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Field Day Location: The Orange County Amateur Radio Club will be holding their Year 2003 Field Day at Portola Park in north-east Santa Ana. The park is located on Santa Clara Ave (running east-west) between Grand Ave (aka Glessell Ave) and Tustin Ave. Easiest routes are to either:

(1) take Tustin Ave exit south from FWY 22 (if you are heading East) to Santa Clara, then go west.....or

(2) take 17th Street exit west from FWY 55 and then go North on Tustin Ave at the first Red Light and then turn Left at the red-light at Santa Clara Ave.

Click here to see a map of The 2003 FD Site


Club Call: We will be operating under the club call W6ZE.

Date: The A.R.R.L. Field Day is always held on the 4th full weekend in June.  This year's dates are Saturday June 28th and Sunday June 29th.

Time: Setup will begin Saturday morning at 7:30 AM. Operations will begin at 11:00 AM local time (1800 hours GMT) on Saturday and continue till 11:00 AM local time Sunday.

Team Captain:   The rules have changed a bit for this year.  We will be operating Class 4A with four simultaneous stations on the air (plus VHF/UHF) for the 24 hour period.  We need all the help we can get, even if you can come for only a few hours.

Contact these team leaders for more details.  They all need more operators, so give them a call.                           

10M - Elmer Thomas - WA6PFA (714-771-2917) This team will operate 10M.  This location will also set up an ATV station in the 10M shelter.

15M - Bob Eckweiler - AF6C (714-639-5074) is the team captain for 15 meters.   This station will remain on while the band is open.

20M - Bob Buss - (714-534-2995) is the team captain for 20 meters.  They will need operators to help her stay on the air for the 24 hour period.

40M - Larry Beilin - K6VDP (714-557-7217)  is the team captain for the 40meter station.

BONUS STATION - The team captains for the bonus station will be Tom Thomas - WA6PFA.  We can get lots of bonus points as listed below.

Points:   Other points-we get 100 points for emergency power, 100 points for each H.F. station (400), 100 points for being in a public place, 100 points for a published
newspaper article, and up to 200 points for message copy/sending.

Phone contacts count 1 point each and CW/digital contacts count 2 points
each.  I challenge each station to make a few CW contacts.  We will be using
laptops for logging, or log sheets for manual logging. 

Food:   The OCARC will provide meals to all for Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfast.  Traditionally, the Team Captains have provided for Saturday Lunch.

Rules: Check out the Year 2003 A.R.R.L. Field Day rules here.

Visitors are welcome and encouraged.

Be sure to come out and join the fun.....de Ken Konechy - W6HHC - OCARC FD (Acting) Chairman

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