeting the other day, and suggests the Board send an ICS file for the members’ calendars, Vijay inquires Bob. Corey mentions the hard drive on his iBook is giving the “death click,” and Vijay has a SATA SSD he can give him. Corey asks on the second round if ICS is an iCal file, and Vijay confirms yes. On the third round, Vijay reports all are readable tonight. Mike is a little noisy, and Clem is picket-fencing towards the end, says Vijay. Corey asks about the SSD Vijay is offering. Bob says Tim N6TMT is the one to talk to about sending the ICS file. The Club used to have a Yahoo group, and it fit the bill, says Bob. On the third round, Bob says N.C. is full-quieting. He receives all well, except Clem has a lot of noise, and Mike is no-copy. Gene got his trailer ready for Field Day. All signals are nice and clear, and Gene looks forward to the Field Day class this Friday. Phil reports all up to Clem at full-scale, and all are totally readable on the third round. He says he tried 10M, tonight. He made DX contacts with Denmark, Samoa, Australia, Conway Reef, Spain, England, Slovenia, and France this past week. This afternoon, at about 00:00 UTC, there were many European stations booming-in. This evening he had a 20-minute conversation with someone in Colorado on 10M, at 100W. He tried the 10M Net tonight, but couldn’t make out anyone. Phil could barely hear Clem and Gene. Corey asks if he gets QSL card any more. Phil says yes, he has many from stations in the U.S. in the drawer and up on the wall. He normally goes through QRZ and LoTW for those and the international ones. Terrence says good evening to the Net. He thanks Phil for a VHF contest point. He spent 3 or 4 hours on Sunday with the contest, and had a really good time. Terrence got a QSL card from Russia yesterday, and sends and receives many others. Most of the stations QSL back, he says. Net Control is 20 to 30dB over s9, and all the others up to Clem are coming in well, and all are s7 to s9 on the third round, says Terrence. Clem reports Net Control is s7, Phil is 10dB over s9, Vijay is coming in well, all stations up to himself are at least s7, and good-copy on all on the third round. Clem says he heard Phil and Gene, but not Net Control on the 10M Net tonight. Bob suggests cranking-up the audio to Clem. Jeff checks in via Echolink. He had to reboot the Echolink computer because of no audio. It is up and running correctly now. Jeff comes in via simplex on the third round. He has been watching train videos on YouTube, about “Big Boy,” the largest steam locomotive ever produced, and the video ran into Net time. The third round, Jeff reports mild weather close to the coast. All are full-copy, but Clem has low audio, says Jeff. Tom says good evening to Corey and the Net. He reminds us of Friday’s meeting and Field Day coming up. Vijay reiterates an ICS file would be nice. Mike reports 77°F 39% R.H., a high of 103°F today, and 107°F yesterday, up in Rialto. There are just mini-quakes which are tapering-off in Camarillo and nearby, says Mike. Mike reports s4 on almost all OPs, on the third-round tonight. Corey tells Mike there will be an 80M Net tonight. Corey reads the check-ins at s6, F.Q., F.Q., s7, s7, s5 to s6, s5, s5, and s3 to s5, respectively. QRT 21:20 PDT.

75m Phone Net 3.883MHz 21:20 PDT

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Mike W6MAO Rialto. Mike has Corey at 10 to 20dB over s9, and good modulation. Mike is on a dipole antenna, and so is Corey. Corey has a little scratchiness in the microphone, but is doing lot better this week, says Mike. Corey reads the check-in at 20dB over s9. QRT 21:22 QQRT 21:27 PDT.

06/19/2019 10m Phone Net 28.375MHz 19:30 PDT

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Bob AF6C Orange, Sam W6JTT Garden Grove, Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach, and Clem W0MEC Westminster. Bob was a little late for the Net. He was taking his jeans out of the dryer. Bob is preparing for Field Day. Sam is undetectable to Corey, and Bob hears him just once. Bob is cooking but will try to make it to the 2M Net. Corey barely hears Phil’s check-in. Sam comes back barely readable. Bob needs to replace his S-meter light and asks for a signal report. Corey reads him loud-and-clear. Net Control ends the Net while the OPs that are barely perceptible talk. QRT 19:42 PDT.

06/19/2019 2m Phone Net 146.550MHz 20:30 PDT

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Clem W0MEC Westminster, Sam W6JTT Garden Grove, Phil K6PAD Huntington Beach, Gene KJ6OML Garden Grove, Bob WB6IXN Santa Ana, Vijay KM6IZO Irvine, Bob AF6C Orange, Mike W6MAO Rialto, Jeff KK6TRC/Echolink Huntington Beach, and Tom W6ETC/Echolink. Clem is almost unreadable to Corey on the first try. Clem relays the 10M Net check-ins. Clem receives all “fairly decent” including the Echolink node. Sam reads Clem at 10-bars. Sam is immobile with a broken ankle. He has a cast he has to keep on for seven weeks. Sam has good copy on everybody. Phil says good evening; Vijay is 9 out of 10, Bob AF6C is 9 out of 10, and Mike in Rialto is 7 out of 19 bars. All others up to Jeff are 10 out of 10. Phil is listening to a shortwave broadcast on WTWW 5.085MHz with oldies music. Phil has received many countries on 20m FT8, including Ukraine, Australia, Germany, Slovak Republic, Finland, Iceland, Belize, and New Zealand. Corey recalls listening to AM Broadcasts of Dragnet and Gunsmoke with his crystal set and a 30ft wire antenna in the 80’s. Phil tells of his crystal set radio days in Santa Monica and KDAY radio on the second round. Gene notices clear weather tonight, and is getting ready for Field Day. Bob IXN receives Clem at 5 to 9 bars, Sam is 6 bars, and Phil and Gene are 10 bars, while Corey is 8 or 9 bars. Bob tells us of his crystal set days, which were among his first radios. Finding crystals was difficult, he recounts. He got them from other hams and their junk boxes. Bob listened to a station 84-miles away, KDKA, Pittsburg. Rege Cordic made fun of “cancerettes” back then, says Bob. Lee has been diagnosed with cancer, Bob IXN says on the last round. Vijay hears all with good signals, tonight. We joke about Corey asking about Sam’s laundry and such. Bob AF6C asks Gene what time he will come get the Generator for Field Day, “about noon,” Gene says. Bob was on 10M tonight with his old TS-440SAT. He is checking it as a backup rig for Field Day. John Klewer in Placentia serviced it. Bob has a fold-up table for Gene. Heathkit crystal radios are the really high-end ones, Bob says to Corey. Bob recounts of his friend and cancer to IXN. Bob AF6C says the Heathkit crystal radio was soaring in price on eBay. He says IXN was referring to the crystal rock and probe wire acting as a diode for the old crystal sets. Mike reports 74°F and 47% Humidity in Rialto. It is getting cooler Thursday through Saturday, with fog and drizzle, then warming Sunday. Phil is 6 bars, Bob IXN is at 7 bars, and Corey is 4 bars, says Mike. Mike will be on 80M, tonight. Mike was introduced to the Ham scene through a crystal set modification, he says on the last round. Jeff says good-evening to Corey and the Net. He announces to anyone who is new of the available Echolink node. Tom is via Echolink, and is getting ready Field Day today. He got his trailer out of storage and is cleaning it up and getting the table set-up. Tom asks AF6C who is bringing the 20m antenna. Bob AF6C says Ron has the elements, and the boom is in Club storage. Bringing it up reminds Bob to bring the assembly instructions. Corey and Bob IXN say good-night. Corey reads the check-ins at s3 to s7, s5, s7 to s8, F.Q., F.Q., s6, F.Q., s4, s6, and s6, respectively. QRT 21:06 PDT.

06/19/2019 75m Phone Net 3.883MHz 21:06 PDT

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Mike W6MAO Rialto. Mike has Corey at s8 to s9, good modulation with some static at times. Mike says good-night, a good week ahead, and a great Field Day! Corey reads the check-in at 14dB over s9. QRT 21:10 PDT.

06/26/2019 10m Phone Net 28.375MHz 19:30 PDT

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey in Orange checks in Gene KJ6OML Garden Grove, Jim AF6N Tustin, Clem W0MEC Westminster, and Sam W6JTT Garden Grove. Gene relays Clem and Sam’s check-ins to Corey. It was a good weekend at Field Day, says Gene. Jim echoes Gene’s comment. It started out a little rough, but ended up well, says Jim. Jim says Net Control is coming in nicely. Gene is RST 56, better than usual, says Jim. Neither Corey, Gene, nor Jim could make out Clem’s comments. Gene is about ready to snooze. Sam’s signal is a little better to Corey, but still difficult. Sam jumps up to fully readable on his last transmission. He says he will catch everyone on VHF. Corey YHX reads the check-ins at s8.3, 3dB over S9, unreadable, and barely perceptible to full-copy, respectively. QRT 19:39 PDT.

06/26/2019 2m Phone Net 146.550MHz 20:30 PDT

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey checks in Clem W0MEC Westminster, Gene KJ6OML Garden Grove, Bob K6DNR, Charles N6YMK/M, Jeff KK6TRC/Echolink Huntington Beach, Sam W6JTT Garden Grove, Tom W6ETC/Echolink Tustin, Greg W6ATB Orange, and Vijay KM6IZO Irvine. Clem reports Net Control on the 10M Net was s3, good-copy. Clem tries turning off his amplifier, to ill effect, says Greg. Barefoot, his KX-3 runs 2.5W on 2M, into a Slim-Jim up 26ft, says Clem. Clem relays himself, Sam, and Gene to Net Control for the 10M Net. Gene reads all OPs up to Tom nice and clear. He was working on the trailer for Field Day, and hasn’t had time for much else. Bob is a rare check-in and is reading his mail. Charles just left Irvine Valley College, and is headed home to Fontana. He passes Micro Center on the 55 freeway north, on the first round. He is mobile. Jeff says good-evening to the net. He is in the process of installing a new sauna heater. Sam reports his swimming pool has a leak, and is having it repaired. It dropped about seven inches and the pool repairmen are coming back this Friday. Jeff tells Sam he has three pools he maintains, and says to turn off the system and let it coast at idle, then use food dye at all the ports to the pool and see where it dyes into the pipe. Tom says the members had a fun Field Day. He got the trailer put back in storage over three days, ending this afternoon. One of his headsets, a Heil Pro Elite broke, but Heil says they will replace it, says Tom. Tom tells us of good camaraderie and difficulties at Field Day. Greg is using an Icom 706 Mark IIG, into a 5-element yagi, vertically polarized, and aimed towards Westminster. He had a good Field Day, the points were the best part for him. Greg reads Clem at 60dB over s9. Clem has good copy on Greg also, at s9+. Greg is running 35W. Corey tells Greg about the 10M Net. Greg is overdriving Vijay’s speakers. Greg turns his mic gain down, and that improves his audio. We had a couple time-sync issues at the two digital Field Day stations, but got them resolved, says Greg. Greg and Tom talk about Field Day for a while. Corey is curious about how this will all work in an actual emergency. Corey is looking for a backlit or LED 12V clock for his rig. Vijay just got back from a concert-in-the-park in Tustin with 70’s music. Corey tells us his favorite music is from the 70’s. He plays it in his truck all the time. Corey and Vijay say good-night. Corey YHX reads the check-ins at s6, F.Q. s6 to s7, Choppy but Full-Copy, s5 to s6, s5, s5 to s6, F.Q., and s6, respectively. QRT 21:13 PDT.

06/26/2019 75m Phone Net 3.883MHz 21:13 PDT

W6ZE/KE6YHX Corey has no check-ins. QRT 21:18 PDT.

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