Notice: The 2007 ARRL Field Day is over. The Orange County Amateur Radio Club finished in second place overall. Thank you to all the deserving hams who helped make this possible!

2007 Field Day Top Ten from December QST
# Call / (GOTA) Score Class Club
1 W3AO / (KE3Q) 27,150 19A MDC Potomac Valley RC & Columbia ARA
2 W6ZE / (N1AB) 20,246 9A ORG OCARC
3 W9CA / (N9BR) 19,288 3A ILL CorTek Rdio Ass'n
4 W6YX / (K6SU) 17,158 4F SCV Stanford ARC
5 K1R / (W1WQM) 16,894 5A NH PCARC
6 VE3GMA / (VE3MVM) 16,734 9A ON GMA RC
7 K2AA / (W2EA) 16,680 6A SNJ South Jersey Radio Ass'n
8 W4IY / (N2PJ) 15,142 7A VA Woodbridge Wireless
9 K5TA / (none) 14,680 2E NM (non-club group)
10 K7LED / (K7OV) 13,786 6A WWA Mike & Key ARC

O.C.A.R.C.'s 2007 A.R.R.L. Field Day
June 23rd - 24th, 2007

(Always the fourth full weekend in June)


The Orange County Amateur Radio Club, OCARC, will once again host Field Day at the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos, CA. Everyone is welcome to attend. Amateur radio operators are encourage to bring their families. If you're a ham just visiting the area on business or vacation, you're welcome to join us.

Please bring a copy of your ham license to FD to allow you your full license privileges.

Here are two maps of the site:

Driving Instructions:

The main gate to the base may be reached by:

Tell the guard at the gate that you are visiting the amateur radio Field Day event at the EOC. Have your driver's license or a picture ID ready to show to the guard.

The location of the OCARC FD on the base can be reached by continuing south on the gate road and turning left (east) at the second opportunity (first road). As you head east, you can see the California Office of Emergency Services EOC building (with the large microwave tower) as the first building on the south side of the road. Field Day operations will be held in the field north of the EOC building.



OCARC is currently scheduled to operate in the 9A class, meaning there will be 9 transmitters running full time on emergency power. We will also have one VHF/UHF and a GOTA (Get On The Air) station that are not included in the nine. The GOTA station is for new amateur operators who have not worked in the HF bands and for visitors who do not currently have an amateur radio license. Any operator that makes 50 GOTA contacts over Field Day earns the club bonus points!

Technician class operators, this is your opportunity to get HF in your blood :) If you are looking for inspiration to upgrade, this is your chance. Anyone can work the HF bands at a Field Day site with a control operator present!

Stations making up our 9A class:

  1. 80 meter/15 meter CW
  2. 75 meter/15 meter SSB (YL)
  3. 40 meter CW
  4. 40 meter SSB
  5. 20 meter CW
  6. 20 meter SSB
  7. 10 meter SSB/CW
  8. 6 meter SSB/CW
  9. 2 meter SSB or FM

Free Stations:

  1. VHF: SSB/440 FM/222 MHz/1296 MHz/10 GHz
    (operating one at a time.)
  2. GOTA, Satellite, etc.

Field Day Call:

We will be using the Club call, W6ZE, for our general operations.
The GOTA station will be using N1AB for its operations.

Band Captains and Teams:

Meals and Food:

The club will provide the following meals (Menu to be posted shortly):

Contest Rules:

The ARRL Field Day Rules are available on the ARRL website, as are check sheets and contest logs.

Club Field Day History:

Here are links to past Club ARRL Field Day scores and sites:

1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001
2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007

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OCARC S-Mail: P.O. Box 3454, Tustin, CA 92781-3454